Overview of Volunteer with the Orphanage Program in Antigua, Guatemala

Because of Guatemala’s poverty, children often find themselves in less than ideal situations. They either live without a proper education, or sometimes, even live in an orphanage. IFRE Volunteers has partnered with local NGOs to build safe living situations for children. Volunteer with an orphanage project and give these children the care and attention they deserve!

When you volunteer with an orphanage program in Antigua, Guatemala, you’re giving these children the opportunities to become, healthy, educated, and prospering young people. You will form friendships with these kids, make their lives better, and create lasting memories from a lifetime of amazing experiences.

Role of Volunteer

Your role as an orphanage volunteer in Antigua, Guatemala will depend on the site itself and the program you decide on. You can help teach English, play fun games, assist the caregivers, work in the gardens, or enjoy time doing arts and craft activities. 

Whatever you choose to do, it will benefit the children in so many ways. You’ll get your detailed itinerary when you sign up for a volunteer project.

Skills and Qualifications

There are no specific requirements to be an orphanage volunteer in Antigua, Guatemala. Above all training and skills one could have, you must have the desired passion for working with children and the drive to help make a difference in the world.

If you speak Spanish, it’ll be highly beneficial to you as a volunteer. If you cannot, we recommend you enroll in a Spanish language program. We offer them while you volunteer so it’s super convenient for you!

We are also in need of speech therapists, psychologists, as well as carpenters, gardeners, and massage therapists!

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