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Volunteer Programs around World

Your lifetime opportunity to have an impact by working with impoverished communities through love and care while experiencing the adventure of new culture and travel.

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Volunteer Programs around World

Do you dream about venturing on an adventure overseas trip where you will have the chance to give back to the local community through volunteer work? Are you looking for an affordable unique to way to travel abroad and engage in meaningful programs?  Look no further! IFRE offers the cheapest and best programs around the world that will leave a positive impact in the communities.

Volunteer programs around the world allow you the opportunity to give back to the less fortunate while travelling and exploring a new country.  You will have a great sense of accomplishment when you work to positively change lives of people and animals in the communities. Similarly, volunteering projects abroad provide you with the chance to experience and engage with other cultures and traditions around the world.

Since 2006, IFRE has been offering the best opportunities around the world at the most reasonable prices. Currently, IFRE has volunteer programs that range from teaching English and caring for orphans to assisting in community development and working with elephants in 20 different countries across Asia, Africa, South America, and Central America. When you join IFRE programs you will learn and practice skills and techniques that will shape and positively impact your future career.

Take this incredible opportunity together with your group and volunteer to make a positive impact in the world.  Contact us today and enroll to this affordable volunteer abroad program that allows you to travel while making the world a better place.

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Table of Contents

  • Benefits of Joining Volunteer Programs around World
  • Popular Volunteer Programs around World
  • Skill and Qualifications
  • The Start Date(s)
  • The Fee
  • Housing and Food
  • How can I apply?
  • Why go with IFRE Volunteers?
  • How can you go as a group?

Benefits Volunteering Abroad

The blend of volunteering and traveling overseas is one that opens your eyes will change your perspective on the world. You will learn valuable life lessons, and potentially even change the course of your life.

Sense of Accomplishment:

One of the most significant benefits you gain through volunteering abroad is the sense of accomplishment. After joining a program, you will work with many other volunteers to make a difference to the lives of impoverished people and animals. This humanitarian work will give you a sense of accomplishment and the experience of a lifetime.

Gain valuable life lessons and experiences:

Embarking on a volunteer trip around the world is a great way to gain valuable life lessons and experiences. Using your skills and knowledge with charitable organizations across the globe, you have the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience. No matter what career you plan to pursue, there is a volunteer opportunity that will allow you to practice skills that will be applicable in the future.

Maybe you can even learn a new language and make intimate friends from around the world. Gaining experience through volunteer work can really make your next job application stand out from the crowd.

Explore a new country and its culture:

Volunteer programs provide you with the chance to experience and engage with other cultures. As a regular tourist, you can just manage to scratch the surface, but as a residential volunteer, you will work with local staff and locals in need. During this process, you get to achieve a much deeper understanding of local customs, language and culture.

Mental peace and happiness:

Volunteering is good for improving your mental and physical wellbeing. It helps to increase your skills, including your social, interpersonal and teamwork skills. You will make new friends and form new meaningful relationships. This will increase your happiness and help you in overcoming any feelings of depression. This opportunity will also provide you with a sense of purpose.

There is a myriad of other benefits, other than those listed above, when taking part in IFREs volunteering opportunities around the world. If you are a student, you can challenge yourself and boost your confidence. It also provides credit to your resume which will help you get a job in the future.

If you are a senior citizen, then your knowledge and skills can be very beneficial to the needs of the helpless people. This will increase your mental wellbeing. If you are a medical person, then volunteering abroad is a great option to get hands-on experience in a developing country. There are innumerable advantages of volunteer programs abroad.

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IFRE’s Volunteer Programs around World

IFRE offers you an amazing opportunity to experience an awesome selection of life-changing volunteer projects abroad for all different interests, goals, budgets and destination dreams.


Galapagos Conservation Project Ecuador (Galapagos Island)

galapagos conservation project in ecuador

IFRE’s Galapagos Conservation Project is located on San Cristobal Island in Ecuador. This is one of the most beautiful islands in the Galapagos Archipelago, which is the best volunteer opportunity around the world.

Unfortunately, the opening up of an airport and seaport, the invasion of alien species and various other causes has been damaging the natural eco-system and biodiversity of the island. Despite being one of the top tourist hubs, Galapagos is now listed on the World Heritage in Danger Places list.

IFRE’s conservation team on the Island is fighting hard to conserve and maintain the natural environment of the area. However, there is a constant lack of volunteer. IFRE invites you to join and contribute to preserve the natural diversity of the area.

The biggest challenge is the reforestation and creation of sustainable agriculture. Your role as a volunteer will be working to help the conservation team by learning about the effort currently undertaken. If you are passionate about preserving the beauty of nature, then your volunteer work on this project will make your dream come true and will provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

There are no specific skills and qualifications required to join this project. However, a strong dedication, love and passion for working to protect the environment and the willingness to help whenever needed are a must. Living conditions on the island will be basic but comfortable. If you are a nature lover and searching for volunteer programs around the world, then join IFRE’s Galapagos Conservation Project in Ecuador and gain hands-on experience.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Ecuador

A side from this volunteer Galapagos conservation program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Ecuador. We have variety of programs including teaching English, orphanage, medical care, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.


Women’s project in Guatemala

Most of the women in Guatemala lack education and saleable skills; therefore, they depend on their male partners for living and caring for their children. As a result, they have been facing torture and discrimination in the family. This situation needs to be changed. For this reason, IFRE has designed this women’s project in Guatemala with the aim to help and support these struggling women.

