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Free Time and Weekends

When you volunteer in South Africa, you mostly work from 8 am to 2:30 PM. You can expect to have afternoons, evenings and weekends free to explore everything South Africa has to offer.

What is There to Experience in My Free-Time?

South Africa has a rich history and a wide variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. From the lush forests to sweeping savannahs, majestic mountains and sandy surf beaches you can be sure to find something to indulge in with your free-time.

When you arrive in Cape Town you will find a multicultural vibe with cultures enriched and created by freed-slaves, immigrants and artists from all walks of life. Learn about the history of South Africa in museums, historical sites and through the vibrant art that envelopes the city.

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What Can I See During Weekend Explorations?

Expect to enjoy two days a week free to better explore you surroundings. Whether you are located within the artistic Cape Town or friendly Port Elizabeth there is something for everyone to enjoy from restaurants bars, local craft markets and museums to nature hikes, animal watching excursions and surfing.

Popular Cape Town Activities:

Table Mountain:

Hike or take the aerial cableway up and down the mountain for fabulous views of Cape Town. Getting to the top of Table Mountain is a must and the aerial cableway has been taking passengers to the top for nearly 90 years. If you are up for a walk the hike takes around 4 hours with a guide who will ensure your safety and inform you on the mountains beautiful flora and fauna.

Robben Island

History buff will love these attractions. Open your mind with a visit to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 18 years. Robben Islands mixed history goes back 500 years. With a graveyard for people who died from leprosy to quarries, army and navy bunkers a maximum security prison and countless sea birds, Robben Island is sure to teach you some of South Africa’s rich history.

Explore Local Street Art:

Cape Town is full of creativity and street art fueled by political and environmental messages. One of the popular spots from viewing street art is the up-and-coming suburb of Woodstock. Art lovers can take a tour to learn more about the art, where it comes from and meet like-minded travelers. The suburb of Bo-Kaap is another must visit area that is heavily influenced by Malay culture. Houses are painted in vibrant colors making it a street photographers dream.


With waves of various heights galore Cape Town is a surfers paradise. Visit one of the many surf beaches to get your fix or learn to surf at one of Cape Town’s trusted surf schools. The months June to August feature warmer waters and bigger swells. If surfing is not quite your thing but you love to get out on the water give stand-up paddleboarding a try.

Other interesting places to visit during your Cape Town South Africa volunteering trip are:

There are many weekend excursions you can make from Cape Town. Wine and food fans may opt for a weekend getaway to the town of Montagu —famous for its olive groves, orchards, charming cafés and restaurants. Ocean lovers can head to the town of Hermanus for penguin and whale watching. Alternatively indulge in the hot springs located in a valley near Citrusdal.

Popular Port Elizabeth Activities:

Addo Elephant National Park

This is a must-see attraction when visiting Port Elizabeth. The park is home to a wide array of African animals from tiny endangered dung beetles to majestic lions and features over 600 elephants. Spend a night in a wooden cabin and listen for the Jackals barking. Many adventure activities also surround the park such as ziplining, boat cruises, sandboarding, hiking and horseback riding.

The Valley Market

This must-see market only happens on the first Saturday of every month. Here artisanal food makers join with local exhibitions and stall for a truly indulgent and creative foodie experience. IF you miss this market during your stay catch the Good Night Market which features a similar crowd on the third Thursday of every month.

Fort Frederick

Fort Frederick was built out of stone by the British over 200 years ago to protect the Baakens River mouth. Learn about the history of the region while taking in stunning views of Algoa Bay.

Other interesting places to visit during your Port Elizabeth South Africa volunteering trip are:

Head to the magical Tsitsikamma region for lush forests and wild seas. This is a must see for nature lovers who can spend the day hiking, swimming and snorkelling, or get an adrenaline fix bungy jumping. Pineapple and beer lovers shouldn’t miss the quaint British settlement town of Bathurst— home to the largest man-made pineapple in the world and the oldest licensed pub in South Africa. Spend time exploring the Gamtoos Valley with its breathtaking mountain views, sandstone rock formations and sweeping sand dunes at the Gamtoos River Mouth.

Volunteer Opportunities in South Africa

No matter what your passion for volunteering is, IFRE offers variety of volunteering opportunities such as work in child care, volunteer English teaching, sport coaching, social welfare, health care, wildlife volunteering in South Africa.

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