Medical Project in Cambodia

Do you dream of being a nurse or a doctor? Would you like to work alongside a medical team but have no experience? Do you want to improve others’ lives through your skills? Yes! Then read on. Who knows, this might be the right medical internship opportunity in Cambodia for you.

  • Intern assisting local doctors and a medical team from $200
  • Make a difference and feel safe during your stay in Cambodia
  • Participate in a recommended and meaningful medical internship in Cambodia
  • Be part of a rewarding internship in the health care field and explore a new country

Become an Intern in Cambodia in a medical and healthcare project and help to provide medical care to low-income Cambodian families. Although Cambodian healthcare is improving, still many Cambodians do not have access to basic health care services. Locals have poor knowledge of treatable and preventable diseases and suffer a lot when basic health care could enrich or even save their lives. IFRE's healthcare Internship projects in Cambodia need motivated medical/health care professionals, nursing/medical students, and therapists to support various health care and medical issues. If you are interested in a career in health care or medicine, this program provides a great opportunity to gain professional experience, provide medical attention to impoverished patients and explore Cambodia's enchanting culture and natural beauty. Enroll today to be an Intern working in a health care/medical project in Cambodia; you will have a rewarding and life-changing experience while you gain medical knowledge and promote health.

Skills/Qualifications Needed

You do not need previous healthcare experience or education to join our medical internship program in Cambodia. Our programs are designed to accommodate Interns from a variety of backgrounds. Whether you are a student, a professional, or a retiree, there is a vital role in our healthcare program waiting for you.

The Intern's Responsibilities

As an Intern working in a medical/health care project in Cambodia, your responsibilities will depend on your level of training, certifications and license. If you are specialized in a certain field you will be able to help in that specific field; if not you may be only able to observe. If you no or little experiences, clinics may also provide basic training. Depending on your qualifications and experience, your may carry out duties such as:

  • Help with physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Provide basic care
  • Observe the work of nurses, or doctors
  • Carry out daily administrative tasks
  • Take patient details /li>
  • Measure vital signs such as blood pressure, height, weight
  • Distribute medicines
  • Perform basic first aid
  • Help with medical procedures
  • Provide assistance in the in-day emergency room
  • Partner with local doctors, nurses and therapists

Internship Program Dates:

Start Dates: our programs start every Monday, although we allow for flexibility due to travel constraints.

IFRE is a 501(c) 3 organization; therefore your program fee will be tax deductible. IFRE is proud to offer an extensive assortment of programs at very reasonable prices and to rank within the “best priced and best value” internship abroad organizations in the USA, Europe and New Zealand. Our programs are now more affordable than ever. We are proud to focus on the humanitarian aspect of our business and not in the profit. We work very hard and smart to keep costs down especially for you, the intern. We value your time and effort. We remain devoted to maintain the high quality of the program and the safety of all interns involved. You can find, below, a brief summary of the program fee and services that IFRE offers.

IFRE fees are divided into two separate fees, an application fee of US $349 which covers advertising, staff, office expenses, etc. and a nominal weekly program fee which covers room/board, insurance, field support, etc). You can click on the following link for details on our fees:

Additional costs for interns:

International flights, visa application/extension, daily personal expenses on beverages/entertainment daily transportation, laundry, telephone, immunizations.

Board/Food/Daily Life

IFRE arranges board, meals and supervision for you during the entire duration your Cambodian medical experience. Depending on the location of the project, you will either stay in our guesthouse or with a host family. Placements are usually in Phnom Penh or in or around a provincial capital.

Our Phnom Penh internship house or guesthouse is located in the center of the city near the Olympic Stadium and the Orussey Market. The members of staff speak English and French and are very kind. There is a large roof terrace with hammocks, a TV and internet access. Nearby, there is a restaurant and plenty of facilities to help make your participation in the Cambodian medical program a memorable experience.

Our host families are very friendly and hospitable and love learning more about each intern’s country, culture and way of life. Whether you stay in our guesthouse or with a host family, IFRE will provide you with a simple clean environment in a bedroom occasionally shared with a one same gender intern, a shared bathroom with cold water as usually there is no hot water available and a fan to protect you from the heat.

IFRE also offers you three typical local meals every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner Usually, you will have breakfast in either a small restaurant, with the host families or at work. Some interns have lunch at the school. If you are a vegetarian, a vegan or have any other dietary eating requirements, we recommend that you stay in our guesthouse and not with a host family. For most Cambodia families meat and fish are the base of their daily meals.

Occasionally, you may be placed in a provincial capitals. Usually, these cities are quiet, medium-sized cities with all the necessary facilities like traditional Cambodian restaurants, markets and laundries. Unfortunately, means of communication such as internet and international phone calls are limited within the rural provinces and very expensive. Provincial placements are good for weekend travel. Interns should try to visit the main attractions of Cambodia, the majestic temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap province and the tropical coconut palm beaches of Sihanoukville, allow for three or four days to make the most of these places.


What is an Intern’s day like as part of the medical internship in Cambodia?

Our day as a medical intern in Cambodia will start at 7:00 with breakfast. Then you will start at the hospital at 8 am. For three or hour hours, you will shadow doctors and nurses and many different tasks from making notes about the patient’s medical history, observe surgeries, attend lectures with other interns. You will have lunch and work for another one to three hours in the afternoon.

Where will I live during my medical internship in Cambodia? How far is my intern home from the project location?

The location of your home during your medical Cambodia internship will be in the center of the capital. Most interns will stay in our guesthouse and others with local host families. Usually, hospitals are around a 30 minutes public bus ride away.

What will I do during the health care internship project in Cambodia?

You will observe and shadow licensed health care workers and help with many different tasks. The level of help required will depend on your skills and experience.

Where will my medical internship in Cambodia take place, in a clinic or a hospital?

Your medical internship program in Cambodia will take place in a local public hospital.

What are the requirements to join the medical internship program in Cambodia?

This Cambodian medical internship project is restricted to health, science, public health students or those who are enrolled in a related course. If you are a student you will observe most of the time.

Will I get a hands-on medical internship experience in Cambodia?

Not really. This is a program to observe and assist medical staff, hands-on experience during your medical internship in Cambodia may not be possible.

How many hours per day will I have to teach?

You will be work around five to six hours in total every day, including morning and afternoon shifts.

Are the Cambodia medical internship programs available throughout the year?

No. The medical internship project in Cambodia is not available during the month of April.

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