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Program Fee: $2,299 for 4 weeks including 5 days/4 nights of Safari

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Volunteer in Tanzania. Beautiful Tanzania boasts the highest mountain on the continent, the exotic spice islands of historical and the famous Serengeti National Park. In this country, the Great Rift Valley gives rise to unique geological formations and its endless plains stage one of the greatest spectacles of animal behavior. Volunteering in Tanzania is the perfect way to explore this great country which offers hundreds of different ethnic groups and cultures, from the red-clad herders of the Maasai tribes on the Serengeti plains to the modestly veiled women of 's Islamic Stone Town.

Orientation And Discussion (Day 1)

Meet with IFRE's local staff members, participate in a general question/answer sessions, discuss the program's itinerary and review a general orientation about IFRE's programs. Also learn about Tanzania history, culture, tradition and other important issues (health & safety). In your free time (evenings & weekends), you can travel to take in the nearby culture and scenery.

Volunteer Service Projects: Arusha (Days 2-23)

During this time of service, volunteers will work in an orphanage - sharing their love and time with the needy children in various parts of Tanzania. Volunteers will teach basic conversational English and encourage the children as they face a challenging world where English has become more and more essential. Volunteers' free time allows for hiking to nearby bazaars and/or hillside villages; exploring the beauty of mesmerizing Tanzania and gaining other first-hand experiences of Tanzanian lifestyle, culture and values.

Tanzanian Safari And Excursions (Days 24-28)

After spending quality time with impoverished children of Tanzania, volunteers will embark on a seven-day tent camping tour, traveling the sights of the unrivalled parks of northern Tanzania, recreating the original spirit of the safari. This weeklong safari includes a foot tour of Maasai Land, viewing the N'gorongoro Crater (one of the major attractions of Tanzania and one of the wonders of the natural world), experiencing the Serengeti (one of the best-known wildlife sanctuaries in the world hosting over 3 million large mammals); and travelling to Lake Manyara National Park ( a bird lover's paradise dually noted for its elusive tree-climbing lions).

This program itinerary is merely a proposed sample and may be altered to meet the needs of the volunteers and changes in field conditions. This proposed itinerary will be finalized during orientation program.

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