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Volunteer Opportunities in Peru

Are you seeking a culturally intriguing experience in South America? Would you like to help others in need while you explore a new country? Volunteer in Peru and do both at the same time!

From Macchu Picchu to the Manu National Park in the Peruvian Amazon, this is a country rich in manywonders. In Peru, you can explore the beautiful natural setting of Cruz del Condorand watch majestic birds soar over stunning landscapes, or head into the jungle to explore fascinating Incan ruins.

Despite its beauty and endless tourist opportunities, Peru is an impoverished country where more than a third of the population live in poverty.Income inequality is extreme here, with the capital city of Lima having a literal wall dividing the poor from the rich anddiscrimination against women is rampant.

Many local organizations like schools, orphanages and clinics that are working to serve poor communities and alleviate their struggles. However, these organizations are underfunded and undermanned, and thus in great need of volunteers, which is where you come in.

By joining Peru volunteering program, you can contribute to make lasting change in their lives in a variety of ways. Whichever project you decide to embark on, rest assured that you will get to share your love and passion for helping others and make a huge difference for countless people.

Are you interested in an exciting trip to South America where you can dedicate your time and passion to a greater cause? Then contact IFRE today for more information about this amazing opportunity!

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Volunteering Opportunities in Peru: Available Projects

You know you want to travel to Peru and help others in need, but you’re not quite sure yet what kind of difference you’d like to make. We’ve got you covered! IFRE has a great selection of available projects, so you’re sure to find something that appeals to you and will give you a chance to make the world a better place. Have a look at our offerings below and find that special project that is calling your name!

Do you like spending time with children and traveling abroad? Work as a volunteer in our orphanage project in Peru and make a difference in the lives of orphans who desperately need your help. Peru has been facing the huge problem of thousands of orphaned children who are living without much needed shelter, food and attention.

Poverty, abuse, and alcoholism have left many Peruvian children without families, depriving them of the parental love and care they need and deserve. In this project, you will team up with orphanages in Peru trying to support and protect these children by offering them a safe and secure place to live, as well as making sure they are fed, clothed, and educated.

Do you want to change the lives of orphaned children and help make the world a better place? Then go to the project page to find the complete information.

For young Peruvians who possess excellent English languageskills,there are a great number of opportunities. Peru has a thriving tourism industry and most of the tourists are native English speakers.

Peruvians understand that fluency in English better positions them for employment in the tourism industry, but many public schools in rural regions are lacking the resources, funds, and fluent English-speaking teachers to offer such valuable classes. This is where you can make a meaningful difference by working as a volunteer teacher in Peru.

When you join volunteering program in Peru, you can share the gift of education and your passion for the English language with eager young students in primary, middle, and high schools in rural areas outside of Cusco. Your help will ensure these kids can grow up to have successful careers and escape the vicious cycle of poverty that effects a large portion of Peru’s population. Native English speakers are preferred, and Spanish language skills can really help you in teaching your students.

Do you want to create real and lasting opportunities for children deprived of an English education? Visit the project page to find pricing and complete information.

In rural and poor areas of Peru, many people lack access to basic healthcare and are fighting hunger, disease and abuse without the proper facilities to help them with these problems. Where facilities do exist, the cost of healthcare is often prohibitive and many Peruvians cannot afford it, leading to suffering and sometimes death from what should be totally treatable conditions.

This Medical Volunteer Opportunities in Peruis ideal for those studying or pursuing a career in healthcare. You will get hands-on experience and the opportunity to work closely with healthcare professionals in Peru. Your main responsibility will be to look after people in need of medical aid and spend time assisting local doctors and healthcare professionals at various medical clinics.

The program also allows you to the chance to educate locals on different health topics which will provide a long-term benefit by increasing their quality of life. Your responsibilities will depend on your medical experience and Spanish language skills, but you may be asked to assist with various procedures and will make a valuable difference in the lives of people in need while gaining invaluable hands-on medical experience.

DoDo you want to make a difference by helping doctors in Peru, and gain a huge amount of real-world medical experience in the process? Visit the project page to find pricing and complete information.

