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Best Inexpensive Volunteer at Orphanages Abroad

Volunteer at orphanages abroad

Do you have a passion for children? Are you interested in traveling abroad? If this is what you are looking for, then now is the time to become part of IFRE’s volunteer orphanage abroad program that connects volunteers with orphanages around the world.

IFRE offers the best affordable volunteer abroad projects in 19 different countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, South America and Central America. If you want to make a difference to the lives of these orphaned children, then join our volunteering in orphanages abroad project or one of our various other programs, such as education, childcare, healthcare, HIV/AIDS awareness, animal care, environmental conservation, construction, community development, women’s empowerment. You can select any one of these as per your interest and desires.

Benefits of joining the volunteer at orphanages abroad program

Volunteering in orphanages abroad is a beautiful way to help those in need. Not only are you benefiting others, but you are also learning, growing and receiving your own benefits.

Sharing knowledge, time and expertise

Volunteering in orphanages is good for the volunteers, organizations and those in need. The people you are helping will receive your knowledge, expertise and time, which is especially important in orphanages, given that they often cannot afford to pay for additional workers.

Gain valuable experience.

Volunteering at orphanages has a range of benefits. Those who volunteer in the orphanages abroad programs are able to gain valuable experience that has helped them find paid employment, negotiate a raise and even sometimes, get a promotion.

Experiencing new cultures

Volunteering in orphanages gives you the opportunity to become one with the locals, even if it’s just for a short time.  Instead of being just a passing traveler you can befriend the local people and get unique insight into the country by being involved in the volunteering abroad program. You will also be exposed to new and interesting cultures abroad, which will expand your mind and perspective on life.

Broaden your horizons

Volunteering in an orphanage will grow your interests, hobbies and knowledge and tap out of your comfort zone and embrace a new lifestyle. You will be consumed by a new culture, increase your mental capacity, and explore a new landscape of people and places.  Learning a new language, making new friends and being part of an extended family as also beautiful aspects to volunteering abroad.

Get to know yourself

Volunteering at orphanages abroad offers you the opportunity to explore the unknown and thus, to be able to recognize strengths about yourself that you never knew you had. You will get to know yourself on a much deeper level than ever before.

Meaningful Adventure

Volunteering in orphanages is an incredible adventure and a meaningful way of traveling. You get to spend your days touching people’s lives and developing real and lasting relationships. The volunteering in orphanages abroad program gives you the opportunity to explore  the expansive landscapes of the country you visit.

IFRE’s best affordable volunteer at orphanages abroad quality programs

IFRE offers one of the most affordable, reputable, and well-organized volunteer in orphanages abroad programs that cater to different interests, budgets, time constraints, and travel goals. It has something for everyone. Join this life changing initiative to make a real difference to the world!

Orphanage Project in Nepal

In Nepal, thousands of children leave their ancestral homes in search of a meaningful life. They find refuge in the crowded cities and are often forced to spend the rest of their childhood as orphans.

Families are  often unable to raise children due to poverty and struggle to survive. For this reason IFRE’s has created the orphanage volunteer  abroad program in Nepal and actively gets involved in raising the children, providing them with the right kind of education, food, shelter, and a means to live a healthy life.

When you join this meaningful initiative as a volunteer you will be working with  children from the impoverished communities, giving them the much needed attention, guidance love and care that they require. Your primary role will be to work in close coordination with the local orphanages and raising funds for the cause.

Apart from this you will be teaching  the basic skills of the English language, organize creative activities, teach them the importance of personal hygiene, help them with their homework and monitor their academic progress. All these experiences will  uplift the lives of the orphans and  give you an opportunity to discover this amazing Himalayan country of diverse landscapes, cultures and flair.

There are no specific qualifications required, you just have to be passionate, flexible and  have love for children.

Orphanage Project in Ghana

Are you looking for a meaningful way to travel and make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children? IFRE’s volunteer in an orphanage abroad program in Ghana offers volunteers the chance to make a  difference to people’s lives and help to change the world for the better.

Ghana has one of the largest populations of orphaned children in the world. This is largely due to extreme poverty, the outbreak of the HIV/AIDS virus and other various social problems. Therefore, the children are in need of help. IFRE’s volunteering at orphanage abroad project partners with  underfunded local organizations to uplift the lives of these street children by giving them the much needed support, encouragement, care and shelter that they so desperately need.

When you join this volunteering program in Ghana, you will be teaching the children t English, physical education, sports and help  build their self confidence and self belief. You will also get the opportunity to immersing yourself into the diverse culture and magnificent beauty of the country’s amazing landscapes.

Orphanage Project In South Africa

South Africa is one of the most developed countries in Africa, yet it has huge number of children that have been orphaned due to past conflicts, the outbreak of HIV/AIDS  and poverty. The orphans and children from extremely poor families need immediate assistance in order to prevent them from ending up on the streets. Unfortunately, the orphanages are always short on funds and manpower.

Therefore, there is an urgent need of volunteers to provide much needed assistance to these underfunded orphanages. For this reason, IFRE’s tries to bring joy to the lives of these orphaned children and help the underprivileged care centers care for these disadvantaged children. Through the program, IFRE wants to provide the children with hope and a better future.

