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Toll-Free: 1-800-675-2504 (US/Canada)

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Best Price

IFRE is proud to offer life-changing volunteer programs at 50-75% less than other organizations. In fact, we have a best price guarantee, and promise to beat the program fees of any of our competition!

As you have probably already discovered during your search for a volunteer abroad program, many other organizations charge exorbitant fees, sometimes up to $1,000 a week! Their lack of transparency often leaves volunteers wondering how much of the >money they pay is actually going to the cause they are working so hard to support.

Here at IFRE, we are a non-profit organization focused on supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide, and providing volunteers with a safe, affordable, and meaningful experience that really makes a difference. We don’t make six-figure salaries, and only charge enough to keep our programs running.

You will pay your volunteer abroad program fees directly to your host family and your service project, so there’s no guesswork involved in whether or not the money you pay is going right where it is needed most.

Despite having the lowest prices around, we still maintain extremely high-quality programs and do everything we can to make sure our volunteers are safe and fully satisfied with their experience abroad.

We offer the same full-service treatment you would expect from the more high-priced organizations in the volunteer abroad industry. Even before you have booked your program, we will work hard to help you find the absolutely best project for you, and then we will make all of the arrangements for you.

We will guide you in all those tedious pre-trip preparations that might be overwhelming without our help, making your planning a breeze. We will advise you on obtaining your visa, offer tips on how to book your lowest airfare, give you the lowdown on needed vaccinations, provide you with affordable and reliable travel insurance, and a whole lot more. We are here to help you every step of the way.

When you land at your destination, an IFRE representative will be there waiting for you. Our in-country coordinator will give you an orientation, making sure you have all the knowledge you need to jump right in to your service work. We manage your accommodations, ensuring you are housed in a safe, secure and comfortable location. We’ll serve you three local meals a day, and offer you support and guidance throughout your entire time volunteering abroad.

It is our philosophy that every single person should be able to make a difference in the world, and we are dedicated to always offering you the lowest cost programs possible without sacrificing the high quality you would expect from our much more expensive competitors.

With IFRE, volunteering abroad has never been more affordable!