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I left Kenya yesterday and I had a brilliant experience. I stayed with Beatrice and she was a fantastic host. The project in Nairobi was so rewarding. St Dorcas is a lovely place full of very humble yet brilliant people. I am attaching some pictures of my stay. I also was able to return to Nakuru at the weekend to visit some people that I hadn't seen in 6 years. It was an amazing experience to go back to somewhere I volunteered in years ago and see the developments that had taken place.

Thank you for this opportunity, it was completely worthwhile and very affordable for my low budget. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a bit of an eye-opening adventure. I have gained a lot of perspective in the last couple of weeks and took on my role as part of the community.

Thanks again,
Jessica Rees

Thankyou to the US office and staff for employing such a wonderful host family in Kenya

I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation of Pst Ian, his wife Edith and their family, as they were extremely good to me. They welcomed me into their family with open arms and always looked after me. They took me places i wanted to visit, they cooked me food i wanted to try....and if there was something i really had trouble eating, they would make an alternative for me. They really involved me in their everyday lives and showed me their culture in Kenya . Even without me asking, they contacted my Mum (as they knew she was concerned), to let her know i was on a plane safely to Bangkok . I really appreciate everything they did for me and i wish them all the best.....and a big thankyou to the US office and staff for employing such a wonderful host family in Kenya .

Kind regards,
Rebecca Holdman

My Kenya experience

I'll definitely never forget these children and the memories we shared and the lessons they taught me about life. The pictures definitely cannot do the experience justice, but hopefully with this little write up the pictures will mean more and become more full of life.

Possibly one of the greatest parts of the program was the ability to be immersed into the Kenyan culture by living with a family. I couldn't have asked for a nicer family - they were a family of four - June (mom), Anderson (dad), Trevor (4 year old son), and Tracy (1 year old). Also living with them was June's younger brother, Arthur, and their housegirl, Ezna. The house was outside of Nairobi in a lower middle-class estate - it contained 3 bedrooms, two baths, electricity and running water. I learned so much from these wonderful people - not only about Kenya , but about life. Yes their life was not full of luxury and riches, but again they couldn't have been happier and didn't ever let on that they would have it any other way!

Please read poem of two my students.

Jenna Smith


A Poem by Shalom Naomi

AIDs oh AIDs
You have killed many people
Men and women, ladies and gentlemen
Leaving homes without people
Yet you are still killing people.
AIDs oh AIDs, you are my enemy.

Your name is four lettered A-I-D-S
But when somebody gets infected
You make him bear blames and curses
Friends fear him and run away from him
Leaving him with sorry feelings, lonely, helpless, Hopeless, and the list goes on.
AIDs oh AIDs, you are my enemy.

Parents are crying for their children
Children are crying for their parents.
You have swept them away yet leaving them
Orphans, mothers, widows, fathers, widowers.
AIDs oh AIDs, your are not satisfied.

African Child

A Poem by Emmaculate Nyambura

I am an African child,
I am a Kenyan child.
I am proud to be an African.
I am proud to be a Kenyan.
The almighty God loves me,
His love fills my heart.

Extra ordinary human disaster
came upon me, it took away my
mother and my father was all so involved.
I was left with no one to depend on.

This is my little sister and I have a
little brother they depend on me because
I am their older sister there is nothing I can do
unless someone helps me.

It is your responsibility to make our dreams
in life a reality; my/our future depends on you!

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