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Safe Volunteer Abroad Programs

Your lifetime opportunity to have an impact by working with impoverished communities through love and care while experiencing the adventure of new culture and travel.

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Safe Volunteer Abroad Programs

Do you want to empower disadvantaged people in poor developing countries while immersing in their culture? Do you ever dream of taking a safe and secure volunteer programs abroad but have no idea where to start looking? Look no further! IFRE’s best and safe programs abroad is designed to ensure your safety and with maximum value for your money.

Volunteering programs provide you with an opportunity to work in a completely new setting with other volunteers from around the world. You will work in a team to accomplish meaningful tasks. While doing so, you get to learn different skills that will help build your confidence. As a young volunteer, you won’t only make a difference to others lives, but you will also get to learn a wide variety of new skills that will help shape your career.

IFRE provides an amazing selection of budget-friendly and meaningful volunteer travel abroad programs in over 20 countries across Asia, South Africa, South America and Central America. When you join IFRE safe volunteer abroad opportunities you will be able to develop different types of useful skills including teamwork, interpersonal and leadership skills.

You and your group can join this program for a rewarding and fulfilling chance of a lifetime. If you are looking to positively change the world, contact us now and learn more about this life-changing opportunity that will also be included in your career advancement.

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Table of Contents

  • Popular Safe Volunteer Abroad Programs
  • Skill and Qualifications
  • The Start Date(s)
  • The Fee
  • Housing and Food
  • How can I apply?
  • Why go with IFRE Volunteers?
  • How can you go as a group?

IFRE’s Top Safe Volunteer Abroad Programs

Costa Rica

Sea Turtle Conservation Project (Pacuare)

costa rica turtle conservation volunteer program

Costa Rica is a beautiful country featuring both Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Most beaches are still virgin with minimal human activities. Many Costa Rican beaches are also the nesting grounds for four different species of endangered sea turtles, and the perfect place for you to learn and have a safe volunteer abroad adventure. Sadly over the years the population of the sea turtles has been declining and they now endangered. As the meat and eggs are considered a delicacy, hunters are on a prowl. When you join IFRE’s volunteer program, you will work in collaboration with scientists and reformed former poachers to guard nests, gather data for scientific research, and ensure baby hatchlings make their way out to sea.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Costa Rica

Apart from this volunteer sea turtle program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Costa Rica. We have variety of programs including teaching English, orphanage, medical care, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.


Teach English In Rural Schools in Guatemala

Despite its Mayan beauty, cuisine and charm, Guatemala still struggles with poverty and a lack of quality education for its young people. Over half of the population lives below the poverty line, and youth labor major source of income for families in Guatemala. With all the tourism pouring into this exciting destination, Guatemalans who learn to speak English have the chance to break the cycle of poverty and have well-paying careers and bright futures. Unfortunately, low-income families don’t have access to this type of education. IFRE teams up with local schools through safe volunteer abroad programs to offer English classes. You’ll open up a world of opportunity for children and change the future generations for children while fulfilling your dream.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Guatemala

Other than this volunteer teaching English program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Guatemala. We have variety of programs including elderly people program, orphanage, medical, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.

Sri Lanka

Work With Elephants- (Kegalle)

work with elephants in srilanka

Elephants are a big deal and cherished throughout Sri Lanka. In the past elephants were used as machinery for farming and transportation. As they get older and have difficulty to work the elephants become expendable. Since elephants are expensive to look after, they are either sold or taken to the streets to entertain people for money, which is illegal. IFRE works with the community to support elephant conservation. By joining IFRE cheap and safe volunteer abroad trips for college students you will be interacting with the elephants while riding, washing and feeding them.  You will live like a local and also get the opportunity to tour around Sri Lanka.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Sri Lanka

Besides this volunteer elephant orphanage program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Sri Lanka. We have variety of programs including medical, teach English, orphanage, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.


Teach English In Rural Schools (Kasoa]

Being able to use English effectively really boosts the chance of a good job in Ghana, but in most cases only rich families can afford to pay for private tuition, leaving poor children locked out of the opportunities offered by the tourism industry. On this IFRE safe programs volunteer abroad you will support local teachers in the classroom of either a primary or secondary school, working six days a week for 2-3 hours per day. Your ideas for teaching methods and activities will be welcomed, and the students really appreciate having you around to help improve their written and reading English skills.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana

A side from this volunteer teaching English program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Ghana. We have variety of programs including medical, HIV/AIDS orphanage, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.

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Skill and Qualifications

No specific qualifications and skills are needed to join safe volunteer abroad programs. However, you will need to submit proof of certification for medical and healthcare programs. You will be required to show love, kindness, patience and empathy when dealing with the people of community because they are already going through so much.

The Start Date(s) 

IFRE cheap and safe programs volunteer abroad start every Monday year-round. If you have travel constraints, you can still start your chosen program on any day of the year.

The Fee

IFRE is dedicated to providing the highest quality volunteer programs at the lowest fees, which make it possible for everyone, especially students. A low weekly program fee of $165 is paid in the host country directly to your host family and or the project, and includes housing, food, and minor expenses. In some countries you will be required a minimal one-time registration fee.

To learn more about the fee for each country please follow this link.

Housing and Food

At safe volunteer abroad programs a local loving and vetted host family will host you. They will ensure that you always feel safe, comfortable and part of the family, and provide you with delicious traditional local home-cooked meals. Not only will they provide a secure home but also ensure that you are fully immersed in the culture during your stay. However some program offer alternative accommodation in a volunteer house or a hostel.

To learn more about what kind of accommodation or food available in each location, please feel free to contact us or see the individual link of the project given above.

How can you apply?

Safe travel abroad and volunteer application is simple and easy. Just press the APPLY NOW button and complete the application form.

To apply, please follow the APPLY NOW button at the top of the page

Why go with IFRE Volunteers?

IFRE boasts over 200 programs in 20 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. They have been offering exceptionally affordable programs fees to volunteers since 2006. A non-profit based in Texas US has hosted over 22,000 happy volunteer. IFRE prides itself for safe volunteer abroad programs with attention to detail and professional field volunteer support including diverse opportunities for cultural immersion.

How can you go as a group?

Yes, IFRE offer young adventurous volunteers with unique experiences to work and learn together as a group. As a group taking affordable safe volunteer programs you will be able to engage to work together as a tea, alongside getting immersed in a new culture and traveling for excursion and safaris. If you are willing to make life-long connections and broaden your global perspective, contact IFRE today to learn more about safe volunteer abroad programs group travels!

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