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Volunteer in Cambodia
Affordable, Exciting, Life-Changing Cambodia Volunteer Experiences!
volunteer in cambodia

Is it time to put that zing back into your life? You could also make a huge impact on the people whose lives you touch. Consider IFRE's volunteer programs in breathtaking Cambodia for a life-changing experience that will bring new vitality into your soul. It's an experience you will never, ever forget!

Your periods of working and helping people will be balanced with free time that permits you to really immerse yourself into the rich culture of the country. You'll experience the mysteries of an ancient world wonder, and interact with the gentle and beautiful people of Cambodia. They need you so badly. Cambodia is trying desperately to catch up with a fast-paced and technological world so that they, too, can enjoy a life free of misery and constant want. IFRE's volunteer program in Cambodia brings much-needed assistance on many levels. Follow your heart!

Send us an email now, indicating your volunteering area of interest. We will happily respond with details about the amazing opportunities available. When you volunteer in Cambodia, you join IFRE for the experience of a lifetime!

Volunteer Work Projects and Locations
IFRE's volunteer program in Cambodia offers several projects, which support local orphanages, local schools, community development efforts and NGOs working on various social issues. Volunteer projects in Cambodia are established in the Phnom Penh, Pursat and Kampot provinces. Volunteers can work in any of these volunteer projects in Cambodia while sharing their enthusiasm, experience and compassion with local children, student groups and/or communities.
Volunteer Program Fees & Dates:
Start Dates: Our programs start every Monday, although we allow for flexibility due to travel constraints.

IFRE is a 501(c)3 organization, so your program fee will be tax deductible. IFRE Volunteers is proud to offer the world’s best fee. Our programs are now more affordable than ever. We are proud to focus on the humanitarian aspect of our business, not on profit. We work very hard and smart to keep our costs down, especially for the volunteers because we know the value of your donated time and efforts. We remain devoted to maintaining both the quality of the program and the safety of all volunteers involved. Below is a brief summary of the program fee and services that IFRE Volunteers offers.

IFRE fees comprise of two separate fees. An application fee of $299 USD (covers advertising, staff/office expenses, etc.) and a nominal weekly program fee (covers room/board, field support, etc). You will pay your fee directly to host families and projects. In this way, what you pay will go for you or people who deserve it (not for profit).

Volunteer Program Fee (US$)
Weeks All Other Projects Medical project
  1 Week   N/A   N/A
  2 Weeks   $400   N/A
  3 Weeks   $494   N/A
  4 Weeks   $600   $800
  5 Weeks   $685   $985
  6 Weeks   $770   $1,070
  7 Weeks   $880   $1,180
  8 Weeks   $990   $1,290
  9 Weeks   $1,085   $1,485
  10 Weeks   $1,180   $1,580
  11 Weeks   $1,255   $1,655
  12 Weeks   $1,330   $1,730
  • Mandatory Comprehensive Travel Insurance $3.49/day

Additional costs for volunteers: International flights, visa application/extension, daily personal expenses on beverages/entertainment daily transportation, laundry, telephone, immunizations.

Arrangement of Room/Food/Supervision
IFRE arranges room, meals and supervision for volunteer for the entire duration of the program. Depending upon the location of the project, volunteers will either stay in our guesthouse or with a host family. Our main guesthouse is located in the center of Phnom Penh City (a notable Cambodian tourist city) near the Olympic Stadium and the Orussey Market. The staff is made up of English and French speaking people and they are very kind. There is a large roof terrace with hammocks, a TV and internet access. Nearby there is a restaurant and more services to help make your stay in Cambodia a pleasurable one.

Our host families are very friendly and hospitable. They look forward to learning more about a volunteer's home-country culture and life. Whether you stay in our guesthouse or with host family, IFRE manages clean but simple accommodations with a separate room (occasionally shared with other volunteers), shared bathroom with cold water (no hot available) and a fan.

IFRE also manages three local meals a day. Usually, volunteers have breakfast in either a small restaurant, with host families or at work. IFRE manages volunteers' food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some volunteers have lunch at their project. If a volunteer having special eating requirements (e.g. as a vegetarian or vegan), we recommend staying in our guesthouse and not with a host family, as meat is the basis of most daily Cambodian meals.

Occasionally, volunteers will receive rural placements. These will usually be in the provincial capitals, which are mostly quiet, medium sized cities with necessary resources like traditional Cambodian restaurants, markets and laundries. Unfortunately, communication (internet and international phone calls) is limited with a rural provincial placement and very expensive. Provincial placements are well positioned for weekend travel. Volunteers should try to visit the main attractions of Cambodia – the majestic temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap province and the tropical coconut palm beaches of Sihanoukville. These excursions are best over a minimum of 3-4 days.

Volunteer Program Free Time
Volunteers have free time for the duration of their volunteer project in the evenings and on weekends. While IFRE does not arrange activities during this time off, our local staff, members and coordinators can provide priceless assistance in making appropriate arrangements for travel in this lovely ancient country. Free time is an opportunity for self-discovery, learning and exploration.

Phnom Penh City was once known as the "Pearl of Asia", it was said to be one of the most beautiful French-built cities as the French colonized Cambodia (then Indo-China). It is a charming, rapidly developing city positioned where three large rivers intercede: The Mekong, Tonle Sap and Bassac. The city is known for its many tourist attractions such as the Royal Palace, Wat Phnom, National Museum and Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. There are a few of surviving French colonial buildings, such as the Royal Palace and Phsar Thmei, as well as other French style buildings along the grand boulevards. The town offers and is a perfect base from which to take daily or weekend trips to the provinces and the coast. Phnom Penh has a wide range of restaurants (all nationalities), markets, internet cafés and a wealth of other interesting places away from the tourist track.

There are a number of interesting sites to discover throughout Cambodia. The plethora of tourist attractions includes Angkor Wat, a great wonder of the world. Tours of Angkor Wat include legends and symbolism to truly enrich this unique experience. Beautiful Phnom Penh City also offers numerous and ancient temples, monasteries ("wats"). All major tourist attractions provide an amazing glimpse into this region's mystical past. There are also natural wonders. Kratie is home to fresh water dolphins and many white sand beaches hug the Gulf of Thailand. Throughout Cambodia, there are numerous natural landscapes and environments in which to relax and take in the tranquil atmosphere. Our IFRE local coordinators/staff are available to give you free advice, travel tips and helps to book your travel.

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