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Volunteer in Kenya Teaching!

Do you want to give the gift of the knowledge to disadvantaged children in Africa? Do you want to volunteer in Kenya Teaching Program & immerse yourself in the deep culture of East Africa in a safe and rewarding way while also helping children learn invaluable English skills to help them in their future?

Kenya is a diverse country of deep cultures, with ancient traditions and customs preserved to this day. It also contains a vast array of breath-taking scenery and fascinating wildlife famous around the world.

Sadly, more than half the population of Kenya lives in poverty, and they can not afford to send their children to private English boarding schools. This means that they go to overcrowded and underfunded public schools where they do not have the capacity to ensure proper English education for their students.

As English is an incredibly important skill, this leaves them unable to compete for jobs with those from rich backgrounds, hurting them their entire lives and careers. Thus, local public schools in Kenya are desperately looking for passionate teachers to educate children, and every little bit of help is of great value.

As a volunteer in Kenya teaching you will help alleviate this problem by providing vital teaching services to the rural areas that need it most. As more students are attending school than ever before, volunteering to teach in Kenya has a significant positive impact that reverberates into the future, as higher levels of education pull more and more people out of poverty.

If you want to improve the lives of others and your own while experiencing this jewel of East African culture. Contact IFRE today to learn more about this exciting opportunity!

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Skills and Qualifications:

No specific qualification or teaching certificate are needed to work as a volunteer teacher in Kenya

Volunteers interested in our teaching volunteer program in Kenya should possess a deep passion and love for working with and teaching children, and a strong desire to see their lives improved through education and knowledge. You don’t need an education or experience with teaching, though of course it helps, as long as you’re kind, patient and love kids, and wish to help them succeed in life.

Volunteer Responsibilities & Impact:

When you join volunteer English teaching program in Kenya, you will be primarily responsible for teaching English in local elementary school but depending on your qualifications you can also teach other subjects like math, science or computers. Generally, you will be working closely with another teacher, and the school will provide the curriculum and teaching materials.

You will provide a vital source of knowledge and education in these fields that is sorely needed, inspiring and enabling the children to pursue fulfilling and prosperous careers in the future. The valuable skills you impart will be vital for the future of these kids, giving them a real hope for a brighter future and a successful and happy adult life.

As a volunteer teacher in Kenya, your days will be filled with fun and excitement, as well as plenty of opportunities to learn and share. Every day you will get to teach and share your passion with some of the most eager and enthusiastic students you will ever meet, and be a fulfilling and memorable experience.

  • First Day: On your first day of volunteering in teaching project in Kenya, our local coordinator will take you to the school you have been placed in and introduce you to the local staff and any other international teaching volunteers working there, and you will spend the day familiarizing yourself with the facilities and your duties, and getting to know the staff and children.
  • Weekdays: Your work as a volunteer teacher starts on the second day of the project, and while the exact schedule of your weekdays will vary depending on the school you are placed in, in general your workday will be as follows:
  • 6.00 to 7.30 AM​: Your host family will serve you a traditional Kenyan home-cooked breakfast, which you can enjoy with your hosts and fellow guests, providing a great opportunity for some cultural exchange.
  • 7.45 AM:   After enjoying breakfast, you leave your host family for the day and set out for a rewarding full day of teaching. The exact classes you have will be different depending on the school, but you will spend most of your day in the classroom or otherwise teaching the children.
  • 12.00 PM: At noon it’s time for a lunchbreak, giving you ample opportunity to connect and bond with the local teachers and the other international volunteers, as well as to get to know the children outside of the classroom.
  • 3.00 PM: Around this time your teaching duties will end, and you are free to spend the rest of the day exploring the surroundings, getting to know your colleagues and students better or head home to your host family to relax.
  • 6.45 PM: Rounding out your day, you will get to enjoy a home-cooked dinner together with your host family, which is a great time to get to know them more intimately and ask questions about their culture and way of life, which they will be happy to teach you about.

Volunteer in Kenya Teaching: Dates and Fees

Program Dates

IFRE programs begin every Monday year-round. If you have travel constraints, you can still start your chosen program on any day of the year. 

Volunteer in Kenya Teaching Program is not available from 5th November to 6th January.

Our Fees

IFRE is the most trusted and respected volunteer abroad organization in the world, and also the most affordable. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality volunteer programs at the lowest fees, which make it possible for everyone, especially students, to travel internationally and make a positive impact in the lives of others.
We believe in 100% transparency. Rest assured, we never use middlemen. Your one-time registration fee of $299 covers our administrative costs. The low weekly program fee goes directly to your host family, and includes housing, food, project donation and minor expenses. IFRE is a non-profit organization, so your program fees are tax deductible. 

Volunteer Program Fee (US$)

Weeks Fee
  1 Week   $200
  2 Weeks   $320
  3 Weeks   $440
  4 Weeks   $560
  5 Weeks   $680
  6 Weeks   $800
  7 Weeks   $920
  8 Weeks   $1,040
  9 Weeks   $1,160
  10 Weeks   $1,280
  11 Weeks   $1,400
  12 Weeks   $1,520

Comprehensive Travel Insurance $3.49/day ( below 28 years) and $4.49/day ( above 28 years) »

How your fee is allocated?

