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101 Reasons to Drop Everything and Volunteer abroad

By: Aleksander Hougen , July 28, 2019

Every year countless volunteers travel thousands of miles to volunteer abroad, gain lifechanging experience and return home having made a difference in the world by changing not just the lives of others but their own as well.

However, you might be struggling to find enough reasons to volunteer abroad that apply to you specifically. Maybe you’re confused or still asking yourself “why do I want to volunteer?”.

If this sounds like you, then you should read these 101 reasons why you should drop everything and begin your journey as a volunteer as soon as possible.

10 reasons to volunteer abroad to gain knowledge and learn skills

volunteer abroad on construction project

You will bring back an entirely new you: an experienced volunteer!

While on your new journey as a volunteer, you will leave behind all your daily activities, allowing you renew your sense of self and explore your inner talents and how to best lend a hand to people who need you.

You will get the chance to overcome your fears and become a stronger person.

Volunteering abroad is quite an adventure. While each volunteer destination has a lot to offer; there are sometimes uncomfortable or rocky situations that occur. By facing these challenges outside of your comfort zone, you will work towards overcoming your fears and becoming a stronger human-being as a result.

You will learn parts of foreign languages from other volunteers and locals.

If you’re interested in languages, that’s a great reason for why you should volunteer abroad a sit lets you learn new languages both from the locals in the country you volunteer in, but also from your fellow volunteers who are sure to speak a wide range of languages you are unfamiliar with.

You will become a more well-rounded person as you learn many useful skills and qualities and tackle tasks you have never done before.

Packing, unpacking, communicating to a group of strangers, living closely with fellow-volunteers, mixing with the host family – all these activities included in volunteering abroad will allow you to grow as a person and become capable of anything.

The planning you do for your time as a volunteer abroad will help you become more organized and creative.

Preparing for your volunteer trip by packing all the things you need and planning out your time and goals will teach you how to be more organized, avoid procrastination and inspire your creativity.

You will get to explore your limitless potential by adjusting to a new environment as a complete stranger.

Stepping out of your comfort zone will unlock your own potential by readjusting to a completely new way of life, finding the solutions to various challenges you have never faced before, but also reaping the amazing rewards of doing so! While these challenges are probably the reason why many ask themselves “why volunteer abroad?”, the chance of overcoming them is one of the answers!

By teaching as a Volunteer you will sharpen your cognitive skills.

When you come back home after teaching as a volunteer, you’ll realize that you have unconsciously learnt many different skills, both related and not to teaching. With this in hand, you can apply for a teaching job all over the world and earn money in the process.

You will improve your skills as a chef by helping out with meal preparation.

Many volunteer abroad programs include the volunteers pitching in with meal preparation from harvesting/purchasing supplies and ingredients, cooking the meals and serving the food. Even if you’ve never been great at cooking, this is a great way to expand your skill set and learn how to make some truly exciting and delicious dishes.

The skills you learn can be brought back home with you and taught to your friends and loved ones, sharing the fruits of your volunteer labor with them.

When you come home from your volunteer project and someone asks you “why volunteer abroad?”, you’ll get to show off and share your new found skills with friends and family, perhaps even teaching them a bit too. Whether this is things picked up from teaching, orphanage work or anything else, it will feel great.

You will learn the history and geography of a place you may know nothing about, deepening your knowledge of the world.

Reading about a place in a book or online can never compete with first-hand experiences there. For example, you’ve probably never heard of Masai Mara Game Reserve, even though it’s a fantastic place. Many hidden places like this await you to learn about them while you volunteer abroad.

6 reasons to volunteer to become a better person

volunteer abroad on medical project africa

You will become a better, more empathic person

By being miles away from your country and staying in poor countries such as India, Kenya or others, you will gain a new perspective and realize how lucky you are to have things that others only dream of. This will instill a sense of empathy as you take part in these

You will learn the importance of gifts, regardless of how small, as they are a surefire way to communicate appreciation across language barriers.

