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As a part of the program fee, IFRE arranges accommodations for our volunteers working in Thailand volunteer programs.

During the project, you will stay in shared, dormitory style rooms in our Thai houses.

Our volunteer houses are all designed to give you a safe, secure, and comfortable sanctuary during your volunteering project, and give you quick and easy access to your work placement.

Accommodation in Ayutthaya

During the Ayutthaya project, you will stay in our volunteer house together with other like-minded volunteers from all around the world. We create a "home away from home" for volunteers staying at our volunteer house in Ayutthaya, as well as facilitating an exhilarating travel experience for you.

You get to live together with volunteers from various countries and make lifelong friends through sharing stories and learning about each other’s countries and cultures.

Our volunteer house is secure, clean and has a comfortable and welcoming living environment. The house is located near the work placement for your volunteer program in Thailand, and there are several facilities nearby like internet cafes, grocery stores, restaurants and public transportation.

There are multiple comfortable bedrooms, each with two to three single beds and shared between volunteers of the same gender. The beds and bedding are comfortable and clean and, and each bedroom is equipped with tidy bathrooms with running water and western style flushing toilets.

You will have contact details for your country coordinator and project staff, and our Thailand volunteer project staff will make regular visits to your placement in case you need any assistance. You are also free to contact your country coordinator or our staff at any time should you feel the need.

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Accommodation in Surin and Chiang Mai

Volunteers participating in a volunteer opportunity in Thailand in Surin and Chiang Mai will live in shared rooms in our Thai houses located near the center of town. The rooms are clean and comfortable and equipped with fans, mosquito nets and comfortable beds and bedding.

The bathrooms are shared with your fellow volunteer and come with western style toilets and running water. There is also a basic kitchen that is free for you to use, as well as free WiFi. Amenities like convenience stores, supermarket, pharmacy, ATM’s and restaurants/street food are all located within walking distance of the house.

Both the in-country coordinator and project staff are located close to your accommodation and will always be on hand to provide you with assistance should you need it. Your coordinator and a translator will also accompany you every day at your project placement. Inside the house there is a great and relaxed social environment, making it an ideal place to unwind and meet interesting people from all over the world after a rewarding day of volunteer work.

Locals are also extremely friendly and welcoming, especially to volunteers working in childcare program in Thailand, and it won’t take you long in the city before you start feeling like one the community.

Facilities: Clean, comfortable dormitory style bedrooms, shared bathroom, western toilet, free WI-FI, close to bars, restaurants and grocery stores, mosquito nets, ceiling fans, safe and sound living environment.

Volunteer in Thailand Project: Meals

While volunteering in Thailand, volunteers working in Ayutthaya will receive two meals a day, consisting of breakfast and dinner, while volunteers working in Surin and Chiang Mai will NOT have meals provided. However, there is a kitchen that you can use in the volunteer house, as well as many nearby restaurants, street food vendors and convenience stores/supermarkets.

Something that strikes a lot of travelers in Thailand is how cheap it is to eat even the best and most amazing dishes, as well as the sheer amount of variety on hand. The best way to experience the real Thailand is to taste the many different local specialties offered by street food vendors at an incredibly cheap price!

Thai cuisine is signified by lightly cooked ingredients and strong aromas and spices. Thai food is all about the details, whether its intricacy, texture, taste, color or the use of medicinally beneficial ingredients.

The most popular Thai food includes Spicy Shrimp Soup, Spicy Green Papaya Salad, Chicken in Coconut Soup, Red Curry, Thai style Fried Noodles, Fried Rice, Fried Basil and Pork, Green Chicken Curry, and many more. .

Volunteer Projects in Thailand

As a volunteer in Thailand with IFRE, you can

  • Teach English to disadvantaged kids,
  • Work in an orphanage
  • Teach English to Buddhist monks or disadvantaged children,
  • Care for elephants,
  • Provide healthcare or childcare, and much more. .

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