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Community Service Trips for College Students

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Community Service Trips for College Students

Are you looking for an affordable way to set out into the world and spend time helping those in need though a volunteer trip for college students?

Join one of IFRE’s budget-friendly and highly rewarding community service programs for college students and work with other likeminded volunteers in a grand effort to help make the world a better place. Volunteer, travel, explore, learn, and have a culturally immersive experience with one of IFRE’s incredible projects.

Do you want to have one of the most memorable and amazing experiences abroad where you will have the opportunity to make a noticeable difference in the lives of the less fortunate? IFRE’s community service opportunities for college students are some of the most affordable and highly reviewed volunteer programs out there.

IFRE has helped more than 22,000 volunteers from around the globe connect with a program that fits their interests and volunteer goals.

IFRE has hundreds of programs to choose from in twenty different countries between Asia, Latin American, and Africa. There are community service mission trips for college students that specialize in teaching, childcare, women empowerment, community development, and more.

Joining one of the volunteer abroad programs for college students is a perfect way to see a new part of the world while making a difference in that part of the world.

Alexandra Miller

These last six weeks of volunteering have been a truly amazing and life-changing & very wonderful experience for me.

Alexandra Miller


Leslie Slade

I had an excellent time, better than I ever could have imagined. Other volunteers were so nice and willing to help.

Leslie Slade

- Vermont, USA

Don Maddocks

I had a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to teach children of all different ages.I am sad to leave!

Don Maddocks


Manko Blakely

My volunteer experience with IFRE has been unforgettable. It has opened my mind & heart. Staffs were very helpful.

Manko Blakely

- Germany

Benefits of joining one of IFRE’s community service trips for college students

There are countless benefits that accompany the decision and commitment to join a community service program for college students. There are benefits that everyone experiences and benefits that are more individual; you will receive both kinds.

When you volunteer, whether locally or overseas, you will be helping people or animals that might not receive help otherwise. The sensation of knowing that you have made someone’s life better is indescribable. The experience will be greatly satisfying and rewarding and something that will remain a part of you forever.

While volunteering overseas with a community service project for college students, you will see and experience a new culture and have the opportunity to become immersed in it. You might even learn a new language, which will serve you well in your future.

The language and other skills and experience that you gain from your volunteer trip for college students will surely make you stand out from the crowd when it’s time to apply for a job after college. Your time and dedication overseas will look excellent on a resume.

You might learn more about yourself and what you really want to do with your life while you are volunteering. This is an ideal chance for self-growth and improvement. You will gain self-confidence and self-worth from your selfless work abroad. Joining a community service mission trip for college students is an experience unmatched by any other.

IFRE’s Most Affordable Community Service Trips for College Students

IFRE has a fantastic and vast selection of community service abroad opportunities for college students are not only safe, professionally run, and exciting, but that are also very budget-friendly.

Start seeing the world while making a difference in it today with one of IFRE’s most affordable volunteer abroad programs for college students.

Teaching English in Cambodia

There is a very high demand for learning English in Cambodia. As a volunteer, you can help teach this valuable skillset to young students in order to help prepare them for a brighter and more successful future. Cambodia is a fascinating, exotic, and culturally rich country that is sure to keep your interests peaked and your thirst for adventure satiated.

At-Risk Children Project in India

This community service opportunity for college students is one that will definitely pull at your heartstrings. There are countless children who would benefit greatly from your love, energy, guidance, and friendship while volunteering with this program.

You will play many different roles, such as teacher, caregiver, mentor, and friend, to these wonderfully deserving children.

Teaching English in Thailand

Teach English to children in the rural province of Surin by joining this volunteer abroad program for college students. Sharing and teaching your English skills to these children will help prepare them for a potentially better future by opening up more job opportunities.

There is no better feeling than knowing that something you did changed someone’s life; you have the chance to change multiple lives here.

Community Development in Kenya

Travel to the Massai region of Kenya and lend a physical hand helping to build and renovate important community buildings and infrastructure, such as hospitals, schools, and roads. Your work will be helping to improve the lives of everyone in the community.

Street Children Project in Ecuador

IFRE is working with multiple organizations to help the thousands of children who find themselves homeless due to a number of unfortunate reasons. Join this volunteer abroad program for college trips to help give these deserving children a better childhood.

Youth Project in Brazil

Through sports, you can help impoverished children from the favelas enjoy their childhood and learn valuable skills and lessons. This community service mission trip for college students is perfect for sports lovers who want to work with children in Brazil.

A lot can be taught through sports, and the lessons you help to instill in these at-risk children will have a significantly positive impact on their present and future lives.

Women Empowerment Project in India

Due to poverty, gender inequality, and superstitions, many women in India are struggling to thrive and survive. Through a micro-finance project, you can help teach these women valuable crafting and business skills that will help improve their current and unfortunate situations.

Wildlife Care Center in South Africa

This volunteer abroad with animals in South Africa for college students opportunity is an incredible program to join for those who want to explore South Africa while helping the animals there. You will spend your days caring for and helping sick, injured, and abandoned animals, such as lions, hyenas, honey badgers, and cheetahs.

South Africa is a nature-lovers paradise and you will definitely have time to explore its rich natural wonders while you are here saving animals.

Sea Turtle Conservation and Primary Education Program in Bali

If you want to work for children and sea turtles, this blended volunteer abroad with education and sea turtles program in Bali is a great way to split your time between two different community service projects while you are exploring this incredible island in Indonesia.

Work in an Orphanage in Tanzania

Unfortunately, there are children in Tanzania who have been left as orphans due to multiple different tragic reasons and situations. Your help with this volunteer with orphans program for college students in Tanzania is a special opportunity to help shape and brighten the lives of these destitute children while also having the opportunity to explore the many great wonders of Tanzania.