Giving a present is always a guaranteed way to put a smile on the face of children you volunteer abroad with. For example, if you volunteer in Cambodia teaching English, a small present at the start of your time with the kids can go a long way in endearing you to the kids and making them look forward to time spent in your class.

You will learn acceptance and tolerance of people from a wide range of social groups.

Everyone is different, and due to education, tradition and limited experiences with different people it can be difficult to be accepting of other people. Volunteering abroad rips this negative attitude right out of you and you will learn acceptance for people of walks of life.

You will become a more philanthropic and conscious person.

Love for your fellow man is an innate quality that many suppress in today’s modern world focused on individual gain and success. You can nurture this quality and allow it to burst forth by participating in exciting projects like volunteering in the Himalayas.

You will become a more trusting person as volunteering abroad will provide you with plenty of amazing experiences with complete strangers.

The people you surround yourself with as a volunteer will often be like-minded and amazing, giving people. This close personal experience with people like this will make you a more trusting and open person.

You can contribute financially to projects you know for a fact are doing as much good as possible with your donation.

Donating money can be difficult as it’s hard to know exactly how much benefit your donation provides to those in need. Once you’ve volunteered, you’ll know exactly where to send your charitable contributions in the future.

14 reasons to volunteer abroad to grow as a person.

volunteer project for self development

As a volunteer you will get a fresh perspective and discover new ways to look at everything.

You’ve probably rarely, if ever, considered the uniqueness of your own language. An excellent reason why you should volunteer abroad is that you are likely to learn a lot of words and phrases of a brand-new language, and this will give you a new-found appreciation for your own.

You will feel stronger after packing up and leaving to commit yourself to helping someone else as a volunteer.

Not everyone has the courage to leave everything behind to help people who don’t even know you. This friendly gesture will make you feel strong and capable, ready to tackle any of the challenges life throws your way. If you’re looking to become a stronger person, then there you have your reason for why you should volunteer abroad.

You will become more flexible and patient as you volunteer.

Volunteering abroad requires a bit of patience and a lot of passion. Once you figure out how charming and thought-provoking it is to volunteer in a developing country, you will want to extend your stay just so you can keep enjoying the experience.

You will become more adventurous and spontaneous by discovering exciting and foreign places.

Every destination offers a unique charisma to its volunteers and you will come across various adventures and interesting activities to engage in that will inspire you to seek out more adventure and excitement in the future.

You will get to learn more about yourself as you’re exposed to experiences that encourage self-analysis and introspection.

The wide array of experiences you are likely to have as a volunteer abroad will provide you with a deeper insight of not just the world, but yourself as well. For example, if you happen to volunteer in China over the summer, you may gradually learn a few words of the country’s language and discover how good your language and adaptive skills really are.

You will gain a new appreciation for holidays and travel from your volunteering experience.

A great answer to “why volunteer abroad?” is how it will make you appreciate your future travels, even if they’re just for leisure. Traveling in a new and exciting way will give you a new perspective and appreciation for the art of traveling and the value of a well-earned holiday filled with relaxation.

You will come to realize that life is too short to be lazy and make excuses and that it’s easy to spend your time in a meaningful way by volunteering abroad.

Volunteering abroad will really put on emphasis on how valuable your time is and inspire you to stop making excuses and just get out there and enjoy your life one day at a time.

You will learn to stop over thinking things and how to be more spontaneous while volunteering abroad

Doubt and uncertainty plagues almost everyone, but by committing yourself to a rewarding volunteer project you will learn how to stop saying “no” to new experiences and simply throw yourself into it and reap the rewards.

You will start living in the present rather than the future as volunteering abroad is all about enjoying each moment.

Meeting a diverse range of people during your volunteer program abroad will help you realize that each moment is precious and should be enjoyed, rather than fretting over the near and far future.

Discover your purpose and achieve great things while volunteering abroad.

While earning money and climbing the corporate ladder is many people’s chosen purpose, volunteering abroad, while less profitable, is equally filled with achievements.

You experience tons of genuine and touching moments that will stay with you and form the core of unforgettable stories to tell.

