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Dates: 21-June-2021 to 16-July-2021

US $1899 for 4 weeks including 7 days guided tour

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With its amazing wildlife, a fascinating landscape, a colorful but diversified culture and customs, great safaris and gorgeous beaches, Ghana offers one of the best travel and volunteering experiences possible in Africa. Ghana has a splendid coastline with gorgeous beaches-which are indeed earthly paradise. The country blessed with cultural heritages, lakes, wetlands and historic sites. With IFRE's Summer Volunteer and adventure in Ghana, participants will have the opportunity to volunteer for a great cause and visit the tempting locales that surround Ghana - getting a true-to-life picture of Ghana and enjoying and experiencing Ghanaian hospitality and generosity.

Orientation - Language and Cultural Immersion in Accra (7 Days)

Your first stop will be Accra , the capital city of Ghana . You will learn Ghana 's rich history, folklore, and customs. Volunteers have the option to take basic Twi language classes and travel the legendary wonders of Accra and its surrounding areas. Participants will uncover the richness of Ghana 's generational artistry - the colorful kente cloth of the Ashanti , gold mining, wood carving, drum-making, cloth-printing, and weaving.

Service Projects - Work in Orphanage (14 days)

In phase two, participants work for 15 days in an orphanage - sharing their love and time with the needy children in the areas surrounding Accra . Particpants will teach them basic conversational English and encourage them to face the challenging world head on, where English has become more and more necessary. During free time, participants can hike to nearby bazaars and/or hillside villages and explore the beauty of mesmerizing Ghana - gaining a first-hand experience of Ghanaian lifestyle, culture, and values.

Explore Volta, Central and Ashanti Region of Ghana (7 days)

Volunteers will travel both the Volta and Ashanti regions in phase three - which offer visitors a view of Ghana 's vestiges of past civilizations. They will visit historical sites, celebrated national monuments, and the forts and castles that recall more than five centuries of European influence and stand as ghosts of the past slave trade. Participants will be engorged both spiritually and physically into the deep, surviving traditions and captivating culture of the Ghanaian people upon which their society still thrives on today.

Program itineraries are merely samples and may change to meet the needs of the volunteers and changes in the field conditions. This itinerary will be revised and finalized during orientation in Accra .

This program itinerary is merely a proposed sample and may be altered to meet the needs of the volunteers and changes in field conditions. This proposed itinerary will be finalized during orientation program. .

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