World’s Most Affordable Fee

World’s Most Affordable Fee

Internet research shows IFRE Volunteers' as the most affordable volunteer program

At IFRE, we are committed to making Volunteer Abroad possible for everyone. So when you join us you not only pay lowest fee in the world, but you also pay it directly to your host family or to the project. This way, people who need and deserve the money get it. Our commitment to providing volunteer programs for all ages and interest has made us a leading volunteer abroad provider in the world with unbeatable prices.

Just As An Example, Compare Your 4 Week Program Fees For Costa Rica
GO ECO $1,630
Cross-Cultural Solutions $4,976
Global Vision International $2,482
Global Volunteer Network $2,494
UBELONG $1,060
Gap Force $4,023
Global Volunteers $2,595
United Planet $3,265
International Volunteer HQ $1,224
IFRE volunteers $630

Pay Your Fee Directly to Host Families

Thousands of volunteers join volunteer abroad program and pay as much as $3000 for a 2 weeks experience. Unfortunately, only a small portion of it goes to the host family/project. And when you stay with the host family, gradually you learn that your host family is getting a very small fraction of it. You may wonder "where the heck is all that money going" and "does anyone actually care about the projects and host families"? Therefore, to maintain the honesty and financial transparency, we adopted a model where you pay your fees directly to the host families and projects (through country coordinator).

Our Experience of 8 years & 17,000 Happy Volunteers

When you join IFRE volunteers, you will be part of an establishment which has received highly positive feedback and become a reputed volunteer organization globally.

There are hundreds of online reviews on what volunteers are saying about IFRE.


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