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Community Volunteering - Surin

Project Summary

Community Volunteering - Surin

The average monthly salary in rural Thailand is 3,000–4,000 baht for workers (approx £45 - £65). A simple fish pond will produce about 16,000 baht income (approx £250). Simple projects can make a huge difference to the lives of Thai people. This is a real opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of rural Thai people. Therefore, come and get your hands dirty in Thailand. Our community work supports villages, families and the elderly in one of the poorest regions of Thailand. Our community work is based around helping people to help themselves such as income generating projects like vegetable gardens and mini fish farms. The following opportunities are available as a community volunteer in Thailand.

The projects

By deciding to help in the community, your work can be on one of any number of projects. Right now we are developing a smallholding in the grounds of a monastery located on the outskirts of Surin town. This smallholding will be constructed and maintained by volunteers to produce crops, fruit, vegetables, plants, trees, mushrooms, chickens and much more. The produce developed here will then be used to feed the children at the home located on the land. Surplus produce can be sold in local markets to generate an income for the children’s home, which will benefit them in many ways.

Surin is the 3rd poorest province in Thailand and due to the low rainfall; locals can only produce one rice crop a year. The majority of Surin people are poor farmers struggling to survive. We arrange a number of community volunteering projects each year, which support rural families, the community at large and schools. Previous volunteers have participated in income-generating projects such as building fish ponds for poor families, building a plant nursery for a school, planting grass along a roadside to prevent erosion during the raining season and making organic fertilizer for families and schools. Rural communities in Surin need the support of foreign volunteers to help create additional income and improve their standard of living. Make your volunteer work count!

Skills/Qualifications Needed

No skills or special requirements are needed to volunteer in the community development project. Volunteers are expected to be flexible, patient and possess a passion and love for poor communities.


Most volunteer work is 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday). You can expect to work from around 9am to 4pm each day, with an hour for lunch. Transportation to and from the location is provided for you and included in the overall placement fee. In addition to your transport you will be accompanied each and every day on your placement by a member of our team who will also help to translate your conversations and questions.


Volunteers who join community development projects will live together in one of several houses rented from the local community. The houses are all located very close to each other and within a very short walk of Surin’s excellent amenities including restaurants, supermarkets, shops, internet café’s, ATM’s, pharmacies, launderettes and much more. Each house has several twin-shared bedrooms, a basic but fully functional kitchen, bathrooms with hot showers and shared communal areas both in and outdoor. The houses are in safe and well-lit locations of Surin. Furthermore, the staff office and accommodation is located just 50 meters away and the team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Transport to and from the location is provided for you and included in the overall placement fee. In addition to your transport, a member of our team who will also help to translate your conversations and questions and will accompany you each and every day on your placement.

Meals are not included in the placement fee to give you the opportunity to eat what and when you want too. Food in Thailand, particularly outside of the major cities, is plentiful and very low cost. There are also many western options easily available should you wish to try a taste of home! For those of you who like to cook, our team will also arrange a couple of evenings to teach you how easy it can be to make your own tasty Thai treats.