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Volunteer Abroad Building Projects

Your lifetime opportunity to have an impact by working with impoverished communities through love and care while experiencing the adventure of new culture and travel.

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Volunteer Abroad Building Projects

Are you a building enthusiast or a construction professional looking to go share your skills with poor developing countries? Would you love to travel abroad for a meaningful experience helping communities learn basic construction skills? Look no further!

Volunteer work abroad helps support building developments projects in which community members come together to take collective action to building solutions. In addition it is an opportunity to share and learn new building skills and techniques used in that country. You will genuinely be able to benefit the community and its cause for environmental friendly construction skills.

From 2006, IFRE has sent more than 22,000 volunteers to 200 cheap, safe and impactful programs in 20 countries throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America. A non-profit based in the US, IFRE works with community-based organization to support sustainable programs that add value to the community. Selecting any of IFRE’s affordable volunteer projects is a perfect way to add very valuable life and future career skills to become a better-rounded individual.

With your group you can now take up construction volunteer programs abroad and transform communities with new skills and techniques for an incredible experience abroad. Contact us NOW for more information to join this volunteer experience while going on excursions and learning a new culture.

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Table of Contents

Benefits of joining Volunteer Abroad Building Projects

When you choose to become involved in something that you’re truly passionate about you will find yourself in win-win situation, knowing that your contribution and hard work are going to make a better future. There are many volunteering opportunities that need someone with construction skills or interests.

Do you believe in changing the lives of the people around the world? Join IFRE’s volunteering opportunities to make a difference.

Capacity Building

Building development is a process, where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. Your role as a construction worker will be identifying the strengths and resources available in the community to meet the needs of children, youth, and families from the grass root levels.

Get to learn basic construction skills.

These volunteer projects provide a great opportunity to learn by doing. The hands- on- experience will help you develop your constructions skills. This is great opportunity to learn from the quality builders and construction experts around you.

Long lasting impact

Construction projects are about more than building homes, roads, and commercial buildings. Any form of planned construction positively impacts the community. These affordable build abroad volunteer projects have a long lasting impact on the economy and environmental. This, combined with proper planning will be highly beneficial to the community.

Make you socially responsible.

Social responsibility refers to the impact your work and the work of the organization has on the local community. This ensures that you and the community both are truly invested in the benefit of the community and its cause.

IFRE offers one of the best affordable, reputable, and most well-organized construction abroad programs that cater to different interests, budgets, time constraints, and travel goals. We have something for everyone. Join this life changing initiative to make a real difference and a long lasting impact on communities worldwide.

Costa Rica

School Orphanage Construction in Costa Rica

construction project in costa rica

Do you like to work using your hands? Do you want to build something worthwhile for the improvement of underprivileged children? IFRE has a rewarding program abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The Central American country of Costa Rica is an inspiring example of beautiful museums and theatres with attractive architecture that draws attention from tourists. There are also certain areas that are immersed in extreme poverty with little or no help from the local government. Therefore, IFRE has established building projects to try and improve local schools, homes, and orphanages, and have a positive effect on the local community.

Your role in the construction volunteer abroad programs will be to help improve a community and the lives of disadvantaged children that make up for the majority of its population. You will be helping to improve a community and the lives of the disadvantaged children who live there. You will derive a great sense of satisfaction being able to change the lives of the orphaned children by your sheer hard work. Apart from this you will also get plenty of free time to explore many of the great natural and cultural wonders of this fascinating country.

Apart from volunteer building projects abroad, IFRE has a number of other great volunteering opportunities, including volunteer abroad programs, animal conservation volunteer abroad projects, volunteer at orphanages abroad project, volunteer abroad opportunities, and volunteer abroad for children, and many others.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Costa Rica

A side from this volunteer orphanage construction program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Costa Rica. We have variety of programs including teaching English, orphanage, medical care, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.


Stove Project in Guatemala

In rural areas of Guatemala, more than fifty percent of families rely on an open fire to cook their meals, as they cannot afford paying for safer alternatives. Therefore, most households in Guatemala have kitchens filled with eye-watering smoke that provokes coughing and leads to a wide variety of health issues such as cancer, pneumonia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

IFRE is partnering with local organizations who have been helping low income families to make safer stoves in Antigua, Guatemala. In this building projects abroad volunteer you will be building stoves for poor families providing them with a safer and more eco-friendly way of cooking food on a daily basis. These new cook stoves will be particularly useful for women and children who spend a lot of time around the fires, saving them from potentially gruesome health risks.

Making stoves for poor families and seeing smiles on their faces as they get to cook their food without choking on clouds of smoke is an amazing volunteering opportunities in Guatemala, and you will feel rewarded and fulfilled knowing you have made a direct impact on their lives.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Guatemala

A side from this volunteer stove construction program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Guatemala We have variety of programs including teaching English, orphanage, medical care, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.

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Skill and Qualifications

In order to join volunteer abroad building projects, you will need a construction or building experience. You’re also expected to be patient, passionate and should have a strong willingness to work with communities that are poor and in need.

The Start Date(s) 

Building projects abroad usually start every Monday, although we allow for flexibility due to travel constraints and if you require another start-date, we can usually accommodate your needs.

The Fee

IFRE is dedicated to providing the highest quality projects at the lowest fees, ensuring that anyone mostly students have a chance to volunteer abroad. Weekly program fee starts at $450 and is paid in the host country directly to your host family and project. Fee includes housing, food, and other minor expenses like airport transfers.

To learn more about the fee for each country please follow this link.

Housing and Food

During your stay in building projects abroad volunteer you will stay with a wonderful and kind host family that will open their home to you and welcome you as one of their own.  You will also have a great cultural experience while staying with the family including amazing home-cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. But some programs in some countries offer alternative accommodation in a volunteer house or a hostel.

To learn more about what kind of accommodation or food available in each location, please feel free to contact us or see the individual link of the project given above.

How can you apply?

IFRE’s volunteer projects are easy and simple to apply. Simply press the APPLY NOW button and complete the application form.

To apply for volunteer abroad building projects program, please follow the APPLY NOW button at the top of the page.

Why go with IFRE Volunteers?

For over 13 years, IFRE has long experience providing over 200 programs in 18 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. They offer exceptionally affordable programs fees to for an impactful personal satisfaction of living their adventures. A non-profit based in Texas US and IFRE goal is to provide safe volunteer abroad programs with attention to detail and professional field volunteer support with a chance for cultural immersion and customs.

How can you go as a group?

Yes! IFRE offers unique customized group opportunities throughout the world. As a group taking volunteer, you will be able to engage by directly working with the community in a different country, including learning a new skills, language and techniques. If you are willing to make life-long connections and broaden your global perspective together with your group, contact IFRE now to join volunteer abroad building projects group experience!

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