Overview of Volunteer with Girl’s Empowerment Project in Antigua, Guatemala

Help break the cycle of poverty for young women in Guatemala. Teach and mentor eager female students who are faced with daily struggles of racism, sexism, and gender inequality. When you volunteer with a girl empowerment project in Antigua, Guatemala, you will be helping these young girls make a better life for themselves.

This is a unique chance to have a great impact on these women’s lives. You will help them grow in independence, confidence, and become well rounded productive members of society.

When you’re not volunteering with the girl’s empowerment program in Antigua, Guatemala you’ll have plenty of time to explore the city and surrounding areas. Get in the adventure and helpful spirit and go on a once in a lifetime journey.

Role of Volunteer

You’ll get to participate in small workshops and other programs dedicated to educating and inspiring these younger girls. Your daily routine will be provided for you once you decide what you want to do.

Skills and Qualifications

Having a basic understanding of Spanish is crucial to be a good volunteer. As most of these girls do not speak English, communicating and nurturing them will have to be done in their mother tongue. If you want to take on a bigger role in workshops and activities we ask that you have a more advanced level of Spanish speaking abilities. You should want to be a good role model, be compassionate, kind, and have a bubbling personality. We value go getters and creative individuals.

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