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Cheap Volunteer Abroad Programs

Your lifetime opportunity to have an impact by working with impoverished communities through love and care while experiencing the adventure of new culture and travel.

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Cheap Volunteer Abroad Programs

Are you looking for an affordable highly rated volunteering program abroad? Do you want to share your time, skills and passion to help others, while also enhancing your own skills and learning new techniques?

Volunteer opportunities offer you numerous benefits, from gaining valuable experience, practicing your skills, to securing good job opportunities in the future. Similarly, you will be able to travel at very affordable cost, with the ability to explore and indulge in the food, traditions and language. This opportunity also boosts your career and professional skills by learning from other experienced community based practitioners.

A non-profit, IFRE is a great organization trusted by over 22,000 happy past volunteers. It is affordable with professional field volunteer support and unique opportunities for cultural immersion in 20 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. IFRE’s cheap volunteering abroad programs not only help elevate the lives of poor communities but also will boost your confidence and leadership skills.

Join volunteer programs for an incredibly rewarding life-changing experience. If you and your group are looking to impact lives of poor people while travelling and exploring great places, contact us NOW and follow your dreams of changing the world one community at a time.

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Table of Contents

Benefits of Cheap Volunteer Abroad Programs

Positively Impact Lives

Using your valuable skills and knowledge, you can make a great impact on the lives of people and animals that suffering. Many essentials that we have many people are not privileged to get. So, by joining the cheap volunteering abroad program, you will >restore hope in the lives of disadvantaged people.

Gain Professional Experience

Practicing your skills is how you refine them. At times, in your everyday life, you barely get an opportunity to put theoretical knowledge to practical use. Volunteering gives you the right platform to bring your skills and knowledge to practice.

Improves Your Career

Volunteer programs help you attract many job opportunities. Employers in this industry seek people who possess a good amount of volunteer experience; therefore you will typically be prioritized over applicants for a job opportunity.

Economic Reward

Volunteering under the volunteer-abroad programs sponsored by the government of United States you will be given money to further your education or they will forgive a specified amount of your student loan for each year you volunteer abroad. Since college education is costly with cheap volunteer abroad programs for college students, you gain a lot more.

Leads to a healthy life

Research shows that >volunteering leads to a happier healthier life. A report for the Corporation for National and Community Service states that people who volunteer, compared to those who don’t, tend to have a lower mortality rate, lower rates of depression and greater functional ability.

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Costa Rica

Sea Turtle Conservation Project (Pacuare)

volunteers with tutrles in costa rica

Pacuare beach provides a habitat for not only an abundant quantity of birds and other mammals but also the famous Costa Rican sea turtles. This area is not only unique in every way, but is also a famous nesting site for many Leatherback, Hawksbill and Green sea turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs during nesting period. Illegal poaching of eggs and hunting the sea turtles, water pollution and beach erosion are threatening the survival of the already critically endangered turtles in Pacuare.

By joining sea turtle programs you will play a very important role in changing this situation. Your duties will involve tagging, taking biometry and other important data of the turtle. Together with professional researchers, and former poachers you will be responsible for guarding the nests at the hatchery and releasing baby turtles. Similarly you will help to maintain the rescue center and caring for injured sea turtles.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Costa Rica

A part from this volunteer sea turtle program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Costa Rica. We have variety of programs including teaching English, orphanage, medical care, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.


Volunteering With Underprivileged Children

Argentina’s capital city Buenos Aires is stunning and often referred to as the Paris of South America. This cosmopolitan city has exciting neighborhoods such as La Boca and in the countryside you have snowcapped mountains, and vineyards. However, poverty is a common theme in Argentina therefore many children lack basic necessities including education.

 IFRE collaborates with numerous schools, non-profit organizations, and other such organizations to offer cheap volunteer abroad programs to assist underprivileged children with support and care. You will support care centers with various tasks such as preparing meals and helping children with their homework. You may also assist local staff to implement creative development-enhancing activities such as art, dancing, sports, games, computer lessons and music.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Argentina

Besides this volunteer teaching English program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Argentina. We have variety of programs including street children, orphanage, medical care, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.


Teaching English In Rural Schools (Kathmandu, Chitwan And Pokhara)

teaching english in rural school in nepal

The pressure to learn English in Nepal for young children is enormous. It’s not only the second language of Nepal, it’s also the language used in trade, commerce and communications. Without the knowledge of English, the chances of securing a good job are severely restricted.

The schools and institutions that educate children in English with qualified and experienced teachers are mostly expensive and unaffordable to the poor. In IFRE’s volunteer cheap programs abroad, you will be teaching English project in Nepal work in schools attended by students of poor families. You will teach students who are eager to learn from volunteers like you. You will converse with them to improve their speech, teach English according to official curriculum and use your own material or creative ideas to teach English in a different but fun way.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

Other than this volunteer teaching English program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Nepal. We have variety of programs including street children, orphanage, medical care, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.

