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Volunteer Accommodation in Ghana

When you volunteer in a Ghana project, IFRE manages your safe accommodation and supervision with experienced host families as a part of the project fee. You will stay with our warm welcoming Ghanaian host families throughout the project.

Staying in a host family is really an exceptional opportunity to experience Ghanaian traditions, ceremonies and local people’s everyday activities. You host family will treat youas part of the family.

And you will have opportunity to experience Ghanaian family’s daily routine such as cooking, raising children and caring for the household.

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Stay in Safety and Comfort

All our host families are screened for your safety, comfort, flexibility and, cultural exchange opportunities. All families are responsible, educated and experienced hosting international volunteers. Your host family will work hard to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your stay with them.

What Type of Accommodation Will I Stay In?

Your host family has multiple bedrooms andyou will share a room with other volunteers of same gender. Each of the rooms is equipped with comfortable beds, bedding, and ceiling fans. Each house has a clean western style bathroom with running tap water.

Accommodation Facilities Overview: Multiple bedrooms (shared), bathroom with running water, western style toilets, Ceiling Fan, Single beds with bedding materials, safe and sound living environment


In Ghana, you will enjoy 3 local meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during your stay. You will experience delicious Ghanaian food prepared with the blend of varieties of local ingredients.

You will be served tea, coffee, toast, boiled egg, bread, and other local specialties during breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you will experience a variety of local Ghanaian cuisines such as rice with stew, yam or plantain (ripen), seasonal vegetables, and red beans.

What Traditional Ghanaian Meals Will I Be Fed?

Typical Ghanaian meals are prepared with a starchy staple food and a sauce or soup containing protein. Ghanaian stews and soups are typically orange or red due to the key ingredient used in all cooking being tomatoes. Common spices include thyme, garlic, ginger and bay leaf. Vegetables such as wild mushroom and various types of pulses quintessential ingredients in sauces.

Types of traditional Ghanaian meals vary between ethnic groups, tribes and clans. Examples of classic meals are rice, waakye, red-red, fufu or banku served with a sauce or soup saturated with fish, meat or mushrooms.

Fufu is a pounded cassava and plantain or pounded yam and plantain or pounded cocoyam or taro.

Banku is cooked fermented corn dough and cassava dough.

Waakye is a mixture of beans and rice and can be found almost everywhere on the streets of Accra. Red-red is prepared with boiled cowpea beans and served with palm oil and fried plantains.

All these delicious local meals makes your Ghana volunteer trip more rewarding and a once in a lifetime experience.

Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana

IFRE offers many exciting projects in Ghana, such as working in an orphanage,teaching English,working as a medical volunteer, helping to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and much more. Contact IFRE today about these exciting opportunities!

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