In Quetzaltenango, IFRE has best volunteering programs around the world including women’s project in small rural villages surrounding the area. As a volunteer for, you will work with women in the community to make a difference in the lives of helpless and less fortunate women. Your major roles and responsibilities after joining this project is to help Guatemalan women empower themselves by providing essential education and support, as well as teaching handicrafts so they can begin supporting themselves financially.

This project is the best volunteer opportunity around the world. No specific skills and qualifications are needed to join this project, however, we accept only women volunteers. Interested applicants must speak intermediate Spanish and have a passion and eagerness to work with women. You are also expected to be flexible, resourceful and open-minded.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Guatemala

Besides this volunteer women program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Guatemala. We have variety of programs including teaching English, orphanage, elderly people program, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.

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Health/Medical Project in Cambodia

medical project in cambodia

If you are a medical student or a medical person, then you should check out this project. Due to several devastating causes, thousands of Cambodian people from rustic areas are not getting access to adequate healthcare facilities. There is the lack of sufficient hospitals and medical clinics.

The most tragic thing is that even if there is a hospital, most of the Cambodians cannot afford to get treatment from it. As a result, poor and less fortunate Cambodians are suffering and dying from simple treatable diseases.

IFRE’s Healthcare/ Medical project in Cambodia needs passionate medical/healthcare professionals, nursing/medical students and therapists to support various healthcare and medical issues that Cambodian people face daily. When you join volunteer programs around the world,, you will work with local doctors, hospitals and clinics and get involved in various programs, such as medical camps, awareness programs and so on.

Depending on your skills and qualifications, your roles and responsibilities as a volunteer include helping with physical therapy and rehabilitation, providing basic care, observing the work of nurses or doctors, carrying out daily administrative tasks, taking patients details and more. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to gain professional medical experience while exploring Cambodia’s enchanting culture and natural beauty

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Cambodia

A part from this volunteer medical program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Cambodia. We have variety of programs including teaching English, orphanage, teaching Monks, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.


Teaching English To Buddhist Monks (Kathmandu)

Beautiful monasteries of Nepal display the ancient Buddhist culture. English is a universal language. Therefore, the aim is to teaching monks a more widely used language so they can effectively spread the teachings of Buddha.

During volunteer around the world programs you will be working as an English teacher in local monasteries in Kathmandu or the Tibetan Children’s Village. You will be giving lessons for 3 to 4 hours in a day. There will be ample time to learn about the Buddhist religion and culture. You can participate in meditation, prayers and the songs of Buddhist monks if it interests you.

You do not need any specific qualifications to join the volunteer programs around the world of teaching English to Buddhist monks. Monks are highly respected figures that live and exemplary life so only volunteers who are disciplined can enroll in the project.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

Other than this volunteer teaching Monks program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Nepal. We have variety of programs including teaching English, orphanage, medical, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.


Health/Medical Projects (Kasoa)

medical projects in ghana

Ghana has one of the strongest and fast growing economies in Africa. The country has plenty and diverse landscapes including beaches, mountains, lush forests and savanna grasslands. Unfortunately, poverty is still raging especially in the rural areas that are seriously affected. 

The government of Ghana is working to help poor people by setting up government hospitals and clinics but these medical facilities are not enough and lack enough manpower. When you join affordable medical volunteer program around the world including Ghana, you will work in public and community hospitals helping out doctors and medical staff. You will learn new treatments and techniques that will give you invaluable experience in the medical field that will greatly benefit you in the future career.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana

Besides this volunteer medical program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Ghana We have variety of programs including teaching English, orphanage, HIV/AIDS programs, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.

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Skill and Qualifications

With the exception of medical and healthcare volunteer program that you will require a medical certification, no specific skills or qualifications are needed to join volunteer programs around the world. You are however expected to be patient, kind, loving and flexible. You also need to be compassionate and passionate about working with underprivileged people in poor communities.

The Start Date(s) 

IFRE’s top volunteer programs around the world start each Monday year-round. If you have travel constraints or trouble getting to the country on that day, your chosen program can also begin on any day of the year.

The Fee

IFRE offers very affordable volunteering around the world programs. The fee covers for airport pick up, accommodation and food, project donation and support local IFRE country coordinators. For transparency program fees are paid directly in the host country to the host family or the local project coordinator.

To learn more about the fee for each country please follow this link.

Housing and Food

You will live with a respectable and loving IFRE’s local host family. For your comfort, the host family’s home is safe, comfortable and modern. In addition they will provide you three (breakfast, lunch and dinner) local delicious traditional home-cooked meals per day. Be advised that in some programs in different countries also offer alternative accommodation in a volunteer house or a hostel.

To learn more about what kind of accommodation or food available in each location, please feel free to contact us or see the individual link of the project given above.

How can you apply?

IFRE’s volunteering programs around the world application process has been simplified and is very fast. Simply click the APPLY NOW button and complete the information in the application form.

To apply to volunteer programs around the world please follow the APPLY NOW button at the top of the page.

Why go with IFRE Volunteers?

With over 200 programs in 20 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America it has been highly reviewed by 22,000 volunteers who have attended IFRE’s programs. Started in 2006, IFRE provides the best safe and cheap volunteer abroad programs in the industry. A registered non-profit, it is highly regarded for safe projects, attention to detail, affordability, professional field volunteer support and diverse opportunities for cultural immersion.

How can you go as a group?

IFRE offers unique and high value top volunteer programs around the world to both young and older travellers looking to work together as a group. It is a perfect opportunity to work as a team while learning and practicing new culture and travels. If you and your group are looking for affordable programs, we got your back! Contact us IFRE today to register for this unique opportunity that will allow you to travel while leaning new skills abroad.

Take a minute to complete the form and we will be in touch.

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