Allocation of program fee

Allocation of program fee

Dear volunteers,

IFRE offers the most affordable and financially honest/transparent volunteer experience. No other volunteer organization till date has shown this level of transparency and tell where your money is going? We have gained the trust of hundreds of volunteers with the level of transparency we have maintained.

Our pricing model divides the volunteer fees into two parts:

Application Fee - $299

Volunteers need to pay an application fee of $299 to IFRE. We need this fee just to sustain the organization. We need this fee to pay for advertisement, rent, staff salaries, utilities, taxes, and other operational expenses.

Weekly Program Fees

To run volunteer programs in any country, we need to pay host families(food/room), country coordinator (local staffs) and project (donation- as projects are poor and need financial help). Therefore, weekly fee goes to 3 places. There is no rigid proportion of how fee is allocated, as it varies with location, project and other factors. But the following is a generalized allocation of fees that is normally done:

  • Host Families (60%-80%)
  • Project Donation (10% - 20%)
  • Local Country Office Expenses/Staffs (10-30%)

Do you really pay directly to host families and projects?

You can always ask your country coordinator, the details about how your fee is allocated. And you can give the portion allocated for host families/project (donation) by yourself. But most of our volunteers chose to first give weekly fee to country coordinator and later country coordinator distributes it to host families and projects. However, you have every right to ask your host family and project people, how much they are receiving.

Again, this model is not 100% perfect, but this is the best we can do to maintain a level of financial transparency and to explain where your money is being channelized to.

why the fee is paid to local staffs

Many volunteers ask why the fee is paid to local staffs? Even we wish we could give your money only to the host families (room/food) and to the project but unfortunately, no one works for free. And we need someone to take care of you. So we have our obligations to pay our local staffs (and associate expenses like office rents, telephone, travel, and other expenses)

hope it helps


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