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It takes a lot of courage and determination to come out of your comfort zone to get involved into noble service of another. Your efforts to bring a change in the lives of people living in communities that are in need have a greater impact if done with a group. Group Volunteering programs are available with IFRE, where you can direct your efforts towards a common goal: bringing a change through service and you will leave satisfied with the magnified results of your efforts.

Group Volunteering programs can be arranged under the following programs with IFRE:

  • High School Group Volunteering
  • College/University Group Volunteering
  • Alternative Spring Break
  • Family Volunteering

Highschool Volunteering

Set off to help disadvantaged communities with your group of high school friends with High School Group Volunteering Programs by IFRE.

College Volunteering

Strengthen your friendship with your college/university friends by making a meaningful travel journey with IFRE college volunteering programs.

Alternative Spring Break

Travel to a new country this coming spring, with your classmates on an alternative spring break programs offered by IFRE.

Family Volunteering

Strengthen familial bonds through IFRE family volunteering programs. Spend your family vacation by indulging into something noble as volunteering.

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