World’s Most Affordable Fee

World’s Most Affordable Fee

Internet research shows IFRE is the most affordable volunteer program out there!

At IFRE, we are committed to making volunteering abroad possible for everyone, no matter what your financial situation may be. Compared to other organizations that often charge exorbitant fees, sometimes up to $3,000 for a 2-week program, we only charge enough to sustain our projects, allowing us to have the most affordable rates in the industry.

Beyond offering the most affordable programs, IFRE is unique in the volunteer abroad industry due to the completely transparent model we use for you to pay your fees. You will pay your weekly program fees directly to your host family and your project (via country coordinator), cutting out the middle man and allowing you to see quite clearly that your money is going right where it is needed most!

Just As An Example, Compare Your 4 Week Program Fees For Costa Rica

Pay Your Fee Directly To Host Families

Thousands of volunteers each year end up spending thousands of dollars to join volunteer abroad programs. Unfortunately, the reality of this is that only a very small portion of this money usually ends up going to the host family or project. When volunteers start to realize the majority of the hard-earned money they are spending to support these people who are truly in need is being diverted to volunteer organizations in developed countries far away, they can begin to lose heart that they have really made the difference they were hoping to.

IFRE does not operate its programs for profit, but because we are a team of dedicated humanitarians who truly want to make the world a better place. We highly value the hard work being done by our local grass roots partners and the welcoming environment offered by our host families. We know this is where your volunteer dollars are needed the most, and we are committed to making sure this is right where your money goes to.

In order to create financial transparency and allow you to see that your money is going back into the communities in need you are working so hard to help, IFRE allows you to pay your programs fees directly to your project and your host families in-country so you know for certain they are being compensated fairly.

This disbursement is often managed by our in-country coordinator, another dedicated IFRE team member right there on the ground with you. The coordinator is happy to explain exactly how the fee is being divided, and if it makes you more comfortable, you are welcome to pay this money directly to the host family and project so there is no guesswork involved. No other company offers you this kind of transparency.

Years Of Experience & Over 22,000 Happy Volunteers

When you join IFRE Volunteers, you will become a part of a reputed global organization that has been providing meaningful experiences abroad since 2006. So far, we have worked with over 22,000 satisfied volunteers.

You don’t have to just take our word for it! There are literally hundreds of online reviews from people who have volunteered abroad with IFRE and have shared their own personal experience. Take a look for yourself!