Every year, 14% of girls under the age of 18 become pregnant in Peru, and shockingly,it’s estimated that more than 60% of these pregnancies are a result of rape and sexual violence. Only 1 out of every 8 rapes is recorded as a crime, as most victims are teenage girls from poor and uneducated families who have no real voice or recourse.

Poverty, social division, and discriminatory beliefs victimize thousands of teenage mothers in Peru as laws are designed to punish victims rather than protect them. Many of these teenage mothers are both poor and illiterate, making it nearly impossible for them to support themselves or their children.These young girls desperately need your help!

You can Volunteer in Peru at a much-needed center for teenage mothers, and help these young women learn how to survive independently and give them the confidence and skills they need to thrive and care for their children despite their difficulties and struggles. Share your time, caring personality, and passionate belief in female equality,and make a real and lasting impact on their lives as well as those of their children.

Join the fight for women’s equality and protection and help create better lives for countless young Peruvian girls. Visit the project page to find pricing and complete information.

Are you passionate about helping animals? Do you wish to be a part of global wildlife conservation efforts? Would you like to explore the beauty and culture of Peru while supporting a cause? Join our wildlife volunteer in Peru today.

Visit the project page to find pricing and complete information.

This unique summer volunteering program in Peruquenches your thirst for adventure and travel, and also fulfills your burning desire to make a difference at the same time. In this 4-week program you will spend your month exploring Peru and helping others. During the first week you will have the chance to learn Spanish, helping you make the most of your time in this fascinating South American destination and connect on a deeper level with the people you encounter.

You will spend the first three weeks of the trip volunteering at an orphanage in Cusco, offering love, care, and support to poor Peruvian orphans who have lost their families and are very much in need of your help. They will touch your heart, and you will have the chance to make a true difference in their lives. The last 7 days you will set off on an amazing Peruvian adventure! You will see the snow-capped mountains of the Andes, visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas, raft down whitewater rapids, bike through charming local villages and shop in open markets, and even discover the amazing Amazon rainforest!

Are you looking for a chance to help orphans in need while on a lifechanging adventure? Visit the project page to find pricing and complete information.

In addition to the exciting programs listed above, IFRE also offers group programs for college and high school students, family volunteering, alternative spring breaks, and many other unique programs. Contact us for further information!

Program Dates

IFRE programs begin every Monday year-round. If you have travel constraints, you can still start your chosen program on any day of the year.

Please check the program page for the available dates

Our Fees

Since 2006, IFRE volunteers has been the most trusted and respected volunteer abroad organization in the world, and also the most affordable. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality volunteer programs at the lowest fees, which make it possible for everyone, especially students, to volunteer internationally and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

We believe in 100% transparency. Rest assured; we never use middlemen. Your one-time registration fee of $299 covers our administrative costs. The low weekly fee is paid in the host country directly to your host family and project (via country coordinator), and includes housing, food, and minor expenses. IFRE Volunteers is a non-profit organization, so your program fees are tax deductible.

Volunteer Program Fee (US$)

Duration All Other Projects Medical
  1 Week   $239   $264
  2 Weeks   $403   $428
  3 Weeks   $517   $592
  4 Weeks   $631   $706
  5 Weeks   $770   $820
  6 Weeks   $884   $934
  7 Weeks   $998   $1,048
  8 Weeks   $1,112   $1,162
  9 Weeks   $1,251   $1,276
  10 Weeks   $1,365   $1,390
  11 Weeks   $ 1,479   $1,504
  12 Weeks   $1,593   $1,618

Comprehensive Travel Insurance $3.49/day ( below 28 years) and $4.49/day ( above 28 years) »

How your fee is allocated?

Airport Pickup and Transfer $20.00

Spanish Lessons : ( Monday-Friday ) 2 hours a day : $120/ week - mandatory for medical project

$25/week surcharge for medical project

Summer volunteer and adventure: $2069

Program Fees Cover:

  • Accommodation (host family)
  • Food (local food 3 times a day)
  • Program Orientation
  • In-country support
  • Personalized project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Certificate of completion
  • Fundraising ideas and letters
  • Discount for returning volunteers

Program Fees Exclude:

  • Visas
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foods
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport return transfer

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When you join Peru volunteering program, you’re certain you want to travel to Peru and dedicate yourself to an important humanitarian cause, but you probably aren’t quite as certain about all the many details that go into planning a big trip like this. Relax! IFRE will take care of everything for you! We’ll make sure you’re safely housed, fed, and taken care of during your entire time abroad.

