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Program fee: US $2309 for 4 weeks; including 6 days guided tour

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Peru is a fascinating Andean country alive with cultural activities. With magnificent ruins of ancient cultures that have passed into the mist of history, Peru is a popular destination for volunteers who want to explore an amazing country. In the archeological capital of the Americas, you can share your love, passion and assistance for poor children and communities. IFRE's Peru Summer Escape Program is located in Cusco, a major tourist destination in Peru. Participants can also travel to local areas such as Urubamba, Trujillo and Arequipa.

Welcome And Orientation (1 Day)

IFRE's local representative will meet you upon arrival in enigmatic Cusco. After a brief orientation, you can relax and settle into your accommodations in preparation for the next day's Spanish language lessons. You will take a diagnostic test to ensure the most beneficial placement. During the first week, you will acquire a working level of Spanish—ensuring your enjoyment of this abroad adventure.

Community Service Project (21 Days)

In phase two, participants volunteer at various orphanages (or other projects) located throughout Cusco and the surrounding areas. Volunteers will be sub-divided into many small groups. IFRE will place 2-5 volunteers in one orphanage depending upon the number of children. As a volunteer in the orphanage project, you will teach English (3-4 hours a day) in the orphanage or schools (when the children attend school during the day). You will help the children by educating them on issues of personal hygiene and sanitation - helping them to brush their teeth, showering, etc.

Exploration Of Peru (7 Days)

After spending valuable and rewarding time with the poor children of the orphanage and street children centers, you will embark upon an unforgettable trek through beautiful Peru. The towering, snow-capped peaks and deep river valleys of the Andes provide some of the most spectacular scenery found on Earth. Located within Peru is some of the most fascinating destinations - the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the mountain lands of Machu Picchu, and the Amazon River Basin. You can take part in this rousing adventure and experience a vibrant culture. You will also be able to bike through local villages, bravely raft in exhilarating whitewater rivers, shop until you drop in open markets,and hike to Machu Picchu where you will discover the Amazon Forest.

This program itinerary is merely a proposed sample and may be altered to meet the needs of the volunteers and changes in field conditions. This proposed itinerary will be finalized during orientation program.

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