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Uganda Teaching You may have heard the phrase “volunteer abroad” a lot especially among the younger generation, but have you ever wondered what volunteer abroad is .

It is a conscious decision of donating your time, heart and energy to a part of the world that desperately needs support.

When you volunteer abroad , you will travel to a developing or third world country to participate in a program that supports a humanitarian or ecological cause – helping individuals or communities, conserving wildlife or improving environmental conditions.

You will have the liberty of selecting a country and volunteer program that speaks to your heart, and while the work isn’t paid, you get to learn new skills, experience a foreign culture and reap the joy that comes from helping others!

Ever wondered why volunteer abroad is an amazing opportunity for you?

This experience is a combination of exciting travel opportunities, immersion of cultures, language acquisition, making friends and cultivating new skills.

When you volunteer abroad , your life will change in ways that you cannot even imagine. Why say no to such a life-changing journey? Grab this chance to do something new!

If you are still not convinced, you can read hundreds of testimonials from happy past volunteers online that would relive the experience in a heartbeat.

Here are some key aspects of volunteer abroad opportunities:

1. Volunteer abroad helps developing countries through a variety of programs.

When you enrol in a volunteer abroad program, you will have a diverse combination of projects to choose from.

They range from childcare and orphanage work to teaching, community health and wildlife conservation projects.

There are many categories to choose from, as well as environmental settings – you could be living anywhere from a thriving metropolis to a rural indigenous community. These programs help immensely in improving the lives of local community at the project site.

2. Volunteer abroad is about living with local people.

All good volunteer programs have strong relationships with the local communities, and are thus able to place volunteers with host families.

You will live and share meals with a host family, and have the chance to experience their culture and traditions. These local families are vetted by an in-country volunteer coordinator who’s fully committed to your safety, security and well-being throughout the duration of the project, so be assured that you will be in safe hands!

3. The volunteer projects are located in developing countries.

Your safety always comes first, so keep in mind that volunteer abroad experiences are not available in every third world or developing country. Programs are offered only in certain areas where volunteer organizations have strong and reliable relationships.

Throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America, popular countries for volunteer abroad include but are not limited to: Ecuador, Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru, Thailand, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya.

4. You will experience cultural immersion when you volunteer abroad.

From ethnic food to ancient rituals, you will get to experience the art, lifestyle, cuisine and customs of a new culture.

This exposure comes naturally when visiting a foreign country, particularly those in Africa, Asia or Latin America, which are not overrun by western influence. You will also learn a lot about local customs by living with a host family.

Alexandra Miller

These last six weeks of volunteering have been a truly amazing and life-changing & very wonderful experience for me.

Alexandra Miller


Leslie Slade

I had an excellent time, better than I ever could have imagined. Other volunteers were so nice and willing to help.

Leslie Slade

- Vermont, USA

Don Maddocks

I had a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to teach children of all different ages.I am sad to leave!

Don Maddocks


Manko Blakely

My volunteer experience with IFRE has been unforgettable. It has opened my mind & heart. Staffs were very helpful.

Manko Blakely

- Germany

5. Volunteer abroad is about traveling to exotic and fascinating places.

Volunteering abroad gives you access to all types of natural settings, from tropical rainforests to active volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, open safari terrains, gorgeous beaches and coral reef islands.

You can also visit ancient ruins, all types of museums, handmade craft markets and cultural festivals. Volunteers will have the opportunity to maximize their free time, and hopefully do some traveling after their project is complete.

6. Volunteer abroad and learn a new language.

Is there a language you’ve always wanted to learn? When you participate in a volunteer project in a foreign country, you’ll be exposed to at least one other language (sometimes several, in the case of certain African countries).

Most programs only require you to speak fluent English while on the job, but you’ll have exposure to the local language just by living there and making conversation with your host family.

Are you convinced why volunteer abroad might be your cup of tea yet? Volunteering is growing in popularity, and becoming as much a rite of passage into personal growth as your average backpacking tour after the university.

There are even parents who volunteer with their children, or couples who choose a honeymoon volunteer project! We want you to read the fine print and the first-hand testimonials, so please take a look at IFRE’s website and see what volunteers are saying about their experience.

You can also take a glimpse at some of the available programs offered by this renowned institution. http://www.ifrevolunteers.org/volunteer_testimonies.php