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volunteer building projects abroad

Do you enjoy working to help improve the lives of others? Are you looking to travel abroad? IFRE offers two incredibly industrious volunteer building projects abroad.

Over the years developing and underdeveloped countries around the world have both a lack of manpower and lack of resources. This creates problems when trying to create necessary infrastructure. By being a part of this building houses volunteer abroad program, you can make a difference by offering your manpower. Your unwavering dedication and support to the construction work overseas program can make a world of a difference to the community.

Benefits of joining IFRE’s best inexpensive volunteer building projects abroad

When you choose to become involved in something that you’re truly passionate about you will find yourself in win-win situation, knowing that your contribution and hard work are going to make a better future. There are many volunteering in construction opportunities that need someone with construction skills or interests.

Do you believe in changing the lives of the people around the world? Join IFRE’s volunteering opportunities to make a difference. For further information click here.

Capacity Building

Building development is a process, where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. Your role as a construction volunteer worker will be identifying the strengths and resources available in the community to meet the needs of children, youth, and families from the grass root levels.

Get to learn basic construction skills.

This construction volunteer work abroad program provides a great opportunity to learn by doing. This hands on experience will help you develop your constructions skills. This is great opportunity to learn from the quality builders and construction experts around you.

Long lasting impact

Construction projects are about more than building homes, roads, and commercial buildings. Any form of planned construction positively impacts the community. These affordable build abroad volunteer projects have a long lasting impact on the economy and environmental. This, combined with proper planning will be highly beneficial to the community.

Make you socially responsible.

Social responsibility refers to the impact your work and the work of the organization has on the local community. This ensures that you and the community both are truly invested in the benefit of the community and its cause.

IFRE’s best inexpensive volunteer building projects programs

IFRE offers one of the best affordable, reputable, and most well-organized construction volunteer work abroad programs that cater to different interests, budgets, time constraints, and travel goals. We have something for everyone. Join this life changing initiative to make a real difference and a long lasting impact on communities worldwide.

School Orphanage Construction In Thailand

Sangkhlaburi is a small sleepy town set in the high mountainous northwestern region of Thailand, sharing its border with Myanmar. Here, there is a desperate need to support the local orphanages through construction and renovating. With this in mind, the volunteering building projects abroad program is initiated for supporting the people and the school orphanage structures to meet the ever growing demands for safe living.

When you join this project you will be involved in the renovation and construction of childcare centers under the supervision of the local Thai foreman, who will train and mentor you on local construction methods. You will be working in close coordination with mentors who will be guiding you throughout the project. You are going to help build community buildings, such as orphanages, local schools, buildings for local development projects and so on.

Besides this, you will have time to explore the fascinating temples pagodas, beaches and other places of interest.

School Orphanage Construction in Costa Rica

Do you like to work using your hands? Do you want to build something worthwhile for the improvement of underprivileged children?

IFRE has a rewarding volunteer house building program abroad  in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The central American country of Costa Rica is an inspiring example of beautiful museums and theatres with attractive architecture that draws attention from tourists. There are also certain areas that are immersed in extreme poverty with little or no help from the local government. Therefore, IFRE has established the volunteering building projects abroad program to try and improve local schools, homes, and orphanages, and have a positive effect on the local community.

Your role in the construction volunteer abroad programs will be to help improve a community and the lives of disadvantaged children that make up for the majority of its population. You will be helping to improve a community and the lives of the disadvantaged children who live there. You will derive a great sense of satisfaction being able to change the lives of the orphaned children by your sheer hard work. Apart from this you will also get plenty of free time to explore many of the great natural and cultural wonders of this fascinating country.

Apart from volunteer building projects abroad, IFRE has a number of other great volunteering opportunities, including volunteer abroad programs, animal conservation volunteer abroad projects, volunteer at orphanages abroad project, volunteer abroad opportunities, and volunteer abroad for children, and many others.

Contact IFRE today to learn more about these affordable and amazing opportunities!

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