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To Travel The Globe, Helping People And Transforming The World Into A Better Place

You don't have to be rich to volunteer and travel the world.
You just have to want to help people in need.
Join the thousands of volunteers who are making a
meaningful difference with their lives.

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Who Are We

Global Crossroad

Have you longed to help others by volunteering abroad, but were deterred by the exorbitant fees charged by most volunteer organizations?

At IFRE Volunteers, we don’t want outrageous fees to prevent generous people like yourself from offering assistance to those in desperate need of help.

So we worked tirelessly to create the most affordable, efficient and reliable volunteer programs in the world.

Now, you can finally fulfill your dream of helping others abroad at an incredibly low cost.

Right at this moment, there are people all over the world who are in desperate need of your help.

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