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Accommodation and Meal

IFRE is one of the leading volunteer organizations in the world, and when you join our Argentina volunteer programs you can have the peace of mind that comes from partnering with experienced professionals who will make sure your volunteer experience is safe, well-managed, and incredibly meaningful.

We have gone to great lengths carefully planning out every detail of your trip. We’ve lined up safe, secure, and comfortable housing, we provide meal plans, and we make sure you have the guidance and support of our passionate and professional in-country staff.

During your Argentina volunteer experience, you will stay either in a well-managed hostel or a carefully screened host family. Full details of your volunteer placement will depend on which project you select and will be provided you to upon acceptance into our programs.

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Volunteer House in Argentina

Our volunteer hostel is located in the beautiful area of Cordoba, just minutes from the downtown. Cordoba has narrow streets and beautiful historical architecture along with delicious dining and a lively arts and crafts scene. This location willprovide you the opportunity to experience captivating landmarks and scenery while in Argentina.

The hostel is flawlessly maintained and operated by our local staff. You get to experience our modest yet soothing accommodation. There are several comfortable, communal bedrooms furnished with single beds, tidy bedding materials, fans, electricity outlets and other necessary services. Bathrooms have western style toilets with regular supply of water.

In most cases, you will share the room with 3-4 other like-minded volunteers of the same gender. Private rooms are available depending on the number of volunteers andsharing a space with other volunteers is a wonderful chance to make friends from around the world.

The Argentina volunteer projects are usually situated about 25 minutes’ drive from the hostel. All the services you will need including restaurants, healthcare clinics, hospitals, internet cafes, ATMs, groceries, etc. are situated in and around of your accommodations. Laundry is your responsibility and you can do it at the house.

Host Family Accommodation

You may also have the option to live with a host family while volunteering in Argentina. Our host families are socially respected and have years of experience in hosting international volunteers.  

These host families are well-mannered, supportive and will truly welcome you into their home. You will live like a local while sharing meals and celebrating local festivals with them. You will also practice the local language with the family and immerse yourself in their unique cultures and traditions.

The families are wisely selected for safety, comfort, and sociability. Most of the families are directly associated with the projects to make your volunteering experience even more rewarding. Our host family accommodation in Argentina isa great opportunity for our Argentina volunteers to experience the unique Argentinian way of life that you would miss out on as a typical tourist.

There are comfortable bedrooms in the family homes which you will share with other volunteers of the same gender. The rooms are equipped with single beds, clean bedding materials and other basic facilities. You can expect to have communal bathrooms with running water and western style toilets.


When you join volunteer program in Argentina, you can opt for accommodations with two meals (host family), or accommodation with no meals (volunteer house).The accommodation with two meal option includes breakfast and dinner, and you will only need to take care your lunch and snacks yourself.

Argentinian cuisine is unique, varied and has a lot of Mediterranean influences. Beef is the pillar of the everyday meal andsome staple Argentine dishes are Empanadas, Choripan, Pizza, Milanesa and Provoleta. Other popular dishesyou may get to taste are Asado, Llama, Humita, and Locro. Be sure to take advantage of the country’s delicious cuisine and explore this exciting part of its culture.

Volunteering Opportunities in Argentina

You can make a difference with IFRE in many ways in Argentina. You can

teach English,

work in the medical sector,

provide dental care,

help with community development,

participate in youth outreach,

work with special needs children,

provide professional support and much more.

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