You will come across some amazing people who are not only great company but also will help you unconditionally even in severe conditions. This observation will help you grow as a person and provide you with exciting stories to tell once you return home.

You will reassess your former priorities.

Volunteering will realign your priorities and make you realize what is actually important in the world. Once this is done, you’ll be able to make an even greater impact around the world and just the change it makes in your own life is reason enough for why you should volunteer abroad.

You will become a more dependable person because of your volunteering experience.

Volunteering will teach you how to be dependable, and this will bring great happiness to the people in your life as they get to know the new and improved you.

You will learn patience.

If you find yourself losing your patience often, then this could be a perfect reason for why you should volunteer abroad. Volunteer activities teach you how to act patiently. With this valuable quality in hand, you’ll be able to inspire it in others, leading to a kinder environment around you.

11 reasons to volunteer abroad to become closer to other people.

volunteer abroad project to meet other people

You will explore new cultures while volunteering abroad and get the chance to introduce pieces of them to your home country.

Do you like to introduce people to new things and broaden their horizons? If yes, then volunteering in developing countries such as Kenya will let you bring its exotic food trends and much more to your friends and family back to your own country.

You will get to experience true community life in a new place which you can only do if you volunteer abroad.

While volunteering in a developing country, you will get to interact with the local people and become part of their community. In addition, you will learn from how they value each moment of life, allowing you to do the same. If you feel isolated and without this sense of community in your daily life, then this is a great reason for why you should volunteer abroad.

You will see the sun set on an entirely new place along with your fellow volunteers.

Being with other volunteers and sharing a similar volunteering goal entices everyone. And seeing the sunset with your companions is a moment worth cherishing and just one of the many great things you can do with your new friends while volunteering abroad.

You will discover new ways to communicate and bond with others as a volunteer.

Even if you are not able to understand a single word of what your host family says, their friendliness and open nature will teach you new ways to communicate with other people. Sometimes a smile can go just as far as a few words!

You will meet wonderful people in your volunteer destination whose perspectives will change your life forever.

You will find that the people you go to help and volunteer with are different from you, but also similar in many ways. Their unique perspectives on issues and things you have in common will change your life and help you during your volunteer experience.

You will create lasting friendships with your fellow volunteers.

Perhaps the best thing about volunteering abroad is that you will make friends to last a lifetime. Even when you return home you will find yourself messaging and speaking to your new friends from all over the world.

Strengthen bonds with existing friends who have volunteered, creating a deeper connection between you.

Perhaps you have a friend who has volunteered before and inspired you to start looking for a similar experience. By going to the same volunteer destination as them you’ll create a deeper connection with them through a shared experience.

Volunteer abroad with a family member or friend and strengthen your bond through a shared experience.

Perhaps you’d like to grow closer to a parent, sibling or friend by embarking on a life changing journey together. This is a great idea, as it creates a shared experience that will give you a unique bond with your volunteering partner.

You will gain a sense of companionship and community with fellow volunteers.

Once you have volunteered, you will feel less lonely and always be comforted that true companionship and community is right around the corner by signing up for a new volunteer trip.

You will get to put your friendship to the test by volunteering with a friend.

By volunteering together with a friend, you’ll get to see every aspect of their personality and see if your friendship is strong enough to withstand the incredible experiences and close living of volunteering abroad.

You will get plenty of emotional and moral support from the people around you.

Great work never goes unnoticed and your fellow volunteers, hosts, and new friends will always be there for you whenever you need their support as a volunteer.

4 reasons to volunteer abroad to inspire others

volunteer abroad on teaching project

You’ll be inspired by others as you volunteer

If you’re a first time volunteer you are likely to feel that your volunteer work is taking you beyond your own comfort zone as everything about volunteering abroad is so new to you. However, your fellow volunteers will be right there with you, many of whom will be experienced and happy to inspire and help you in turn allowing you to inspire others in the future.

You will find out what volunteer destinations are the best in terms of experience and impact, letting you spread this knowledge to other prospective volunteers and inspire them.

As you become an experienced volunteer, you will be able to use all the knowledge you’ve gained about various destinations to inspire your friends and family and provide an answer to why volunteer abroad.

