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Volunteer Accommodation in Uganda

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of people in need in Uganda but worry about your safety while staying in a developing country? Are you concerned about the level of accommodation and meals you will receive while doing so?

Then you can rest easy knowing IFRE makes sure that all our volunteers are safe, happy and well-fed for the duration of their time spent volunteering in Uganda. Read on for more details about how we make this happen.

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Host FamilyAccommodation:

IFRE arranges your accommodation when you volunteer in Uganda projects.You will be placed withone of our responsible and experienced Ugandan host families throughout your project, who will open their home to you and provide a safe space for you rest and recuperate after long days spent helping people.

Not only will your host family make sure you feel safe, comfortable and well-fed,they will also provide an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange and immersion. You will get tolive like a local, participate in local festivals, practice the local language and discover the Ugandan way of life.

Your host family accommodation will be a home away from home that feels comfortable and safeduring you rUganda volunteer trip. The host families are well-respected, educated, responsible and experienced with hosting foreign volunteers. They take their responsibility for your safety and comfort very seriously and have a long track-record of happy and satisfied guests.

Their homes are equipped with multiple comfortable bedrooms that are shared with other volunteers of the same gender. Facilities include single beds with bed cover, mattress, and pillow, as well aselectricaloutlets and ceiling fans. Bathrooms are communal and come with a western toilet and showers with both hot and cold water.

Facilities: Multiple comfortable bedrooms (shared), single beds with mattress, bed cover and pillow, fan, electricaloutlets, western style communal bathrooms with running water, necessary facilities nearby


As the part of the Uganda volunteer project fee, IFRE arranges your meal plans, and you will be provided with 3 local quality home-cooked meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) that can be enjoyed together with your host family. Thus you will not only be well-fed during your time volunteering, but also feel like part of a Ugandan family as you share your meals with them.

Breakfast will consist of tea/coffee, bread, toast, pancakes, eggs, fruits, and more. For lunch and dinner, you can expect ugali (made from mealies and white maize), rice, spiced rice and vegetables to accompany the dishes.

Most Ugandan dishes are made up of staple ingredients like beans, potatoes, and cornmeal, as well as sweet potatoes, greens, bananas, peanuts and cassava. Examples of classic Ugandan dishes that our volunteers working in Uganda project get to taste are Matoke, Ugali, Binyebwa, Banana Curry, and Chapati.

Matoke is a kind of Banana curry, prepared with green and unripebananas. It is usually accompanied by Binyebwa, a groundnut sauce cooked from natural ingredients. This type of banana curry has its origins with the Ugandan Indian community, and it blends the spiciness of Indian cuisine with local ingredients like green bananas. Chapati similarly has its roots in India and is a flatbread also known as Roti.

Volunteer Opportunities in Uganda

If you’re interested in volunteering opportunities in Uganda, then IFRE offers a wide range of projects in the country for a variety of passions and interests. Whether you want to work in HIV project, teach English, work in an Orphanage, become a medical volunteer, or much more there is an IFRE program for you!

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