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Give your careers a unique kick start with an internship abroad experience. It will not only foster your personal and professional growth, but will also help your resume stand out. With IFRE, you can find a plethora of internship programs to choose from, in 18 countries all around the world. Project fees start as low as $99, with comfortable accommodation, hygienic food and professional field support all managed for interns. Get enrolled with IFRE for eye opening journeys.


Explore this historically rich country of intricately designed temples and unique culture, with an internship experience.


Internship in this Asian economy is a great way to start a career. Interesting internship programs lie in wait.


Choose from among a wide variety of internship programs; embrace the vibrant colors of incredible India »


Nepal is home to mystic Himalayas. Embark on an adventure with one of many exciting internship programs.

Sri Lanka

Make your way to this beautiful island nation of South Asia. Explore the white sand beaches and unique cuisine. »


The 'Land of Smiles' welcomes you with open arms, as you get your internship experience, amid the beauty of »


Internship in Ghana is a great choice if you want to experience Ghana in its pure, pristine form. »


Indulge into the unique culture of Kenya, interning amid the diverse geography and exciting wildlife. »


Geographically diverse Tanzania welcomes interns like you to enrich your knowledge and vision. »

South Africa

Travel to the mesmerizing South Africa for a memorable internship experience. It’s a wild affair.


Internship in the 'Pearl of Africa' can be an exciting and unique experience, amid varied geographies and diverse wildlife. »


Join the football fanatics amid the artistic graffiti culture. Travel to Brazil on an enriching internship experience.

Costa Rica

Enjoy the beaches, organic farms and coffee while on a journey to Costa Rica for a unique internship experience. »


The ecologically rich Ecuador will take your breath away. Internship in Ecuador is a unique journey of learning. »


The land of Mayan Civilization is a great destination for internship. Check out Peru’s intriguing internship packages.


The pre-Hispanic civilization of Mexico will have interns intrigued while they are on an internship trip to Mexico. »


The 'Land of the Silver Mountains' welcomes interns for a memorable internship experience.


Get your internship in Guatemala, with the most affordably priced programs by IFRE. »

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