Summer Volunteer Program India Detail Itinerary

India is many worlds within one country offering incredible beauty, diversity, culture, and opportunities of exploration, travel, discovery, and volunteering. Volunteer and Travel to India is like paradise for those who know India and a surprise for those who do not know this amazing country. A country with rich past, India is a country of contrasts and has many things that one can wish for. With its established offices and field staffs in Delhi , IFRE understands India and your urge to explore and volunteer in this beautiful country.

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Orientation, Language and Cultural Immersion in Delhi (7 Days)

The bustling and exotic city of Delhi marks the start of your travels into irresistible India . In phase 1, you will study Hindi language, learn cultural distinctions, and uncover the religious allure that makes India unique. Volunteers will listen to an orientation full of interesting facts about India . You will also have a chance to join a cultural program presented by the children of a local orphanage and explore the colorful bazaars known for their gathering of fascinating sights and sounds.

Day 1: Welcome at IFRE's India office, orientation on the language and culture program, and run down with the week's events. Also, learn about Indian geography, climates, politics, and safety issues.

Day 2: Begin language classes begin. Learn Hindi greetings, affirmatives & negatives, pronouns, short expressions, and more about getting to know each other. In the free time, explore the busy markets and local infrastructures.

Day 3: Language classes continue. Learn more verbs, adjectives, adverbs, family relations, food and drinks. Visit caf├ęs and malls nearby in your spare time.

Day 4:Next, explore the tourist attractions of Old Delhi. Some of the most enjoyable attractions include Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India; Rajghat, the spot where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated following his assassination in 1948; and the renowned colorful shopping bazaar of Old Delhi .

Day 5:Language classes continue. Learn more Hindi words (names of places, animals, birds, directions, body parts, days, months, shopping, traveling). In your free time, explore the busy markets and local infrastructures – while trying to incorporate new words learned.

Day 6: Travel New Delhi -experience the sites of this dazzling city. Drive through the wide lanes and explore some of the most fascinating tourist attractions the city has to offer. This day's itinerary includes the following destinations:

Day 7: Hindi language evaluation followed by departure to the orphanage project in Delhi NCR.

Day 8-21:Community Service Project: Work In Orphanage in Delhi (14 Days)

For two weeks, participants will work in an orphanage -sharing their love and time with needy children, teaching them basic conversational English and encouraging them to face the challenging world where knowledge of English is becoming more and more necessary. In your free time, you can hike to nearby bazaars and/or hillsides; travel the beauty of mesmerizing India-gaining first-hand experiences of Indian lifestyle, culture, and values.

Volunteers will be placed in different orphanages located throughout Delhi . They will be sub-divided in many small groups of 2-5, depending upon the number of children at an orphanage. You will teach English (3-4 hours a day) in the orphanage or schools (when the children attend school during the day). You will help the children by educating them on issues of personal hygiene and sanitation – helping them to brush their teeth, showering, etc. In your free time (mostly in evening), participants can organize games, drawing lessons, singing, dancing, and other creative, educational and extra-curricular activities. In the evening, you will help the children with their homework, monitor their academic progress, and make sure that the children complete the next day's homework assignments. If you do not want to teach in the school during the daytime, you can offer to take care of the children who stay at the orphanage (who cannot yet go to school). Your help is also expected in the dressing of the children, food distribution, kitchen, garden, cleaning and various administrative duties.

Day 22-27: Explore Golden Triangle (5 days/4 nights)

Continue a journey through the Golden Triangle of North India — the land of the sacred lotus flower. Discover the magical cities of Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra – encountering India through new dimensions. Enjoy the fusion of New and Old Delhi with ancient temples and modern malls, get romantic in the Land of eternal and infinite love – Taj Mahal in Agra – and marvel around Jaipur, the Pink City in Rajasthan.

Day 22: Travel to and Explore Jaipur – Enjoy an excursion to the Amber Fort, and experience the thrilling joy of ride atop an elephant. Visit the Jantar Mantar Observatory as well as the Wind Palace (Hawa Mahal). In the evening, participants are free to walk through the city and explore Jaipur at their own discretion.

Day 23: Jaipur to Ranthambore – Drive to Ranthambore's Tiger Sanctuary. By noon, the group will arrive at the wildlife resort and set out on a wildlife animal safari in the jungle in an open-air jeep.

Day 24: Ranthambore – an early morning drive into the dense jungle of Ranthambore in a jeep for tiger-tracking and bird-watching where participants can indulge in wildlife photography. The jungle visits last about three hours each. Explore the wild surroundings and watch multitude of birds in Ranthambore National Park

Day 25: Exploration of Agra (Taj Mahal) – Upon arrival, proceed to see the architectural, modern day wonder of the world, the incomparable Taj Mahal. A symbol of eternal love – Taj Mahal is one of the most fabulous and famous monuments in the world.

Day 26: Agra to Delhi – Visit Agra Fort. Situated on the west bank of the Yamuna River and approximately two kilometers from Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort was started by the Mughal emperor Akbar in 1565. The impressive red sandstone fort extends for about 2.5 km and is surrounded by a deep moat which was once filled with waters from the Yamuna River. Though Akbar built it mainly as a military centre, it was under Shahjahan's rule that the fort became more of a mini city.

Return to Delhi in the evening

Day 27: Program Concludes with Farewell and Certificate Distribution.

Program Fee Covers:

  • Accommodations in hostel, hotel, host family
  • Local meals three times a day
  • Local transportation (usually local buses)
  • Airport
  • receive/pick-up and transfer –Insurance

Program Fee Does Not Cover:

  • Entry Fees for Major Tourist Destinations (estimated $100-$125)
  • Any room/food before/after days after the program concludes
  • Water, soft drinks during project -Any tips to guides, gifts to host family or projects
  • Personal expenses

This program itinerary is merely a proposed sample and may be altered to meet the needs of the volunteers and changes in field conditions. This proposed itinerary will be finalized during orientation program.

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