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Volunteers' Reviews

Volunteers' Reviews

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I love Argentina! The staff here have been very helpful and so supportive in my project. The only complaint that I have is that I was not away of my project or which company I would be working with/for until arrival. It would have helped with a lot of planning issues if I was made aware of this information beforehand. Nonetheless, I'm volunteering at the Traversarus, with the little kids. It's awesome and I really like the staff. With the time that I'm schedule to go to the project, taking Spanish classes was not possible for me so I'm doing an online course (also something that would have be helpful to know before hand)

I was thinking about extending my time here however there's a slight issue with redirecting my ticket so I do not think that's going to be possible. I've connected really well with the people at my project and getting real acquainted with Buenos Aires. It's a little bit easier staying at a hostel (although I thought I was doing a homestay) because I get a chance to meet people who are just like me, new and lost. LOL. It's been a wonderful expereince and I can't believe it's been over a month already. I'd gladly put some of the photos from the project on the facebook page.

Thank you
Neika White

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