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Volunteer Teaching in Ghana

Do you love teaching English to younger generations? Have you always dreamed of traveling the world and volunteering abroad? Teaching English in Ghana will fulfill all your wanderlust, help you meet new people and give you the opportunity to help others learn a valuable life skill.

Ghana is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes and a rich history. In Ghana, you can spend time exploring everything from seemingly endless savannahs dotted with herds of elephants to soothing white

sand beaches. You can also learn about ancient African Kings and Queens and the unfortunate history of the slave trade in museums. Whether you are a nature-lover or a history buff Ghana has something unique to share with you.

Unfortunately, Ghana is a developing country and opportunities for a quality English education are not provided to public school students. This leaves many children and teenagers without the English language skills they need to truly thrive. Thus volunteers are badly needed to teach English in Ghana.

Teaching from the perspective of a native speaker is a highly prized skill and can vastly improve teaching methods, creating a long-lasting, positive impact which benefits the entire community. Volunteer Teaching English in Ghanawill provide children with a brighter and thriving future and leave you feeling incredibly rewarded.

If you are a native English speaker with a passion for teaching and traveling the world then your help is needed in Ghana. Contact IFRE today to find out more about Volunteer teaching English in Ghana opportunities!

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How is the Ghana School Year Arranged?

Ghana has three academic trimesters a year: January-March, May-July and September-December. During the School holidays, volunteers will help organize holiday classes for the school children.

Note that the school holiday times listed below are subject to change.Your free time and work schedule may vary during school holiday times.

First Session

Start Date: 10th January to 12th April Mid-January to Mid-April

School Holiday: 13th April to 1st May

Second Session

Start Date: 2nd May to 4th August

School Holiday: 5th August to 12th September

Third Session

Start Date: 13th September to 15th December

School Holiday: 16th December to January

Responsibilities & Impact

Volunteer English teachers in Ghana’s main focus is teaching English to local children in primary, middle, or high schools. If you are skilled in teaching other topics such as math or science then this may also be an option. Depending on your experience and skills, you will either teach independently or work with a local teacher teaching classes ranging from 20 to 60 students.

You will also be arranging and leading various extracurricular and creative activities such as games, sports, drawing, singing and dancing. For your classes, a curriculum and textbook will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring storybooks or other teaching materials that you believe will enhance the learning experience.

Although most people in Ghana speak English, there are significant challenges with pronunciation and grammar. As English is a vital skill, schoolchildren in Ghana are eager to learn, and love to have a native speaking teacher to teach them. The skills you impart will be of critical importance for the children’s future, and you will be directly responsible for giving them a better chance at a successful and thriving adult life.

Skills and Qualifications:

You do not need any specific teaching skills or qualifications to volunteer teaching English in Ghana. The most important thing is that you have a love and dedication for disadvantaged children and a deep desire to improve their lives.

While not required, a degree in education or major in science, math or computer studies is appreciated as it will help you provide students with an even more valuable learning experience. Regardless of your background anyone over the age of 18 with a passion to help students advance their education is welcome to join this program.

Every day as a volunteer English teacher in Ghana will be fun and rewarding. The children will love to have you as their teacher and their enthusiasm to learn is sure to make you feel rewarded and fulfilled.

First Day: On your first day of volunteering, you will be brought to your placement by your local in-country coordinator. They will introduce you to the placement staff you will be working with and make sure you are settled in. You will be given an orientation of the classroom and brought up to scratch on where the students are in their English education. During your orientation you will be given your schedule, information about Ghanaian educational culture and any relevant safety information.

Weekdays: This guide will give you a rough idea of what a day as a volunteer teaching English in Ghana will look like.

  • 7:00 – 8:00 AM - Arrive at the school after having breakfast with your host family ready for the Morning Worship.
  • 8:30-10.30 AM - Teaching begins. Either lead a class or work as an assistant to support the teacher’s lesson and help the students learn the material.
  • 10:30-11:00 AM- Take a break. Play with the students in the yard or take time to get to know the local teachers and your fellow volunteers.
  • 11:00-12:30 PM – Classroom lessons resume.
  • 12:30-1:00- Enjoy your packed lunch provided by your host family in the warm Ghanaian sun.
  • 01:00- 15:30- Continue teaching or assisting with the final stretch of afternoon lessons.
  • 15.30- School is finished for the day. You now have free time to return home to your host family, visit the local market to buy some supplies or prepare your lesson plans for the following day.

Volunteer Teaching in Ghana: Dates and Fees

IFRE programs begin every Monday year-round. If you have travel constraints, you can still start your chosen program on any day of the year.

Our Fees

Since 2006, IFRE has been the most trusted and respected volunteer abroad organization in the world, and also the most affordable. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality volunteer programs at the lowest fees, which make it possible for everyone, especially students, to volunteer internationally and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

We believe in 100% transparency. Rest assured; we never use middlemen. Your one-time registration fee of $299 covers our administrative costs. The low weekly fee is paid in the host country directly to your host family and project (via country coordinator), and includes housing, food, and minor expenses. IFRE is a non-profit organization, so your program fees are tax deductible.

Volunteer Program Fee (US$)

Duration Projects
    1 Week $200
    2 Weeks $320
    3 Weeks $440
    4 Weeks $560
    5 Weeks $680
    6 Weeks $800
    7 Weeks $920
    8 Weeks $1,040
    9 Weeks $1,160
    10 Weeks $1,280
    11 Weeks $1,400
    12 Weeks $1,520

Comprehensive Travel Insurance $3.49/day »

Airport pick up & transfer $50

Medical/HIV/AIDS volunteer will pay 25 dollars/week suppliment

Language and Culture Program fee $250

Summer volunteer and adventure (4 weeks include travel) $1869

How your fee is allocated?