You will encourage other travelers to set down their bags, slow down, and commit themselves to making an impact by volunteering abroad.

The positive experiences you share with other travelers you encounter who aren’t volunteering are sure to inspire and motivate them to do more with their travels and make a difference in the lives of others.

You will feel plenty of positive energy and get to transmit these vibes to other people.

Doing good for others is the most important part of your volunteer experience and the main answer many give to the question “why volunteer abroad?”. If you are good to your fellow volunteers and your host family, they’ll be good to you too.

10 reasons to volunteer abroad to fulfill your passion and interests.

volunteering for fulfilling your passion

You’re young and full of passion, making it easier to go outside your comfort zone and face the challenges and experiences that come with volunteering.

When you’re young, it’s easier to stay up late or wake up at dawn to pursue your passion. If you’re an extroverted person, then having your days filled with amazing interactions both with local people and your fellow volunteers makes for an exciting time.

You will enrich your life by trying new things while you volunteer (Such As Mountain Climbing With the Locals)

It may be that there are things you have never tried even if you are passionate to do so. Mountain climbing is an example of this for many, but if you volunteer in mountainous regions such as South Africa, you can avail yourself of a golden opportunity to enjoy climbing mountains with your fellow volunteers.

Passport stamp collectors can rejoice as your passport collects many new additions to your collection.

There are less fortunate people across the globe really need your support. Because of this, you will want to volunteer again and again, until your passport is full of stamps from many different volunteer destinations around the world. While this might feel like a small thing to many, there are no bad ways to answer the question of why do you want to be a volunteer.

Currency collectors can beef up their collections with notes and coins from around the world.

If you like to collect currency notes and coins from across the globe, then you can expand your collection extensively by choosing a new destination for each volunteer project abroad.

You will have excellent opportunities for shopping, whether it’s for clothes, souvenirs or anything else.

Picking up some local traditional clothes, cultural items or similar things to bring home with you is a great way to remember your time as a volunteer, and also to teach others back home about the place you lived.

You can fulfill your passion for helping others by volunteering abroad.

Not many possess a drive to go out of their way to help others, but if you’re one of the people that do, there is no better way to fulfill this passion and desire than to volunteer abroad.

You will pursue happiness by trying new things while volunteering abroad and learning what excites you.

As a volunteer, you may find that you love to work with orphans in Tanzania, or that caring for the elderly is a hidden passion of yours. When your work is met with appreciation and gratitude, you are sure to discover that activities you previously had no interest in will become central parts of your life. Thus, the answer to why you should volunteer abroad might not make itself apparent until you’ve discovered some new lifechanging interest while doing so!

You will get a chance to engage in your favorite hobby even while volunteering abroad

You will never get bored of volunteering abroad as you can spend your time indulging in all sorts of hobbies like biking, mountain climbing, hiking and much more. For these hobbies in particular, South Africa is an amazing destination for your volunteer work.

You will be able to choose the volunteer project that gives you the best chance of giving back to the community.

Volunteering abroad can let you take part in a wide range of projects. With complete freedom, you’ll be able to choose a volunteer program abroad that excites you the most and creates the largest positive impact.

You will get to share your own personal and specialized skills with others.

If you have specific skills, you can deepen your understanding of your field by sharing and providing these skills to people in need, for example by providing medical care to the people of Nepal.

14 reasons to volunteer abroad to travel the world.

volunteering to save animal and environment

If wanderlust is an unending feeling for you, volunteering abroad is a great option to quench this thirst.

Volunteering at your chosen destination lets you both give back to the community and also utilize your spare time to explore the hidden beauty and attractions of a place you have never visited before.

You will visit and experience fascinating places that you might never have had the chance to see without volunteering.

Why do you want to volunteer? Perhaps its wander lust? In that case, your volunteer destination may be remote or inaccessible, perhaps deep in the Amazon rainforest or in the heart of Africa. Once you arrive, you can look back at the road already traveled and know that even from your first step in this new and exciting place, you have accomplished something real.

