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Language and Culture Program

Details of Language and Culture Program

Language and Culture Program

Volunteers in Tanzania can experience this abundant and unique destination with our Language and Culture immersion program. IFRE Volunteers offers an interesting informational week of Tanzanian languages and exposure to multiple cultures. Our program includes a week of learning mostly Swahili and provides volunteers glimpses of the varied and exciting cultures of this abundant East African country. A tour is included in this program. See the city through the eyes of the experienced guides. Gain useful insight that will improve your volunteer experience. Rural sites are also featured in this program and volunteers are exposed to “real life” in Tanzania, important experiences which are often missed as travelers hurry to more prominent Tanzanian destinations. The following is a schedule for the program:

Day 1: Meet IFRE in-country staff, general question/answer, Swahili language program follows this season (2-3 hours) and explore Moshi.

Day 2: Language instruction continues with practice of basic greeting words/phrases and reviewing previous lessons.

Day 3: Language instruction continues with practice of basic greeting words and phrases. Spend the afternoon in moshi town

Day 4: Language lessons continue with review and practice of basic words and practice conversational and revising previous notes

Day 5: Final day of language instruction lessons with review of previous days' knowledge. Greeting words and phrases will be practiced.

Day 6: Weekend excursion.

Day 7: Free-time day and time travel to prepare for the placement on monday.

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