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Volunteer Accommodation

Do you dream of volunteering in Sri Lanka? Are you worried about your accommodation, safety and the food that will be available?

Well, worry no more, IFRE assures you about safety, comfortable host family accommodation and healthy home-cooked Sri Lankan meals when you volunteer in Sri Lanka projects.

Please note that volunteers in the Kegalle Elephant Project will stay in volunteer house at the project site,

see the project page for more details.

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Your Home Away from Home

When you participate in our volunteers working in Sri Lanka program, we will arrangefor your living accommodations and support you throughout your entire stay. You will stay with our host family in Galle, Sri Lanka. Our host familyare well-respected members of society, with years of experience hosting international volunteers. Their home is safe, comfortable and situated near your project placement.

Living with your host family is really a great way to experience the Sri Lankan culture and traditions while making a difference in the community.

Your host family in Galle has a permanent 2-story house, with eight big and comfortable bedrooms. You will get comfortable since each bedroom has cozy single beds with a mattress, bed sheets, a pillow, a blanket and a mosquito netand a ceiling fan. In most situations, you will share a room with other volunteers of the same gender but single rooms are also available for couples.

While in Sri Lanka, you will get the opportunity to experience and explore the community because your host is situated in the heart of the city nearthe beach with easy access to all parts of Galle. It is the perfect location for volunteers working in Sri Lanka programs to experience the stunning white beaches and the ocean breeze.

Many amenities like Internet cafés, restaurants, grocery stores, and ATMs are located near the host family. Cars and rickshaws are available almost all day long so you can enjoy the Sri Lankan day and nightlife.

While staying with your new family, you will get to live like a local, practice the local language and immerse yourself in the fascinating Sri Lankan culture. This will be a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and grow as a modest and caringhuman being.

IFRE is committed to show you the positive aspect ofunderprivileged Sri Lankan communities so your volunteer experience in Sri Lanka fee will go directly to the host family, with whomyou will share day-to-day activities with.


  • Multiple shared rooms (same gender)
  • Two rooms with air conditioning
  • Mosquito nets and mosquito inhale
  • Ceiling fan
  • Comfortable beds
  • Electricity
  • Clean and comfortable restrooms
  • Running tap water
  • Safe and secure living environment


Food is at the heart of Sri Lankan society. Be ready to experience delicious and healthy Sri Lankan cuisine! You will be provided with three quality home-cooked meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)each day.

Breakfast typically consists of bread, butter, jam, boiled egg, banana and other fruits, tea, or coffee.Lunch will generally be traditional rice and curry with chicken or fish and during dinner, you will get to experience different varieties of western and local Sri Lankan food.

Most of the meals are made from the ingredients thatvolunteers working in Sri Lanka programhelp grow and harvest in the eco-farm. The food will be fresh, nutritious and delicious. Special dietary requirements will also be accommodated as far as is possible.

Sri Lankan people have incorporated their cuisines into a mixture of variety of curry blends and delicious dishes due to the influence from other countries and years of colonization. Sri Lankan people relish spices and deep fried food that explodes with flavor.

Sri Lanka is an island with a tropical climate. Therefore, fish and coconuts, jackfruit and seafood are the most common ingredients of Sri Lankan cuisine. Besides these, rice and curry, several kinds of breads like roti style flatbreads, loaves of bread, etc. are the most common dishes in Sri Lanka.

You will enjoy discovering unique Sri Lankan cuisineswhile volunteering in Sri Lanka programs.Food and drinks outside of mealtime are volunteer’s responsibility.

Volunteer Opportunities in Sri Lanka

IFRE arranges many different volunteer projects in Sri Lanka. Such as:

Work with elephants in Kegalle or Pinnawala

Teach English to disadvantaged children or Buddhist monks

Provide critical healthcare

Work in an orphanage

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