Program Fees Cover:

  • Accommodation (host family)
  • Food (only breakfast and dinnery)
  • Program Orientation
  • In-country support
  • Personalized project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Certificate of completion
  • Fundraising ideas and letters
  • Discount for returning volunteers

Program Fees Exclude:

  • Visas
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foods
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport return transfer

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Accommodation and Meal

When you join volunteer English teaching program in Ghana, You will feel at home in the safety of a caring host family near your project site. Our host families have been carefully selected for their experience working with international volunteers. You will share a comfortable and secure room with fellow volunteers, and be provided with three meals a day. Living with a host family, seeing their way of life and sharing food with them will help immerse you in Ghanaian culture.

Find out more about volunteer accommodation and meals.

Free Time and Weekend Exploration

Your afternoons and weekends will be free to explore Ghana. There is much to see and do, as Ghana has a rich natural diversity with savannahs, lush forests and white sand beaches. Take some time to learn about Ghanaian history at countless museums and historical buildings anddon’t forget to visit the local markets to buy hand-crafted artisanal wears for unique souvenirs.

Read more about the unique activities you can do in Ghana.

Safety and in Country Support

IFRE takes our responsibility for your safety incredibly seriously. All our projects and facilities are carefully vetted for safety, and we support you every step of the way from the moment you book until you are finished with your project. While you’re volunteering, your in-country coordinator will be available to assist you with anything you may need.

Learn More about safety and in-country support

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Volunteer Teaching in Ghana: FAQs

Arrival and departure

You will fly into the Kotoka International Airport the day prior to your teaching volunteer program in Ghana start date We will arrange airport pick up through our in-country support staff. Please provide us with your flight details and notify us if you have any delays or missed flights so we can assure our airport representative is there to meet you when you arrive. You will then be safely transported to your accommodation with your host family.

You will need to arrange your own airport transport when departing.


You will need to get an Tourist Visa from the Immigration Department in order to work as a volunteer in Ghana in teaching English projects. This visa can either be obtained by visiting the Embassy of Ghana in your home country or on arrival at Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana. However, the visa on arrival is only valid for 14-30 days. To stay longer you must apply for an extension at the Immigration Department in Acca.

For further readings:
Visa And Passport


The vaccinations recommended for travel in Ghana are Measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, Yellow fever, Hepatitis A, Malaria, Typhoid, Hepatitis B, Meningitis, and Rabies. All these vaccines are compulsory for English teaching volunteering in Ghana. Please consult with your local health professional about travel vaccinations for Ghana.

For further readings:
Volunteer Health and Safety
Safety Tips for Your Volunteer Abroad Trip

What other important information should I know about this project? The educational system in Ghana is not as advanced as in developing countries and is lacking a variety of teaching methods. It is important that volunteers teaching in Ghana are adaptable and work accordingly with the current educators.

Additionally, Ghana does not have a modern punishment and reward system. You may see teachers wielding the cane and using them on disobedient students. Please be aware and sensitive to cultural differences that and do not be offended if you see a child being disciplined in a way that may not be the norm in your country.

Why volunteer in Teaching English project in Ghana?

This program in Ghana is an eye-opening and life-changing opportunity to help school children and teenagers advance their education. You will get the change to explore the field of education in a new country while gaining valuable teaching experience.

You will share your love of the English language and work alongside fellow educators

Volunteering in this project allows you to actively teach in primary schools and secondary schools where you can share your love of the English language while collaborating with local educators.

You will explore and learn about the education system of Ghana firsthand

Another key benefit of volunteering in teaching English Ghana project is that you will get to learn about a new and different education system. This alone will be an enriching experience. Through this project you will become familiar with the education system of Ghana. This knowledge will give you the opportunity to practice and advance your teaching methods and skills.

You will work with the underprivileged children who attend government schools

You will help young students learn and improve their English skills giving them a chance at a brighter future. By teaching or assisting in English language classes you will directly help improve their written and verbal communication skills. Your efforts will help prepare the children for a brighter and more successful future.

You will gain valuable work experience of teaching overseas

Volunteering abroad in Ghana in teaching opportunity will benefit yourself as well as the children and teenagers learning. You will gain the valuable work experience of teaching in a foreign country which will be handy for your future career in an academic field.

You will elevate the level of education in rural areas of Ghana

The majority of the population in Ghana face a lot of hardships in educating themselves and learning the English language. By participating in this Teaching English Project, you will help provide easier access to English learning which will elevate the overall level of education in these rural communities.

You will get real world experience working in a classroom

As a volunteer English teacher in Ghana, you will have the opportunity to teach English abroad and gain real-world experience of teaching a class in different environment with unfamiliar curriculums. You may encounter challenges, but the rewards will outweigh any difficulties.

You will learn another foreign language and immerse yourself in Ghanaian culture

This teaching volunteer program in Ghana gives you an opportunity to not only immerse yourself into Ghanaian culture and teach English to young deserving children but also gives you the opportunity to learn about local languages and cultures which will benefit you for a lifetime.

IFRE English Teacher Volunteer Opportunities in Other Countries

English is a skill demanded in countries other than Ghana. See IFRE English teacher volunteer opportunities in China, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. With IFRE teacher volunteer programs you can help teach children and young people around the world; a skill that will benefit them for a lifetime. Below is a list of some of our most popular English teaching projects:

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana

If you’d like to volunteer in Ghana doing something other than teaching, IFRE has you covered. We arrange many different projects in Ghana, including raising awareness of HIV/AIDS, working in an orphanage, doing medical work and much more.

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