You will learn to be comfortable and enjoy yourself through unfamiliar and challenging experiences.

By stepping outside your comfort zone and tackling novel challenges you’ve never faced before, you’ll learn to be more comfortable with yourself regardless of your location.

By volunteering, you’ll get to discover new destinations that you can plan future holidays to.

Since you’ll be working as a volunteer, you won’t have all your time free to explore the fascinating country you find yourself in. Volunteering is a thus a great way to get a cheap taste of a country that you can then plan a longer trip to in the future.

Your volunteering abroad can last any amount of time you want.

If you’re short on time to contribute to your volunteering abroad, you can volunteer for as little as one week at a time. This makes it possible for anyone to chip in regardless of time constraints.

You will meet interesting people unrelated to your volunteer program abroad.

While of course you’ll meet plenty of interesting locals and volunteers at your chosen project, your lengthy stay in a community will mean that you can make deep connections with people from all parts of society.

You will explore diverse cultures while volunteering abroad.

Why do you want to volunteer if not to experience people and places vastly different from where you come from. Volunteering is a journey all on its own. As with any amazing journey, you’ll be exposed to a wide range of cultures and traditions and diverse people giving you a deeper understanding of the world.

You will get to see amazing and jaw-dropping scenery.

Many popular volunteer destinations contain a duality of human struggles and breathtaking natural scenery. In places like Tanzania, Guatemala and others, natural beauty and fascinating wildlife abounds and there’s something for nature lovers around every corner.

You will discover a way to travel while being productive and creating meaning in your life.

If spending your spare time productively is important to you, there are probably many types of holidays that don’t appeal to you. Utilizing your time while traveling to change someone’s life will feel like you’re both on holiday AND being productive.

You will get to achieve your dreams of starting a life in a specific volunteer destination.

Perhaps you want to start over in a new country but getting started and set up is an intimidating experience and you’re not sure where to start. Well, finding a volunteer program abroad in the country you want to live in is a great way to get settled, immerse yourself in the culture and acclimate to your new surroundings.

You will get to feel how volunteering abroad is a better use of your time than a simple holiday.

Volunteering abroad is so much more rewarding than simply going on a holiday or traveling without making an impact and immersing yourself in the community. Once you’ve volunteered, it will be hard to go back to a more traditional travel style!

You will become an expert at finding great deals for accommodation, food, and transportation as a volunteer.

The more you travel and volunteer abroad, the better you’ll get at finding the best deals for travel related expenses, especially as when you’re volunteering, you’ll pick up on all the tips and tricks the locals have for getting the best prices. Applying this knowledge to your next trip and saving money is definitely a top reason for why you should volunteer abroad if you’re a frequent budget traveler.

Your first volunteer trip will provide you the confidence and knowledge to plan an even better one in the future.

If you are new to volunteering, the amount of options, both in terms of volunteer abroad programs and destinations, can seem intimidating. However, once you’ve made the plunge and volunteered once, you’ll have all the know-how you need to keep planning perfect volunteer abroad adventures.

You can volunteer for free if you can organize everything yourself.

While we recommend using one of the many fantastic volunteer abroad organizations to do your volunteering with, you can also organize everything yourself and pay no additional fees outside of things like airfare, transportation, etc.

10 reasons to volunteer abroad to make the world a better place.

volunteering to serve rural commmunity

There are endless volunteer abroad opportunities and destinations for you to discover.

Would you like to teach English to the children of India? Or are you excited to work in an orphanage in Peru? Whichever option you choose, you will love contributing to your preferred volunteer project. Even if you have limited time, you will definitely look to make more so that you can visit even more exciting volunteer destinations in the future.

You will get to see what makes others happy and excited

If you are curious about what inspires happiness in others and makes them more optimistic about life, then this is something you will be able to see plenty of and also learn how to do yourself.

Volunteering abroad and contributing to the lives of others will provide you with an amazing feeling and a newfound appreciation for life.