This volunteering in orphanages abroad program is a great opportunity for you to give your love, care and attention to the children, so that they can lead a normal childhood. You will be working in close coordination with various local child care centers to help fill the basic needs that these children require.

Your daily activities include feeding, dressing, playing with the children, preparing meals, and helping them with their homework. By giving them a viable living environment, it will facilitate their educational and personal growth, making them self reliant and confident. You will get an opportunity to explore renowned diverse cultural, and historical landmarks and attractions, making your volunteering journey memorable.

Orphanage Project in Ecuador

Are you passionate about children? Do you look forward to bringing joy into into the lives of orphaned children in Ecuador? Then your wait is over! Join IFRE’s volunteer in orphanages program in Ecuador and take part in one of the most rewarding projects by changing the lives of these disadvantaged children. These children suffer from  poverty, a lack of education and limited government support.

Many children are left homeless, and have to take refuge in the orphanages, however, the orphanages are not sufficient enough to provide the basic needs of the children. They are underfunded and lack the manpower to take adequate care of these orphans.

There is a need for volunteers to step up and change this situation. For these reasons IFRE volunteer with orphanages abroad programs joins hands with local orphanages to help them reach out. There are no specific qualifications to join this program, however you need to have a basic knowledge of the Spanish and passion, dedication and love for the orphaned kids.

When you join this volunteering at orphanages abroad program, you will be helping these orphanages  provide the best care and attention to these children, teaching them English / Spanish, organizing games, creative activities, sports, and feeding them.

You will also be teaching them the importance of personal hygiene, and assisting in various administrative tasks. This is a rewarding experience that will have a positive impact on the lives of these children, making them smile and giving them a new hope to lead a better life in the future.

Orphanage Project in Peru

The South American country of Peru has made a remarkable progress in terms of development and economy. Despite this, the problems of poverty, disease, family violence and abandonment still looms large over its population, especially the children, forcing them to live a life of orphans.

This is a grim situation that needs our attention. For this reason IFRE’s volunteer in an orphanage abroad program helps to add brightness and assurance to the lives of these orphaned and abandoned children.

As a volunteering at the orphanages abroad program in Peru, you will be either working for a non-profit organization or for a school. You will be responsible for teaching basic English to the children between the ages of 6 -16, helping them with homework, teaching them about personal health and hygiene, working on maintenance of facilities, assisting in orphanages and school administrations and fund raising.

There are no specific qualifications or skills required to join this volunteering program. You only need to have a basic understanding of the Spanish, combined with passion, dedication and love for the disadvantaged children. All these experiences and your efforts will give you and the children a new found sense of happiness.

Orphanage Project in Brazil

Brazil is known for its  vibrant colors, football, Samba tunes and carefree lifestyle. Yet, the streets here are never short of homeless children that run riot. These children are forced to live a life on streets due to poverty, abandonment or family disputes. With nowhere to go, they are forced to take refuge in the orphanages.

However, these orphanages have their own limitations and as a result are unable to shoulder the burden of these children. This is mainly due to a lack of funds, and required manpower, therefore, there is a need of volunteers to provide assistance. For this reason, IFRE has created the Volunteering in orphanages abroad program that helps these disadvantaged children  lead a better  life.

All the interested volunteers joining this volunteer in an orphanage abroad program, will team up with the local orphanages to providing better care, attention and facilities for these children.

You will be in direct contact with the staff and children, engaging in activities, such as playing, organizing creative activities, teaching life skills, promoting nutrition and health, curriculum development, help raise funds, and also supporting local staff in the best way possible. Your volunteering experience here will give you a satisfying life-changing perspective, along with contributing to help make  these children’s future better, bigger and a brighter.

Orphanage Project in Sri Lanka

Do you have a soft spot for children?  Are you looking to discover the beauty of Sri Lanka?

Join IFRE’s volunteer in an orphanage abroad program in Galle to support the abused and abandoned children of Sri Lanka and to help them find their feet in this unforgiving world.

To join this volunteering project, there are no specific qualifications or experiences needed,, however, you do need to have  passion, dedication and sheer love for the orphaned children, no matter the situation.

Your role as a volunteer in the orphanages abroad program will be to teach English to these children, either in an orphanage or a local school. The volunteers will provide daily life-skills, involving physical dental hygiene and other school related activities. Engaging them in creative chores helps in building their self-confidence, allowing them to make remarkable progress.

Apart from teaching these children in the day time, you can stay back and take care of the children that are there in the orphanages. Also, you will be responsible for lending a helping hand in preparing meals, maintaining the garden, and carrying out various administrative tasks  when required. All these humanitarian efforts will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Besides the volunteer at orphanages abroad opportunities, IFRE has a number of other volunteering programs, including volunteer abroad programs, animal conservation volunteer abroad projects, volunteer at orphanages abroad project, volunteer abroad opportunities, and volunteer abroad for children, and more!

Contact IFRE today to learn more about these affordable and amazing opportunities!

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