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Sri Lanka

Work With Elephants- (Kegalle)

The elephants, especially the sick and the young, need as much care and love as our children do. They need to be fed, cleaned and loved. These elephants were domesticated and used for carrying loads and tourist around the jungles of Sri Lanka. They were seldom cared well and when they were worn out or sick, they are often abandoned. The center is currently looking after 8 of these elephants and since the beginning has cared for over 60 elephants.

At Randeniya, Hiriwadunna, Kegalle in Sri Lanka, where the project is located, the elephants are raised in a lush environment. During cheap volunteer abroad programs for high school students you will assist the Mahouts (elephant handlers) in caring for the elephants and providing them food. In addition to cleaning the elephant enclosure in the morning, bathe the elephants in the river, feed them, and assist in other construction and maintenance works.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Sri Lanka

A side from this volunteer elephant conservation program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Sri Lanka. We have variety of programs including medical, teaching English, orphanage, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.

South Africa

Wildlife Conservation Project (Port Elizabeth)

wildlife conseervation project south africa

This wildlife conservation program is based on an amazing game park in Port Elizabeth. The 6000 hectares has a variety of wild life, including the elephants, lions, rhinos, cheetahs and buffalos. With a mixture of grasslands and sub-tropical vegetation, the reserve has naturally formed pockets of water, amazing rock formations and splendid flora. In South Africa during cheap volunteer abroad programs you will play a significant role is helping to maintain the reserve and protect the animals.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in South Africa

A part from this volunteer wildlife conservation program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in South Africa. We have variety of programs including medical, teaching English, orphanage, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.


Teaching English (Moshi)

Tanzania was once a British colony, and English is the national language. But the quality of education in the country is unfortunately very insufficient. With the rise of tourism, globalization and increase in trade and commercial activities worldwide, English has become a very important subject for the young children of Tanzania to master.

Often, a good ability to read and write in English mans that you can secure a place in a good universities and later get well-paid jobs. When you join cheap volunteer abroad programs for teenagers you will give hope to students attending schools in poorer region. The ability to speak, read and write well in English can mean a monumental difference in securing a good job that can pull them out of poverty.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Tanzania

Besides this teaching English volunteer program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Tanzania. We have variety of programs including orphanage, women empowerment, medical and many more that will meet your interest and passion.

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Skill and Qualifications

No specific qualifications or skills are required to volunteer for cheap volunteer abroad programs. You are however are expected to be flexible, resourceful and patient as well as have a passion to love and care for people in need. Additionally, you are also expected to have basic communication skills to be able to communicate with the project staff and local people. Please note that to join medical and healthcare programs you will be required to have a medical certification.

The Start Date(s) 

IFRE programs begin every Monday year-round. If you have travel constraints, you can still start your chosen program on any day of the year.

The Fee

Since 2006, IFRE has been the most affordable, trusted and respected volunteer abroad organization in the world. IFRE’s fees start at $165 for volunteer abroad programs, which makes it possible for everyone, especially students, to volunteer internationally and make a positive impact in the lives of others. Your program fees will be paid directly to the host family and will include a donation to the projects, food, accommodation and local support.

To learn more about the fee for each country please follow this link

Housing and Food

You’ll never feel like you are traveling alone with IFRE, we are there for you every step of the way. We make sure you have safe and comfortable accommodations, healthy food, and unparalleled in-country support. A local host family who are socially respected will accommodate you. In some countries while in cheap volunteer abroad programsyou will stay at a volunteer house of a project hostel. In addition you will be served with three (breakfast, lunch and dinner) nutritious local meals.

Learn more about what kind of accommodation or food is available in each location. Please feel free to contact us or see the individual link of the project given above.

How can you apply?

Cheap best abroad volunteer programs have an easy and straightforward application process. Simply press the APPLY NOW button and complete the application form.

To apply, please follow the APPLY NOW button at the top of the page.

Why go with IFRE Volunteers?

IFRE was founded in 2006 with the goal to provide safe and affordable volunteer abroad programs. As a registered non-profit IFRE is highly regarded for safe projects, attention to detail, affordability, professional field volunteer support and diverse opportunities for cultural immersion. With over 200 sustainable programs in 20 countries throughout the world, IFRE offers exceptionally affordable program fees for volunteer opportunities.

How can you go as a group?

IFRE carefully selects programs that make it possible for you and your group to make a real difference while enjoying an unforgettable cheap volunteer experience abroad. You’ll also have plenty of time to practice the local languages as you see the sights, go around local areas and mingle with the locals. You and your group can now engage in this impactful, meaningful program, reach out to us today. IFRE will design a unique program that matches the passion and goals for you and your group.

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