Someone out there desperately needs your help and support, and isn’t that an inspiring and motivating feeling? When you finally decide to step out and start volunteering, the thought that you are going out of your way to make the lives of others better is one of the core reasons for why you should volunteer abroad.

You will get to help others cope with problems you have already faced and overcome earlier in life.

If you feel you’ve struggled and overcome challenges in your life, there is no better way to compound the excellent feeling this provides than by helping others struggling with the exact same things.

You will be able to follow your heart and help those who truly need your support.

Helping the needy is a great feeling and provides you with a great amount of inner happiness which is an excellent reason for why you should volunteer abroad. No matter where you volunteer, whether it’s an orphanage project in Ghana, an elephant conservation project in Thailand or anything else, this feeling can be yours.

You can choose the volunteer program abroad that speaks to you personally.

Contributing in an orphanage in India, teaching English in Guatemala, participating in elephant conservation in Sri Lanka - there are a myriad of options to choose from. Which one attracts you the most? The decision is yours! The question isn’t simply why volunteer abroad but also where to do it, and for this you have countless options.

You will be able to make a huge impact on the lives of others.

Volunteering abroadcan give you a chance to change someone’s life for the better. Big or small, all the things you do while volunteering are sure to make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

You will have the great experience of feeling needed by an entire community of people.

People in volunteer destinations such as, Sri Lanka, China, India, and Kenya are waiting for others to give them a helping hand. Going to these places and feeling needed is thus an amazing experience that everyone should get to have.

You will experience the feeling of putting a smile on someone else’s face.

Seeing the happiness you enable in others as you volunteer abroad, whether it’s a child from the slums in India, an elderly person in Guatemala or anyone else, will give you a truly amazing feeling.

You can provide crucial services to those lacking things such as education, healthcare and dental care.

You can share your treasure trove of knowledge in certain foundational areas like healthcare and education by volunteering in places like Brazil, Nepal, Mexico, and others.

11 reasons to volunteer abroad to have the experience of a lifetime

You will have exceptional stories from around the world

A life spent volunteering is a life well-lived. Visiting many different volunteer abroad destinations will present you with many unique stories that you can later share. Perhaps you can one day even inspire your children or grandchildren in the distant future to follow in your footsteps through these amazing stories.

You will meet amazing people who will help you explore their country

You’ll often stay with host families who are not only welcoming and friendly but also helpful. They will be ready to teach you about their own country, giving you insight into all the little tips and tricks that only locals know. For instance, by working in an internship in Costa Rica, you’ll be able to learn the location of all the best hidden beaches!

You will get the opportunity to taste exciting new cuisines.

Have you ever tried Cape Malay, a vegetable curry from South Africa? Or Daal-bhat from Nepal ? You probably haven’t, but you’ll get to taste mouth-watering foods such as these and many other delicious treats while you are on your journey as a volunteer.

You will never grow bored as you explore new horizons.

You may have traveled to numerous places around the world. But is this enough to satiate you? As a volunteer, you’ll not only be able to give back to the community by helping out in medical care centers, orphanages, homes for the elderly, or schools but also explore places you never even knew existed!

You will fall in love with all the new things you experience as a volunteer.

You will be able to explore many new things when you disconnect yourself from your familiar surroundings for a time. As you go out and seek new things as a volunteer, you will get to enjoy simple but amazing experiences like sitting in a local café in Costa Rica and enjoying the breeze go by.

You will get to experience a totally different culture by spending time immersed in it as a volunteer.

No matter which volunteer destination you select, you will notice that each country offers plenty rich cultural insights in terms of attractions to visit, cuisine, random daily experiences, as well as people and their interactions with each other. Exploring a culture like this is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and a reason why you should volunteer abroad.

You will get the best of both worlds, immersing yourself in the community and being a tourist at the same time.

Even though you’ll be working as a volunteer, you will generally be welcome and have plenty of time to explore all the tourist and cultural attractions around your chosen volunteer destination as you volunteer abroad.

You never know when and where the most exciting surprises of your life will happen or take you.

Your volunteering experience can present you with many great and amazing surprises. You may discover that people living far away are not so unlike you, and by communicating and interacting with them, many surprising experiences will unfold.

