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Free Time –Galle, Kegalle, Pinnawala

Are you wondering if you will have enough time to travel while volunteering in Sri Lanka? Would you like to know some amazing places you can explore while in Sri Lanka? We got you covered. Our Sri Lanka volunteer programs are planned out to allow you a lot of free time to explore, travel and experience gorgeous Sri Lanka while you volunteer.

When you volunteer in Sri Lanka you will work for 4 -5 hours every day. You’ll get to spend your free time both in the morning and in the evenings for exploring the natural and cultural wonders of Sri Lanka

Our volunteer projects are located in the cities Galle, Kegalle and Pinnawala. Galle is a historic city where you will find imposing Dutch colonial buildings, ancient mosques, churches, grand mansions, and museums. On the other hand, Kegalle is best known for its graphite, precious stones and agricultural produce. In contrast to Galle and Kegalle Pinnawala is known for its elephant orphanages and is one of the major tourist attractions. All these places are worth visiting during your free time when you join Sri Lanka volunteering projects.

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Weekend Exploration

You will have the entire weekend to go on longer tours and excursion. Sri Lanka is a fairly small country, regardless of which location you will be volunteering from, you will still be able to travel and access all the attractions with ease.

There are various places of tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. This island country is a remarkable country adorned with beautiful places and is a great place to visit. When you are here you can stroll past its endless beaches, visit all its timeless archeological ruins, experience its rich Buddhist culture and traditions, visit the park to see the famous Sri Lanka elephants and leopards, and go surfing in the Indian Ocean. All these exciting experiences will make your Sri Lanka volunteering trip more rewarding and forever memorable.

There are so many great places to visit in Sri Lanka that it might be a bit overwhelming. To help you get a better idea of what to expect, we’ve compiled a list below of some of the best attractions and sights:

Explore Gal Vihara

Gal Vihara is a group of beautiful Buddha images carved out of a Sinhalese rock carving. You will find this monument to be a superb piece of natural marbling crafted with great precision. It’s a noteworthy place for you to visit during your weekend while participating in Sri Lanka volunteer programs.

Visit Abhayagiri Dagoba

This is a Buddhist temple that dates back to the 1st century BC. It measures around 100m in height and was one of the greatest structures in the ancient world. The time spent here during your volunteering in Sri Lanka opportunities will be a rewarding experience for you.

Explore Quadrangle

Quadrangle is a historic palatial ruin that is comprised of raised-up area bounded by a wall is a spectacle to watch. This archeological masterpiece gives you a real feel for how ancient cities must have been.

Explore World’s End

World's end is a stunning vantage point that plunges 880m into the ocean. It is a leisurely 9.5km round trip on ideal trails flanked by natural beauty. Visiting here gives you a different experience while volunteering in Sri lanka programs that keeps you motivated and ready for future experiences.

Other interesting places to visit during your weekend are:

Visit Buduruwagala to have a glimpse of 1000-year-old rock cut Buddha figures

Be at Mulkirigala Rock and take a look at its peaceful rock temples

Spend time at Kandasamy Kovil to observe its five historical Hindu temples

Visit Uda Walawe National Park to watch various species of wildlife

Volunteer Opportunities Available in Sri Lanka

IFRE arranges many different projects in Sri Lanka. Such as:

  • Work in an orphanage
  • Teach English to disadvantaged children or Buddhist monks,
  • Take part in elephant projects in Kegalle or Pinnawala,
  • Provide crucial medical care

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