Program Fees Cover:

  • Accommodation (host family)
  • Food (local food 3 times a day)
  • Program Orientation
  • In-country support
  • Personalized project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Certificate of completion
  • Fundraising ideas and letters
  • Discount for returning volunteers

Program Fees Exclude:

  • Visas
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foods
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport return transfer

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Accommodation and Meal

While teaching at the school, you will be staying with a trusted and welcoming Kenyan host family. They will make sure that their home feels safe an open to you, providing a home-away-from-home where you’ll always feel secure and welcome. You will also get to enjoy delicious home-cooked Kenyan meals three times a day, enjoyed together with your host family giving you the chance to deeply immerse yourself in their culture.

Read more about your accommodation, meals, and wonderful Kenyan host families.

Free Time and Weekends

When volunteering with IFRE, not only do you get the chance to improve the life of young children in Kenya, you will also get plenty of chances to discover and explore all the country has to offer. During the week you will have free time every day after the school day to explore the local area, and your weekends are entirely yours to travel or take tours anywhere in the country.

Read more about all the amazing things you can see while volunteering in Kenya.

Safety and in Country Support

IFRE understands that safety is a top concern among prospective volunteers, and we take our responsibility to keep you safe incredibly seriously. Since 2006 we have provided safe volunteering opportunities for more than 22,000 volunteers from all over the world, and this experience allows us to maintain a large network of in country coordinators who will be available to you should anything come up that makes you feel unsafe.

Read more about our comprehensive safety precautions and in country support in Kenya.

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Volunteer in Kenya Teaching: FAQs:

Arrival and Departure

Volunteers will have to fly into the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi to participate in our teaching English volunteer opportunity in Kenya.  We suggest volunteers consult our country coordinator and arrive one day before their volunteer program starts.

Airport picks up and Drop off

We arrange airport pick up for volunteers in our programs. All you need to do is provide us your final flight information and we will arrange your pick up. Our local airport representative will meet you at the arrival point at the airport and transfer you to your respective placement. In the case of a missed or delayed flight, notify us and we will arrange for the new pick up schedule.

IFRE does not provide airport drop off services, but your host family and colleagues will be more than happy to help you arrange this.


It is compulsory for our participants to obtain a legitimate tourist visa for their Kenya teaching English volunteer project. You can apply for a tourist visa by visiting the Kenyan embassy in your home country.

However, visa on arrival is also available in the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport citizens of several countries including the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, and others. You need to have your original passport with at least 6 months of validity and a few passport size photos. We also advise bringing small bills for payment of the visa fees, with US Dollar bills being highly preferable. You can find detailed information of the visa process

For further readings:
Visa And Passport


When participating in our Kenya volunteer teaching project, you need to get vaccines for Mumps, Rabies, Malaria, Zika virus, Schistosomiasis, Meningococcal, Tuberculosis, DTP, Yellow Fever, Measles and Rubella, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Chikungunya and Dengue.

But these risks depend on where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing during your volunteer project, so we recommend consulting with your medical doctor prior to taking any vaccines.

Why volunteer in Kenya in teaching English project?

Volunteering in our Kenya Teach English Volunteer Program lets you provide valuable skills to children with limited resources and opportunities, as well as immerse yourself in the rich culture of the country.

You will get real world experience working in a classroom

As a volunteer teacher in Kenya, you will get the valuable experience of teaching English abroad and improve your teaching skills by working in a environment with unfamiliar curriculums. You may encounter challenges, but the invaluable real-world experience you will gain will more than outweigh said challenges.

You will get the opportunity to educate deprived children

In this project you will get the change to educate young children in rural schools, where the need is greatest. You will get to teach students invaluable English spoken and written skills, greatly increasing their chances of success and prosperity as adults.

You will share your love of the English language and work alongside fellow educators

You will get the chance to work with and learn from fellow teachers while taking an active role in the education of children by sharing your love for the English language and other fields.

You will Understand the Education System of Kenya

When volunteering abroad in teaching project in Kenya you will get a chance to experience and learn from an incredibly enriching experience, especially in how it prepares you for teaching in other foreign countries.

You will gain valuable work experience of teaching international

Not only are you providing a great service to the children you teach, but also helping yourself by gaining valuable work experience teaching in a foreign country, which will be an invaluable training exercise for a future career in teaching.

Other Volunteer Opportunities Available in Kenya

If you want to visit Kenya but you’d rather do something other than teach, we offer several other programs in the country. You can volunteer in orphanages, with HIV/AIDS prevention or as a medical volunteer, as well as others. Contact IFRE to learn more about the exciting adventures that await you in Kenya.

Teaching English Volunteer Programs in other countries

IFRE offers volunteer teaching programs in a large number of countries all over the world. If you’d like to teach somewhere other than Kenya, have a look at the following list of some of our most popular teaching projects:

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