Teaching English Internship in Argentina

Are you a native or a fluent English speaker? Are you passionate about helping others? Do you want to share your passion and teach English? Yes! Then, look no further. This opportunity to participate in an internship program teaching in Argentina might be just what you are looking for.

  • Intern in Argentina teaching English from $454
  • Have fun and feel safe during your teaching internship in Argentina
  • Participate in a recommended teaching English program
  • Visit Argentina, get involved with local projects and teach English abroad.

The demand for English is on the rise around the world as more and more citizens from all countries seek employment in the global economy. Argentina is certainly no different. Proper English education provided by native English-speakers (or individuals with a high level of English fluency) is becoming more and more a crucial necessity. The number of tourists visiting Argentina increases every year and the need for English in the hospitality industry and other industries continues to rise with as it does the demand for English-speaking tour guides and hotel employees.

Unfortunately, many of the impoverished citizens of Argentina cannot afford adequate English education for their children (or themselves). This makes the role of interns participating in the teaching English internship in Argentina that much more important.

IFRE works with rural schools surrounding Cordoba, reaching out to citizens who do not reside within the city limits. Interns usually teach English to children in small public elementary schools. The school where the IFRE interns teach English offers classes to many Argentinians living in a large rural area, sometimes teaching more than 130 students at one time.


To participate in an Argentina internship teaching English, you must speak Spanish at an intermediate level. If you would like to help but your Spanish is not that good yet, we suggest that you enroll in our Spanish language course to make your stay more rewarding. No additional qualifications beyond a high fluency in English and an intermediate level of Spanish are required to teach English in our Argentina internship projects. If you are passionate about English as a language, proactive, flexible, and patient and keen to help others, you will be a perfect intern.


You will assist educators and teacher with teaching English to children residing in the rural areas of Cordoba. There are plenty of other tasks you can help with. You will not have a moment of boredom during your Argentina internship teaching opportunity! You can assist in teaching other subjects, helping children with their homework, plan recreational activities, conducting arts-related exercises to encourage self-expression, supporting the kitchen staff with tasks like serving meals and cleaning and help with regular routine maintenance at the school. You can also help with administrative duties and help with the younger learners with personal hygiene and sanitation. The more effort you put into your internship, the more you will gain from it.

Board /Food/Supervision

During the IFRE Argentina teaching internship, you will either stay with a host family or hostel.

Our host families are socially respected members of the community who have hosted interns from many different countries. They participate in this program to help and look after interns like you who decided to give their time and skills to assist local communities. Your will provide you with one bedroom which you will have to share with one same gender intern.

Your hostel is located in a charming neighborhood in the city of Cordoba. Cordoba is a city with a high prospect for a bright future which maintains echoes of its colonial and culture-rich past. Cordoba's vibrant culture has produced a number of influential writers and its own musical style known as "El Cuarteto." Not to mention an abundance of all sorts of musical genders from classical to jazz passing by rock, pop and techno. The city boats many monuments, lively festivals, pleasant theaters and a pulsing nightlife. As an intern you will live in an accommodations just minutes from the downtown area. You will get to know other interns. The hostel houses the local operator's headquarters. It means you will be in constant contact with the Argentina internship coordinator and receive ongoing support

Major FAQ

What is an Intern’s day like as part of the Argentina teaching English internship?

Your day as an intern teaching in Argentina will vary depending on the school. For example, in a public school, interns start working at 7:30 am, prepare and teach classes which usually last 40 to 60 minutes. Usually, your day at the school will last from five to seven hours, but this will depend on the time of the year. If it is a busy or “intensive” month you may be required to work more hours during the week or weekend.

You can also chose to work as a teaching assistant. In this case, you will start working at 7.30 am and finish at 2 pm. Most weeks you will be required to work an average of 30 hours, but if there are field trips, staff meetings and training, you may be requested to stay longer.

What accommodations can I expect? By what means and how far will I need to travel for my placement?

The location of your home in Argentina will depend on your placement. Some interns will stay in a hostel with other interns and others with a local host family. Usually schools are 20 to 45 minutes public bus ride away, which costs about US $0.80.

What school will I work at in the Argentina internship teaching English?

Right now it’s hard to tell. IFRE works with several schools. Each Argentina teaching internship is different and each intern receives detailed information regarding their internship when they submit their application to participate in this program.

How old will my students be?

Your students may be anything from 5 to 18 years old, depending on the type of school. IFRE works with preschools, primary schools, middle schools and secondary schools in the outskirts of Cordoba.

How many students attend each school? How many students are in each class?

Most schools have around 250 to 400 students divided in groups of 30 or 40 depending on the school.

Will I be teaching each class alone? Will I have support during each class?

It depends on the day and on how good is Spanish is. Usually, there will be a local teacher present, but you may teach independently too.

Do teachers have a curriculum to follow?

All schools provide their teachers with a curriculum and with plenty of opportunities for interns to teach other subjects as long as they speak Spanish fluently.

What materials do I need to take with me to teach? Does the school provide interns with materials?

The good news is that each school provides teachers, educators and interns with material. The even better news, it’s that if you have books or other material you want to take with you that’s fine too.

Are the Argentina teaching internship programs available throughout the year?

No, the internship is not available during the summer and winter school breaks. As Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, the summer break is from December 10th to March 1st and the winter break lasts two weeks in July.

Is there anything else I should know as an intern teaching in Argentina?

Applications must be received 6 weeks prior to their start date.

You must submit your application six weeks before the Internship start date, and practice your Spanish skills, as you must read, write and communicate in Spanish at intermediate level.

Under the Criminal Records Review Act, all interns need to provide a criminal record check. This is a mandatory requirement to participate in this teaching internship opportunity in Argentina.

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