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Wildlife Volunteer in Peru : Overview

Are you passionate about helping animals? Do you wish to be a part of global wildlife conservation efforts? Would you like to explore the beauty and culture of Peru while supporting a cause? Join our wildlife volunteer in Peru today.

Peru is a remarkable country and home to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world with many unique animals. Its rainforests are abundant with exotic wildlife and beauty. However in the recent years, human encroachment had left many wild animals and birds in Peru vulnerable and homeless.

More than 100 wildlife species are endangered with some are at the brink of extinction. Continuous habitat destruction, illegal trafficking of animals and poaching are some of the main reasons for the depletion of wildlife. By joining our wildlife volunteer in Peru, you will help safeguard the future of these animals in need.

IFRE’s wildlife volunteer work in Peru enables volunteers to help preserve the wildlife and habitat of Peruvian Amazon. Volunteers will be working in a wildlife center with the mission to promote wildlife conservation work in Peru. Rescued animals who come to the center are rehabilitated so that they make a complete recovery. The rehabilitated animals are then released into their natural environment or relocated to other places with most suitable environments. The center caters to a wide range of animals including Howler Monkeys, Wooly Monkeys and Capuchins, Tapir, Wild Deer and Tortoises, as well as Macaws and Parrots. The wildlife center also seeks to raise awareness about the need to conserve forests. Volunteer will also get plenty of opportunities for fun activities as well as language and cultural exchanges with the locals.

Wildlife Volunteer in Peru will surely provide you with an opportunity to help the animals in need, broaden your horizons and gain a rewarding cultural experience.

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Wildlife Volunteer in Peru: Skills & Qualifications:

No specific skills or qualifications are required to join our wildlife volunteer in Peru except that the volunteers must be at least 18 years old. You should also be passionate about helping animals and should be able to work hands-on in an outdoor environment. Volunteer duties may vary from day to day and volunteers are required to patient, flexible and hard-working. Volunteers with specialized skills in the field of wildlife can let us know and we can help organize specialized roles for you.

Volunteers are also required to have a Yellow Fever vaccine and a health/accident insurance. Spanish will be helpful for this project but is not mandatory.

Wildlife Volunteer in Peru: Volunteer Responsibilities & Impacts:

As a wildife volunteer in Peru, you will get an opportunity to work towards the conservation of biodiversity and make a profound difference in the lives of animals.

Volunteers will work under the guidance of local staffs at the wildlife center and help with a host of activities at the center. You will help rescue the injured, orphaned and abused animals. You will work with the rescued animals and assist them with the rehabilitation recovery. You will also help release the fully recovered animals back into the wild. You will collect leaves for the animals from the forest, prepare food and distribute it to the animals at the center. You will assist the local staffs with grooming or washing animals and caring for the younger animals. Due to the wild nature of animals, we ask volunteers to maintain a ‘no hands-on contact’ rule with the animals unless required for its well-being and your safety.

Wildife volunteers in Peru will also assist with educating the public about environmental issues and animal welfare. You will also assist with eco-tours for the visitors. Volunteers with specialized skills are welcome to help in the field of film-making/photography, marketing and social media etc.

Wildlife Volunteer in Peru: Fees & Program Dates

Program Dates

IFRE’s Wildlife Volunteer in Peru begins on Mondays of each month. However, if you have travel constraints, we do allow flexibility. You can choose to volunteer anywhere from 1 week up to 3 months.

Our Fees

Since 2006, IFRE has been working to provide the most affordable and highest quality volunteer work in Peru. Today, it is one of the most trusted and respected volunteer abroad organization in the world. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality volunteer opportunities in Peru at the lowest fees, which make it possible for everyone, especially students, to travel internationally and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

We believe in 100% transparency. Rest assured, we never use middlemen. Your one-time Registration fee of US $299 covers our administrative costs. The nominal Weekly program of US $280 fee goes directly to your country coordinator, and includes program contribution, housing and food.

Volunteer Program Fees (US$)

Duration Wildlife Volunteer Projects

  1 Week


  2 Weeks


  3 Weeks


  4 Weeks


  5 Weeks


  6 Weeks


  7 Weeks


  8 Weeks


  9 Weeks


  10 Weeks


  11 Weeks


  12 Weeks


Comprehensive Travel Insurance $3.49/day ( below 28 years) and $4.49/day ( above 28 years) »

How your fee is allocated?

Spanish Lessons : ( Monday-Friday ) 2 hours a day : $120/ week - mandatory for medical project

$25/week surcharge for medical project

Summer volunteer and adventure: $2069

Program Fees Cover:

  • Accommodation (Shared)
  • Food (local food 3 times a day)
  • Airport pick-up
  • In-country support
  • Personalized project
  • Pre-departure information

Program Fees Exclude:

  • Visas
  • Flight costs
  • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foods
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport Drop-off

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Wildlife Volunteer in Peru: Accommodations and Meals

Volunteers joining our wildlife volunteer work in Peru will be provided with accommodation in comfortable wooden bungalows located in the compound of the wildlife center itself. The bungalows are equipped with comfortable and clean double rooms, showers, hygienic toilets and 220V electricity available 24 hours a day. If the weather is good, volunteers can also choose to camp outside during the night to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Volunteers will be provided with 3 meals per day- breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals will consist of local cuisines. There is a spacious dining room for volunteers to socialize during meals. Though snacks are permitted, volunteers are asked not to bring food to the rooms, as the food scraps attract ants and other insects.

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