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Free Time and Weekends

Do you want to volunteer in Uganda but also get the chance to travel and explore the country? Are you worried that you won’t get time to sufficiently discover Uganda during your time there? IFRE understands these concerns and we always make sure our volunteers not only get the chance to make a difference for others, but also have plenty of free time to travel take in the sights, both in the city of Kampala itself and the country as a whole.

Weekday Free Time: Kampala

As a volunteer, you will work 4-5 hours a day, mostly from 8 am to 1 or 2 PM. During the week, your late afternoons and evenings will be yours to do with as you please. As our projects are located nearby areas of Kampala, you’ll get the chance explore the local villages and local Bazaar.

In weekend, you will have opportunities to explore the beautiful city of Kampala and other parts of Uganda.

Things to do in Kampala

One of the city’s most famous sights is also the second largest mosque in Africa; Gadaffi National Mosque. Not only is the building filled with gorgeous religious art and architecture, its location at the top of Kampala Hill means that you can enjoy some truly spectacular views from the top.

Another religious building that provides a truly fascinating experience is the Baha’i Temple. The Baha’i faith is a little-known religion that incorporates all other religions into its worship, with particular influences from the Abrahamic religions. This wide range of influences makes for a fascinating and welcoming atmosphere, and the peaceful gardens are a great place to relax and meditate.

Ndere Centre is another attraction in Kampala that should not be missed. Here you can take a deep dive into the diverse culture of Uganda through exciting dance shows from many different tribal groups.

These are some of the most popular attractions in Kampala, but there is enough to see in this wonderful African city to occupy any traveler for weeks or months.

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Weekend Exploration:

Your weekends are yours to spend as you wish, and as you’ll be located in Kampala in the center of the country, that means you’ll have easy access to pretty much the entire country.

Gorilla Trek in Bwindi

Without a question Uganda’s most famous attraction, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is listed as a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site and is home to a large array of butterfly and bird species. More importantly though, more than half the world’s mountain gorillas also live among the stunning scenery of the area, and treks to see them are the main attraction of the forest.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari

The park is among the most visited national parks in all of Africa, and a large number of elephants and buffaloes make their home here. Lions lazing in the sun are also a common sight, and there are a plethora of different tours and activities to participate in.


For the adrenaline junkies, consider a visit to Jinja. It first rose to prominence as the fabled source of the Nile River, but today it’s a place to partake in a myriad of adventure activities from rafting, kayaking, biking, horseback riding and bungee jumping. While not for the faint of heart, it’s an excellent place to experience some adventure and excitement.

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is without a doubt the most beautiful lake in Uganda, and maybe even in all of Africa. This kilometer deep lake houses 29 islands, all of which have unique stories to tell. This is a great getaway location for some rest and relaxation after a rewarding week of volunteering.

Other interesting destinations to visit while volunteering in Uganda:

Kibale National Park, one of the few places in the world where you have the chance to see chimpanzees in the wild.

Murchison Falls National Park, where you can witness the spectacle of the eponymous falls or take in the incredibly prevalent wildlife.

Kisoro, where there is some great trekking opportunities filled with breath-taking views.

Volunteer Opportunities in Uganda

If you’re interested in volunteering opportunities in Uganda, then IFRE offers a wide range of projects in the country for a variety of passions and interests. Whether you want to work in HIV project, teach English, work in an Orphanage, become a medical volunteer, or much more there is an IFRE program for you!

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