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Free Time in Nepal – Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara

Of course, you’re coming to Nepal to make the world a better place, but don’t miss out on making the most of this unique and exciting destination!

Most of our Nepal volunteer projects will have you working an average of 5-6 hours per day, Monday-Friday. This leaves plenty of time in the evenings and on the weekends to get out and explore! Your fellow volunteers make excellent adventure partners, or you can always set off on your own and make friends as you go!

Our volunteer projects are located in Kathmandu, Chitwan and Pokhara.

You’re in luck! All three of these locations are great destinations with a lot to offer the international traveler. Each one has its own unique flavor.

Kathmandu is a city of contrasts, and a fantastic location for your Nepal volunteer adventure. While exploring Kathmandu’s chaotic streets and making your way through throngs of traffic, you’ll suddenly come upon a stunning temple that will take your breath away.

Spend your free time exploring the endless backstreets and get a taste of Kathmandu’s timeless cultural heritage, colorful bazaars, and delight in the way the old and the new clamor together in this one-of-a-kind city.

Chitwanis Nepal’s go-to destination for nature lovers. Chitwan National Park is one of the best places for viewing wildlife in all of Asia. Go on a safari and see elephants and rhinoceros roaming wild and free! The friendly people in the surrounding area have a laidback lifestyle that is very different from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, making this a more peaceful spot for your Nepal volunteer abroad trip.

Pokharais the place to go for jaw-dropping scenery and adventure travel. The city sits next to a tranquil lake which reflects the stunning view of the surrounding Himalayan mountains. You’ll find waterfalls, caves, monkeys living in the forests, and plenty of opportunities to boat, trek, raft, or bike your way through Nepal.

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Weekend Exploration

Weekends are a great time to take a break from your volunteer project in Nepal and really explore the country by traveling to other areas. From Himalayan mountain peaks to world heritage templesand jungles teeming with wildlife, Nepal has a lot to offer!

Here are some popular tourist attractions you won’t want to miss while you’re in Nepal.

Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini

Marking the birthplace of Buddha, this temple lies at the spiritual heart of Buddhism in Nepal. A UNESCO World Heritage Site that also boasts a sacred pool and garden, this is a cultural icon not to be missed.

The Swayambhunath Stupa

This monument is one of the crowning glories of Kathmandu Valley architecture that rises through whitewashed domes to a gilded spire. Also known as the monkey temple, the entire structure is deeply symbolic, and is a fantastic destination during your weekends off from your Nepal volunteer project.

Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery

A stunning, imposing Thai style monastery built with gleaming white marble. Marvel at the unique architecture of this noteworthy structure.

The Boudhanath Stupa

In terms of grace and purity of line, no other stupa in Nepal comes close to Boudhanath.It’s an eternal and soulful place to visit during your weekends while volunteering in Nepal.

World Peace Pagoda

Built by Japanese Buddhists, this impressive structure draws visitors from around the world.

Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery

Explore this forbidden pagoda style monastery.

Cambodian Monastery

Explore yet another culture’s influence at this monastery with its colorful Angkor wat styleintricate designs.

Hanuman Dhoka

Don’t miss this ancient Royal Palace, originally founded during the Licchavi period (4th to 8th centuries AD).

Explore Nepal!

As you can see, you’ll find no shortage of things do during your free time and weekends while volunteering in Nepal. The trouble will be deciding which exciting thing you want to do first!

If you feel like staying on in Nepal longer after your project ends to see and do even more, IFRE can help organize your travel for you!

Available volunteer opportunities in Nepal

IFRE arranges many different volunteer projects in Nepal. You can work in an orphanage, teach English, provide healthcare, help with nature conservation, learn photojournalism, teach Buddhist monks and much more. Contact IFRE today if you’re interested in any of these exciting opportunities!

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