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Free Time: Xela

Are you worried if there will be enough time for you to travel while volunteering in Guatemala? Are you wondering where you can travel while making a positive impact in Guatemala volunteer projects? All work and no play is not our mantra and IFRE’s programs in Guatemala are designed to allow you explore and experience the scenery and culture of this amazing location while you volunteer.

When you join our programs, you will work Monday through Friday for about 4-5 hours a day. Typically, you will begin work around 9 AM and finish at around 4 PM. The rest of the time is your free time for exploring nearby places.

Our Guatemala volunteer projects are located in Xela. During your free time, you get to experience its natural beauty, ancient ruins and cuisine. It also has seven active volcanoes:Santa Maria, Pacaya, Atitlan, Tajumulco, Fuego, Almolonga and Acatenango. Guatemala is also famous for its coffee and the pyramid like twin temples known as Temple I and Temple II.

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Weekend Exploration

Generally, while participating in a Guatemala volunteer program you will work for 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. You get 2 days off each week which you can make use of by traveling all over this magnificent country and exploring all it has to offer.

There are myriad of tourist attractions in Guatemala for you to embark upon. This is undoubtedly a mysterious and an exceptionally beautiful country and it contains a great mix of traditional and modern influences. Here can experience ancient Mayan culture, natural paradisiacal wonders, volcanoes, adventure and hiking trails, beautiful turquoise blue waters, textiles, various cuisines and world famous coffee beans. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the best sights in the country:

Enjoy Esquina Asiatica

When you come to Guatemala to volunteer in Xela and are looking for some exquisite dining then Esquina Asiatica is the best place to be. It has a charming upstairs restaurant that refreshes the palate with generous plates from around Asia including Chinese dumplings, Indonesian satay, pad thai, Vietnamese spring rolls, parmesan avocado on toast and ultra-filling fruity yogurt parfait with chia.

Visit Salón Tecún

This is an exquisite bar that remains open day and night amidst lively music. When you participate in volunteer opportunities in Guatemala, you will notice that this bar has a healthy mix of Guatemalans and foreigners alike enjoying the drinks and atmosphere.

Explore the Xela Cemetery

The cemetery in Xela is enormous but pleasant and fascinating green space perfect for a walk. This is a historical cemetery where folklores of the gypsy Vanushka are abundant. This is a touching site for you to visit during weekends while taking part in Guatemala volunteering programs.

Experience the Cultural Center in Quetzaltenango

This is one of Guatemala's distinctive railroad stations that lay dormant for many years before it was converted into a cultural hub. While taking part in Guatemala volunteering you will can visit here to experience art and dance schools, as well as three interesting museums inside this railroad station which are quite unique.

Other interesting places to visit during your weekend are:

Visit La Stampa Bistro and observe its printing workshop along with delicious delicacies

Spend time at the Xelapan and have a look at its fancy pastries

Be at Cerro el Baúl and observe its wooded hill and volcanoes

Visit the Museo de Arte and marvel at the 400 paintings on display

Volunteering Opportunities in Xela, Guatemala

You can make a difference in Xela regardless of what your passion is. You can

Teach English,

Work in an orphanage,

Support street children in need,

Work in the medical sector,

Help empower girls and young women and much more.

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