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International Development Volunteer Opportunities

Your lifetime opportunity to have an impact by working with impoverished communities through love and care while experiencing the adventure of new culture and travel.

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International Development Volunteer Opportunities

Can you imagine a world without inequality? Are you willing to help to make that dream a reality? Every year volunteers just like you take up one of IFRE’s volunteer opportunities, and share their time, skills and experience with people in need of help around the world.

Volunteer opportunities are an affordable and impactful way to support locals launch new economic ventures to make positive changes in the community. Similarly, you will have a chance to travel places of interest and experience culture, traditions first hand while learning a new language and eating local foods. You will also be able to gain invaluable practical experience in a new field, and see if it is workable for a career change.

Established in 2006, IFRE has hosted more than 22,000 volunteers in over 200 volunteer programs throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America. IFRE is one of the most affordable and reputable volunteer organizations in the industry. Taking part in this program you will be able to create new bonds with strangers and contribute to your emotional growth and development.

Act now and get in touch with IFRE to learn more about the amazing, rewarding, and well-organized best inexpensive programs international development volunteer we are proud to offer. Changing the world one project at a time, your help makes a vital difference to people, who will benefit from your gift of time forever.

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The benefits of International Development Volunteer Opportunities

You leave a lasting legacy

You can help change the world in just one or two weeks, leaving something positive behind which will make a better future possible for needy people.

You develop your skills

Volunteering programs abroad is an excellent way to strengthen the skills you already have, whether they are practical, logical or organizational. This is great not only for your self-confidence, but for future employers, who will see you are able to deliver what you promise.

International volunteer programs are good for your health

Donating your time and effort to help those in need not only reduces the chance of you suffering from depression, you’ll live longer too. Researchers don’t know exactly why this is the case but it’s an amazing benefit.

You can explore a new career path

It’s easy to fall into a routine, working a job you don’t feel passionate about anymore while dreaming of doing something very different. Volunteers on international development programs have the chance to make those changes by gaining invaluable practical experience in a new field, and really testing out whether a career change is workable.

You grow as a person

It’s not always easy to spend time with the disadvantaged and overlooked people of the world, but being in a foreign culture and creating bonds with strangers are just two of the ways volunteer programs contribute to your emotional growth and development while working on a project.

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Community Development Project in Cambodia

community development  in cambodia

This exciting Cambodia international volunteer program helps deliver developmental opportunities in to women and children in the fields of education, peace and general skill building to help reconstruct communities still suffering the after affects of civil war.

Various programs are available, and yours will be customized based on your experience and interests as this makes the best use of your skills. For example, an engineer (or engineering student) could help design bridges; while a talented writer may spend time helping locals wrote fundraising proposals.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Cambodia

Other than this volunteer community development program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Cambodia. We have variety of programs including orphanage, teach English, monks teaching program, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.


Work With An NGO: Community Development

Argentina is an intense and varied destination in South America. From a hot Latin dance scene to stunning vistas of the Andes Mountains, this country packs a punch when it comes to exciting places to see and visit while volunteering abroad. Many communities in Argentina struggle with poverty and other ills, making life difficult for the people who live there. These disadvantaged communities lack an effective infrastructure and need help to develop and grow.

IFRE teams up with local non-profits, schools, and community centers at this exciting Argentina volunteer project to help improve the living conditions in local communities. By devoting your time to these struggling communities, you will help implement best international development volunteer inexpensive programs, which will ensure many social problems can be addressed and inspire and encourage the people you work with to have brighter and more ambitious futures.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Argentina

Other than this volunteer community development program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Cambodia. We have variety of programs including orphanage, teach English, monks teaching program, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.

South Africa

Wildlife Conservation Project (Port Elizabeth)

wildlife conseervation project south africa

South Africa is a beautiful country with a diverse natural history. From sweeping savannahs filled with herds of elephants and prides of lions, to rugged coastlines and mountainous hiking trails, South Africa has something for every nature enthusiast. Sadly, many of the wild animals and plants in South Africa faces threats such as poaching, illegal trading and habitat destruction. Due to these threats many species are now facing extinction. The magnificent abundance of flora and fauna each create unique challenges for international wildlife conservation volunteers to overcome.

Your passion for wildlife conservation will make a deep positive impact on the lives of wild animals. Your work will help save species from extinction and improve the chances of survival for injured individuals in rehabilitation. By volunteering with international development volunteer opportunities in South Africa you will be part of the solution these animals and plants need to thrive in their natural environment.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in South Africa

Apart from this volunteer wildlife conservation program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in South Africa. We have variety of programs including orphanage, teach English, medical, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.

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Galapagos Conservation Project

The wonderful Galapagos Islands were formed over the last hundreds of thousands of years due to regular volcanic eruptions that continue today. Only 5 of the 50+ islands in the chain are inhabited. Each of the inhabited islands faces unique challenges. The islands are becoming over populated and increase tourism has negatively affected the islands’ natural resources.

You will have the opportunity to support the conservation efforts and wild life in the island of Galapagos. International development volunteer trips focus on marine and wildlife. You will assist with the conservation needs such as animal monitoring and tracking reports, beach patrols, recording on new births, as well as working in the beach clean up and maintenance. It is also a great opportunity to discover the wonders and wild life of the Galapagos by offering first hand contribution to their sustainability.

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Ecuador

A side from this volunteer Galapagos conservation program, IFRE offers other incredible programs in Ecuador. We have variety of programs including orphanage, teach English, medical, and many more that will meet your interest and passion.

Skill and Qualifications

No specific qualifications or skills are required to join international development volunteer opportunities. You are however expected to be flexible, compassionate and patient with a passion to love and care for people in need. Please be advised to join medical and healthcare programs you will be required to have a medical certification or experience.

The Start Date(s) 

Programs start every Monday year-round. If you have travel constraints, you can still start your chosen program on any day of the year.

The Fee

IFRE provides the cheapest international volunteer service for development. For only $100 you can stay for a week at the programs. A small registration fee will be required in some countries for pre registration process. The fee covers for airport pick up, accommodation and food, project donation and 24/7 local support.  For transparency, the program fee is paid directly to the host family or the local project coordinator.

To learn more about the fee for each country please follow this link.

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Housing and Food

While volunteering, you’ll stay with a trusted and loving local host family. The family will ensure you fell welcomed as a member of the family and be comfortable. You will be offered three (breakfast, lunch and dinner) delicious traditional local home-cooked meals. But some programs will offer alternative accommodation in a volunteer house or a hostel.

To learn more about what kind of accommodation or food available in each location, please feel free to contact us or see the individual link of the project given above.

How can you apply?

To apply for IFRE’s best inexpensive international development volunteer opportunities are straightforward and easy. Simply click the APPLY NOW button and fill out the requested information in the application form and submit.

To apply, please follow the APPLY NOW button at the top of the page.

Why go with IFRE Volunteers?

Established in 2006 as a non-profit, IFRE provides the best safe and cheap volunteer abroad programs in the industry. With over 200 programs in 20 countries throughout the world over 22,000 happy volunteers have attended and highly reviewed IFRE’s programs. It is highly regarded for safe projects, attention to detail, affordability, professional field volunteer support and diverse opportunities for cultural immersion.

How can you go as a group?

IFRE offers unique and life-changing programs for young travellers looking to work together to change the world. It is the best chance to learn and practice your skills as a team, while expanding your social circle and career prospect. To become an international development volunteer experience together with your group, talk to IFRE today to learn more about this life-changing and affordable group volunteer opportunity.

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