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Photography Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Photography volunteer opportunities abroad

Do you want to pursue a career in photography? Are you looking for an opportunity to travel the world, capture beautiful moments and polish your camera skills? Would you like to use your talent in photography for a noble cause? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you should definitely consider the prospects offered by IFRE’s cheap yet highly effective photography volunteer opportunities abroad.

IFRE’s volunteer program on photography aims to expand the horizons of budding photographers in the most affordable manner possible. While there is only one volunteer program solely dedicated towards the craft of photography, other volunteer programs of IFRE can be equally appropriate for you to showcase your love for pictures. With this photography volunteer project, you will travel to different locations in Nepal and work with an expert photographer to improve your abilities.

If you want to consider additional volunteering opportunities in other parts of the world, then check out IFRE’s other fascinating programs overseas for more information.

Benefits of Photography Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Volunteering abroad will give you plenty of valuable opportunities to utilize and develop your skills in photography. Some of the top benefits of photography volunteer abroad programs are given below:

Gain first-hand experience: You can take photography courses, buy expensive gear and equipment, and practice at home as much as you want, but you cannot master the craft unless you get out, explore the world, capture different lifestyles in different places and get hands-on practical experience in taking photos in varying conditions. You need an opportunity to apply everything that you have theoretically learnt in your photography classes. The Photography volunteer project abroad gives you the platform to get out of your comfort zone and travel to places which you would have never seen otherwise.

Go to exotic locations: Traveling as tourist gets you only as far as seeing famous sites and tourist spots, but as a volunteer photographer abroad you can traverse off-the-beaten paths in remote places unclaimed by flocks of tourists, as the people and places in need of assistance are almost always situated away from the tourist destinations.

Build your portfolio: By being able to travel to other countries and immerse yourself in different traditions, you have a chance to document your work, capture people’s lives and their culture, and show it to the world. You can improve on your skills to tell stories through the images you take and have plenty of photos of varying themes and objects to reflect the versatility of your work portfolio.

Gain new skills: Through the volunteering photography opportunities abroad, you will get to work with some of the best photographers and experts in the field. They will mentor you and share valuable techniques and habits required to be a better photographer. In a way, this is better than any classroom, training, or workshop because you will be on-location and have a more practical experience.

Enhance your career: The Photography volunteering project abroad will look good on your résumé and it will help you to secure a good job in the future. It also allows you to meet and make friends with talented photographers and build your network.

IFRE’s Best Inexpensive Photography Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Photo Journalism in Nepal

The photojournalism volunteer program in Nepal is aimed towards reflecting the many facets of Nepalese life through your camera lens. The volunteers in this program will work under the direct supervision of an expert photographer, with whom you will be travelling through the city of Kathmandu on a motorbike and frame the delightful yet strange Nepalese festivals, the diverse cultures and disparate lifestyles of the country and its mountainous rugged landscape, all the while documenting your trip; your own motorcycle diary.

If you are willing to dedicate more of your time and resources, then you can change the photography volunteer program in Nepal to an internship. In order to be able to enroll in the program, it is imperative that you know how to operate a camera, understand the concepts and ethics of journalism and most importantly have an unflinching love for the road. The cameras will not be provided, so the volunteers are required to bring their own gear and equipment.

Being a part of this photojournalism volunteer project in Nepal comes with a lot of responsibilities, some of which consists of participating in covering high-end events, festivals, cultural shows and press conferences. Likewise, you might have to report demonstrations or rallies taking place in and around Kathmandu. Moreover, your work also comprises of photographing arts, architecture, and lifestyles in Kathmandu, and bring out the issues of waste management, pollution, and animal slaughter through your images.

Your daily schedule depends on the locations and the story you have chosen to cover, but usually, on average, you may have to work for four to five hours a day. You will not be working for any single newspaper, but rather as a freelancer in this photography voluntary work in Nepal. However, if you are interested in working with one particular publication, then you must inform the country coordinator prior to your arrival in Kathmandu.

Contact us for more options for other volunteering projects. You can visit IFRE’s official website and find a variety of programs abroad to suit your interest and needs. IFRE makes custom projects just the way you want it. Some of those projects are Gap year volunteer programs abroad, Alternative Spring break programs, Summer Volunteer Opportunities abroad, Youth volunteer opportunities abroad and many more. Feel free to request more information!

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