As one of our volunteers in Peru, you will have the amazing opportunity to live with a host family and immerse yourself in the local culture. Our host families are socially respected and will welcome you into their safe, clean, and secure homes. They have lots of experience hosting international volunteers and will make sure you are well looked after during your time in Peru.They will also prepare three nourishing and authentic meals a day for you, consisting of local ingredients and foods traditional to Peru.

You can expect toshare a room with another volunteer of the same gender, which gives you a chance to bond and make new friends! Our host families do not always offer laundry services, but some will happily take up the task for a small fee.

Throughout your time as a volunteer inPeru, our local staff will stay in contact with you either with face-to-face visits or via email/telephone. You are always welcome at our local offices, andif your project placement is close by, we request that you stop by the office once a week to keep us posted on how you are doing with your homestay and project. If your project placement is further away, then our local staff members will maintain communication by email and/or phone and try to visit every 2-4 weeks if possible.

Read more about our amazing Peruvian host families and the accommodation and meals they will provide you with.

Free Time

You are probably wondering if you will have enough free time to explore Peru and experience all the wonderful things this unique place has to offer. You will be happy to learn you will have plenty of time to do this! You will volunteer an average of 4-6 hours a day from Monday to Friday, so you will have every evening and weekend free to enjoy Peru!

There are amazing activities in and around Cusco where your Peru volunteer project is based. Check out the Plaza de Armas,a beautiful square that’s lit up at night and lined by churches, shops, restaurants and bars. It is a great place to spend an afternoon and the historical center of Cusco is an amazing but hectic experience with street vendors and tourists from all over the world. Coffee shops are abundant in the Plaza de San Francisco area, which is a great place to sit down and do some people watching.

Weekends are the perfect opportunity to get out and explore other exciting areas. There are lots of options for whitewater rafting near Cusco such as the Chuqicahuana or Cusipata sections of the Rio Urubamba/Vilcanota located upstream, where the water is clean and the rapids are excellent fun, up to class five depending on what time of year it is.

You can also rent motorcycles, go bungee jumping, horseback riding, zip lining, quad biking or take a mountain bike tour. Get out and experience numerous exciting destinations like Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley where you can explore fascinating Incan ruins!

Learn more about the exciting sights and destinations that await you in Peru.

Learn Spanish In Peru

Does your Spanish need some work? If you’d like to work on your language skills and improve your communication with the people you are volunteering to help, IFRE’s Spanish Language Program is the perfect choice.

We offer highly affordable Spanish language classes exclusive to volunteers like you participating in the Peru volunteer program. We are partnered with a highly reputable Spanish school that employs qualified and experienced Spanish teachers and offers the most intensive and effective Spanish courses in all of Peru. In this program, you will work at your volunteer project and learn Spanish simultaneously.

For example, you can take part in Spanish classes from 9:00-11:00 AM (before lunch) followed by volunteer activities later in the day. Alternatively, you may take Spanish classes from 3:00-4:00 PM, once your daily workload is finished.

Most of our projects are located close to the Spanish school, so you can design a personal schedule that fits you. We invite you to improve your Peruvian experience by learning or improving your Spanish, allowing you to connect with the people there at a deeper and more meaningful level.

Safety and In-country Support

Your safety is our number one priority at all times, and you can have peace of mind knowing we will do everything possible to ensure you have a safe and secure experience volunteering in Peru. We offer pre-trip support, reliable and comprehensive travel insurance, airport pick-up, and availability of 24/7 guidance and support by an experienced in-country staff that is right there on the ground to help you every step of the way.

In-Country Support

As soon as you arrive in Peru, you will have the support of an experienced team of in-country field staff. The team is comprised of mature, educated, socially respected individuals who are dedicated humanitarians highly experienced in working with international volunteers.