You will have memorable experiences with thrilling and exotic wildlife throughout your volunteering experience

Once you leave your home, you will get to see many types of wildlife you’ve never seen before. Tanzania is a great example, as undoubtedly the leopards, buffalos, and rhinos that make their home there will be unlike anything in your home country.

You will see and smell exotic flowers that you didn’t even know existed!

Antigonon, Lantana, Fuchsia, Bromeliad – these are names of flowers most of us haven’t even heard of. However, volunteering abroad in countries such as Cambodia will give you a true opportunity to view and smell such beautiful and exotic flowers.

You will gain unforgettable memories by volunteering abroad

The memories you make while volunteering are sure to be some of the best of your life. For instance, if you volunteer in Peru, you will get to capture some of the most breathtaking views of this lovely mountainous country. These memories will become treasured possessions in the future as you look back on a life changing experience.

3 reasons to volunteer abroad to improve your career and academic prospects

You can add ‘volunteered abroad’ to your resume.

Why do you want to be a volunteer? If it’s to enrich your resume, this is a great call. Your resume is a very useful tool for when you need to find work. Adding your volunteering experience to your resume will help you stand out from all the other applicants when being considered for a position. Volunteering while you’re still in college will thus make your job hunt much easier upon graduation.

You will get to advance your career by showcasing your volunteering skills.

When applying to jobs, it can be hard to stand out and prove your competency. Mentioning your time as a volunteer abroad will greatly impress employers and prove that you are a dedicated person who’s not afraid of taking the initiative.

You can kick start a new career that will sustain you in the future.

Perhaps you’re unhappy with your current career and want to make a change but lack the formal training or experience to break into the field. Whether it’s teaching, childcare, animal welfare or anything else, volunteering abroad in a related project will get you a foot in the door.

6reasons to volunteer abroad to rid yourself of daily worries and stress

There’s nothing to lose but everything to gain by volunteering abroad.

You don’t need a ton of money to go on a tour of the world. Volunteering in places such as Nepal and Costa Rica is incredibly affordable, and you stand to gain a lot by doing so as you’ll get a chance to experience the enchanting beauty of various volunteer destinations.

Volunteering abroad in a peaceful location will clear your head as you escape negative thoughts.

Even the most extroverted person needs peaceful days of solitude to keep daily distractions such as work deadlines and negative thoughts at bay. Volunteering abroad to help others that you don’t know is a perfect way to untangle yourself from the worries of your life.

You will learn to appreciate the little moments and find happiness in everything by volunteering abroad.

You will get to see how people in developing countries have mastered the art of enjoying the moment, regardless of financial resources or larger difficulties. As a volunteer, you will learn how simple it is to live in the moment and derive happiness from enjoying the small pleasures of life.

You will get to disconnect from the stressful situations of your daily life.

Whether your boss is ruining your weekends, you’re working under strict deadlines or you’re simply worn out due to the daily stress of life, volunteering abroad will let you leave your worries behind and instead look forward towards a place you have never been. When you come back home, you will feel relaxed and refreshed.

You will escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and surround yourself with a peaceful environment.

Daily life in the western world is all about efficiency, but many other cultures have a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, giving you a chance to collect yourself and escape high-pressure situations.

You can improve your retirement years by volunteering abroad

Volunteering abroad is not just for the young, and if you’re retired, you can greatly improve your golden years by exploring the world and improving it for future generations.

2 reasons to volunteer abroad to become healthier

volunteering for healthier life

You will get to enjoy food grown, harvested and prepared right at the volunteer destination.

You will notice the difference in food made with incredibly local and freshly picked ingredients. Not only will the flavors entice your taste buds, it’s also eminently sustainable, and you can feel great about your impact being entirely positive.

You will feel healthier

After volunteering in a place that is quiet, peaceful, and away from the stressful environment of the city, you will actually feel the clean air in your lungs. Not only that, working in volunteer projects is a great way to encourage healthy eating and active living. interested to volunteer abroad? Pls contact us

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