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Volunteer Destinations

volunteer destination argentina


Immerse yourself in vibrant Argentinian culture while working to better the lives of poor and downtrodden...

volunteer destination brazil


Travel to the land of beautiful beaches, warm weather, carnival, football, and samba and enjoy volunteering...

volunteer destination cambodia


Explore the land of ancient temples, natural wonders and hospitable people while working in rewarding projects...

monk nepal


Travel to the land of rich culture and exotic natural beauty and enjoy volunteering in impactful projects..

volunteer destination costa rica

Costa Rica

Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a country of beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity...

volunteer destination ecuador


Visit the land famous for old buildings, colonial architecture and spectacular sights and help to improve the lives ...

volunteer destination guatemala


Travel to the land of spectacular ancient ruins, natural beauty and friendly people and work in rewarding projects

volunteer destination india


Share your love, kindness and passion for helping others in this country of timeless beauty and spirituality...

volunteer destination kenya


Fulfill your dream of volunteering in this fascinating African country famous for rugged natural beauty...

volunteer destination mexico


Fulfill your passion for helping others and spread the common good by working in fascinating projects offered by IFRE...

volunteer destination nepal


Travel to the abode of Himalayas, rich culture and natural beauty and enjoy volunteering in programs...

volunteer destination peru


Enjoy a fascinating time in this unique land of Andes and ancient civilization while volunteering in most impactful projects... 

volunteer destination srilanka

Sri Lanka

Explore the land of beautiful beaches, verdant forests and lush plantations while working in meaningful volunteer projects... 

volunteer destination south africa

South Africa

Visit the land known for breathtaking views and sunshine at the tip of Africa and volunteer in impactful projects...

volunteer destination tanzania


Travel to the land of amazing natural beauty and volunteer to help improve the lives of poor and save wildlife...

volunteer destination thailand


Have an experience of a lifetime in the land of pristine beaches and friendly people while you spread the common good ... 

volunteer destination uganda


Enjoy famous wildlife sanctuaries and safaris while you work to uplift poor women and children out of poverty ...

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