Your main point of contact will be the in-country coordinator. They will select your Peru volunteering project placement, make all the arrangements for your airport transfer, accommodations, and food, give you an orientation which covers culture, safety, and your service work, introduce you to your host family and project staff, and make periodic visits and calls to check up on your progress. You can reach out to the coordinator at any time with any questions, issues, or to ask for advice and they will be happy to assist you.

If you’d like to learn more about the safety features and field support offered by IFRE, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

As you have probably already discovered, there are a lot of small details that go into planning a trip abroad to join a volunteer project. We are here to help you make all that pre-trip planning a breeze. We’ve put together a list ofthe many questions you are probably asking yourself and provided easy and informative answers all in one convenient place to make sure you have everything you need to know to volunteer abroad.

Which airport do I need to fly to?

You will most likely need to fly into Lima (Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez) first and then catch a connecting flight to Cusco (Aeropuerto Internacional Alejandro Velasco Astete).

Do you organize airport pick-up services?

When you join Peru volunteering program, IFRE organizes airport pick-up services for you as one of our volunteers in Peru. You will be welcomed and transferred to your accommodation directly from the airport after your arrival in Cusco, Peru. The airport pick-up is covered by your initial volunteer program fee.

What will happen if I miss my flight or arrive late?

You needn’t worry. You will be provided with the proper contact information prior to your travel, and as soon as you have a delay or experience a change in flights, let us know and we will rearrange your pick-up time.

How can I get to my accommodations from the airport, if I did not meet the IFRE’s local representative at the airport?

It is quite easy to get to your accommodations from the airport. You simply need to have the address of your hotel with you and hire a taxi to take you there. You should have no trouble getting to your desired destination even if you have not gotten in touch with our local representative at the airport.

Who will come to pick me up? How will I recognize this person at the airport?

Our local representative will be waiting for you at the airport arrival terminal. He/she will pick you up from the airport and accompany you to your accommodations before the start of your volunteer work in Peru. You can recognize our local representative by searching for a person holding a white signboard with your name on it. Should you not see them right away, you can also call them, as their contact information will be provided to you before your flight to Peru.

If my program begins on Monday, when should I arrive? If I want to arrive earlier than the starting date of my assignment, where will I stay and who will organize the accommodations? Will it cost me extra?

Most of our programs begin on Monday, so we suggest our volunteers arrive the Sunday before so you can get some rest and settle in before beginning your service work.You should be aware the additional night of accommodation will be your own responsibility, so budget accordingly and be sure to let our in-country coordinator know of your plans.

Who will bring me to the airport for my departure after completing my volunteer work in Peru?

IFRE does not offer any kind of transport to the airport for departure. However, we can assist you in finding a taxi to take you if you would like our assistance regarding this matter. Be sure to include this additional cost in your budget.

What do I need to do prior to departure from my home country?

There are a number of steps you will need to take prior to leaving on your volunteer trip. You will need to visit your doctor and get up to date on vaccinations. You will need to purchase your flight tickets and provide your itinerary to our coordinator so they can arrange your pick-up. You will need to obtain travel insurance. You will need to do your research regarding visa requirements and apply for this well in advance as it can take a few weeks. IFRE also suggests researching your host country and making yourself aware of the customs and culture before your travel.

Where are the projects located?

All of IFRE’s volunteer programs in Peru are located in Cusco. Situated at an altitude of 3,400 meters above sea level, Cusco boasts numerous exciting opportunities for volunteers to see a city that is full of rich culture, history and diverse group of people. There is no shortage of things to do and see in Cusco. More than 2 million visitors come to Cusco each year in the hope of observing and exploring some of its most fascinating Spanish colonial buildings and ancient Incan ruins.

Is there any minimum and maximum stay?

You can volunteer for a minimum of one week and a maximum of twelve weeks with our programs.

Can I extend my stay if I choose to?

Yes, if you want to stay for a longer period of time and continue your volunteering trip project in Peru, you can extend your stay without any issues. A visa extension may be necessary, and we can assist you with this.

Will I have enough time to travel after work and on the weekends?

Yes, you will have every evening and all weekends free, so you will have plenty of time to travel and explore Peru.

Who will guide or support me at my project?

You will have the support of a competent and well-experienced in-country coordinator. The coordinator looks after all our volunteers in Peru and provides constant support and guidance to you on a day to day basis. You can reach out to them for assistance, and they will be available to you in any way that you need.

Can I change my project if I do not like my first choice?

Yes, you are allowed to change your volunteer program in Peru if you are feeling dissatisfied with your initial selection. You simply need to get in contact with our in-country coordinator and let them know about your issues with the initial volunteer project. The in-country coordinator will assist you in finding another volunteer program to join based on availability.

Can I work in more than one volunteer project at a time?

Yes, this is an option which is available to you. Having said that, you do have to understand that it won’t be quite as easy as it sounds to work in two different volunteer projects at once. You have to work for at least 4 to 5 hours a day in one single project alone, and when you add another project in that daily routine, it really starts to get tough. Schedules may also conflict, soa more manageable option might be to spend the first half of your trip at one project, and transfer to another for the second half of your time in Peru. Reach out to your in-country coordinator to discuss these options.

How old should I be to take part?

You need to be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to participate in our Peru volunteering programs. If you are below 18 years of age then you will need to present written consent from a parent or guardian, and in some cases, we may be able to make an exception. Minors can also volunteer alongside their parents.

Who manages IFRE’s projects?

Our projects are all managed by an experienced in-country coordinator who has an expert knowledge of handling volunteer projects and volunteers. The country coordinator is there to provide you with timely support on a day to day basis. He/she will even come to visit you frequently during your time in Peru to check upon you. You can ask for advice and suggestions and depend upon the country coordinator to ensure the success of your volunteer experience abroad.

Will I receive training before the start of my project?

Yes, as one of our volunteers in Peruyou will receive training before the start of your work project. Our in-country coordinator will engage you in an orientation class after your arrival in Peru whereyou will learn about the work you will be doing, your schedule, safety measures to keep in mind, and the customs and culture of Peru.

Is there a dress code in these projects?

No, there is no official dress code set in place. You can wear casual and comfortable clothes of your choice. However, we do ask that you dress in a modest and conservative manner and respect the culture you are visiting in this regard.

Why should I pay to volunteer abroad?

This is a commonly asked question to those new to the volunteer abroad world, and the answer is quite simple. The important humanitarian projects you are working to support require the funds paid by international volunteers like yourself in order to function. IFRE is a non-profit organization and also depends on your application fee to operate. Your program fee covers your housing, food, supervision, training, and a donation directly to the project itself. The money you pay ensures these much-needed programs can continue making the world a better place!

Why are IFRE’s fees so much more affordable than other volunteer organizations?

IFRE does not charge any hidden costs and makes sure that volunteers never pay more than what they were initially asked for. We do not make a profit from our programs, and the program fee is paid directly to the host family and project, cutting out middlemen and ensuring IFRE has the lowest rates possible for our valued volunteers.

Can I get tax deduction?

Yes, you can get a tax deduction for your Peru volunteer programas we are an American non-profit 501©3 volunteer organization which collaborates with many local orphanages, schools, hospitals and NGOs all across the globe.

Can I get help to raise funds?

Yes, IFRE can provide help to raise funds for your volunteer trip. You can get in touch with our office staff and ask them for help on this issue.

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Is it safe to travel to Peru?

Peru is a safe country to travel and volunteer in. There is strict police security and a relatively low crime rate which allows international volunteers to stay safe while working on their volunteer projects.In recent years, Peru has become a lot safer and violence free with a reduction in criminal activities. Moreover, IFRE also putsa lot of effort in making sure that youare safe during your time abroad.

What safety measures should I take during my volunteer work in Peru?

Peru might be safe for international travelers and volunteers, but it’s always necessary to exercise some degree of caution during travel. You must stay in touch with your respective country coordinator at all times wherever they may be. It is vital that you avoid traveling alone and showing off cash or any expensive item in public areas. You should also be vigilant of your surroundings and take on precautionary measures. We highly advise you to do proper research regarding your personal safety before coming to Peru, and we will go over this issue during your orientation.

What will happen if I get sick while in Peru?

If you ever get sick and require immediate help while volunteering, our field staff will take care of you and bring you to the nearest hospital or medical clinic. Our in-country coordinator along with the doctors and medical professionals will do their best to help you in every way possible. Be sure to bring along your passport and a copy of your insurance policy to present to the doctor.

Why must I get travel insurance before volunteering in Peru?

IFRE requires all volunteers obtain travel insurance prior to departing their home country. This will protect you against illness, injury, emergencies, and other unforeseen circumstances. IFRE can provide a reliable, affordable, and comprehensive policy.

What vaccinations do I need to have?

Hepatitis A, typhoid, malaria, yellow fever, rabies, Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), and pneumonia are some of the vaccinations suggested by the Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention for you if you are planning to volunteer in Peru for at least a week. However, you must visit your local doctor and ask them for advice before getting vaccinated. You can learn more about the reccomended vaccinations for Peru

What are the principle health risks while doing volunteering work in Peru?

Like any country, Peru has its own set of health risks and hazards, which you should be prepared for. Local street food can pose a serious risk to your health. Water sources can be contaminated with deadly bacteria and viruses. Staying hydrated all day long should be your top priority, but you should only drink boiled or chemically filtered water. You should avoid drinking from the tap and only eat food from hygienic places. You must be cautious while volunteering outdoors and prepared to cope with the temperature and exposure to sun and insects. Take extra precautions to avoid mosquitoes and be sure to get vaccinated before travel.

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Do I need a visa?

Yes, you need a tourist visa to enter Peru.

How do I apply for a visa?

The easiest way to apply for a Peruvian travel visa to be able to volunteer in Peru is to visit the Embassy of Peru located in your home country. You will have to fill out a visa application form and bring your original passport and a couple of photos for submission. Depending on your nationality, you may eligible to apply for a visa upon arrival at the airport, though we do not suggest this. Be sure to do your research well in advance to determine the requirements based on your home country.

Can I extend my visa while I am in the country? Can you help me with this?

No, you cannot extend your tourist visa after entering Peru. A Peruvian tourist visa will give you a maximum of 183 days to stay in the country, and after this time has passed you will need to leave Peru.

How do I contact IFRE’s local coordinator during my Peru volunteer trip?

You can contact IFRE’s local coordinator via your mobile phone or go online and email them your inquiry. We will provide you with the personal contact details of our local coordinators before the start of trip,so if there is an emergency, or you feel like you need help, then you can get in touch with them immediately.

How can I communicate with my family from Peru?

There won’t be much trouble communicating with your family from Peru. You will have access to telephone and Internet so you can either call your parents and friends or go online and chat with them on Facebook or Skype.

Can I use my phone during my volunteer project?

Yes, you can use your personal mobile phone during your project. However, you will need to check with your current provider before travel to ensure your phone will function while you are abroad. International roaming charges may apply and be aware these can be quite costly.

Can I buy a SIM card in Peru?

Yes, you can buy a SIM card while volunteering in Peru. You need to bring your original passport along with a recent passport size photo for documentation. It will take a couple of minutes to fill out a form with your personal details, but it will nonetheless be an easy task. This can help you avoid costly roaming charges. Again, check with your current provider to ensure your phone will work with the foreign SIM.

How can I get/purchase Internet services?

First, you will need to buy a local SIM card, and then buy an Internet data pack, which remains valid for a certain period of time, in order to access and use Internet while in Peru.

Is Internet available everywhere?

Yes, internet services are available in the location where you will be doing all of your volunteer work.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring the essential things like clothes, shoes, rain jacket, umbrella, water bottle, backpack, hand sanitizer, flashlight, pocket knife, first-aid supplies and medicines, camera, sunglasses, sunscreen cream, insect repellent, passport, laptop, cell phone, USB drive, books, earplugs, masks, towel and toiletries. IFRE provides bedding, but if you would like to bring a sleeping bag you are welcome to do so. Don’t forget your important documents like your visa, passport, flight tickets, project placement details, and a copy of your insurance policy.

We hope we have answered all of your pressing questions, and that you are feeling prepared and ready to plan your trip abroad. Contact us today to learn more about volunteering in Peru!

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