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Free Time and Weekend Exploration

Free Time- San Jose

While volunteering in San Jose, Costa Rica program, you will contribute about 5 hours a day (8-9 AM to 3-4 PM) in the project. You can explore the natural and cultural splendors of San Jose when you are not volunteering in the mornings and evenings.

San Jose, situated in the center of the country, offers you the opportunity to experience national parks, historic spots and sights, museums, central market and lush greeneries. The main attractions of the city are Spanish colonial buildings like neoclassical theater, pre-Columbian gold museum, metropolitan park, temple of music pavilion and much more.

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Weekend Exploration

Our volunteers working in Costa Rica program will work from Monday to Friday in a week. You will have 2 days Saturday and Sunday off which you can spend visiting the beautiful places of the country.

Costa Rica is a natural and cultural paradise, offering you countless spectacular things to do and places to visit. This is an extraordinary country decorated with pristine beaches, diverse species of flora and fauna, volcanoes, and eye-catching rain forests.

Arenal Volcano

Situated about 90 km northwest of San José, Arenal Volcano is a sleeping andesitic volcano in Costa Rica. The volcano is about 1,633m high and is conically shaped having 140m diameter. During your weekend travel list, we recommend you not miss visiting this dormant volcano.

Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

We highly suggest you to spend some time at the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio during your Costa volunteering program. Set aside at the central pacific coast of Costa Rica, the park offers you the opportunity to experience rainforest, pristine sandy beaches, coral reefs, diverse wildlife and hiking trails.

Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park preserves a wide variety of tropical ecosystems. It is regarded as of the world’s most bio-diverse states. The park is home to rare wildlife species like macaws, jaguars, tapirs and squirrel monkeys. There is also the chance to observe the park through a hiking trail that follows coastal and inland routes.

Lake Arenal

Located in the northern highlands of Costa Rica, Lake Arenal (85sq km) is the largest lake in Costa Rica. The Lake offers you the opportunity to experience fishing, windsurfing, boat tours, and kayaking.

Bahía Drake

Bahía Drake is a small bay on the northern part of the Osa Peninsula. While volunteering in Costa Rica, we highly recommend you to visit this spectacular bay. Pay a visit to the bay and experience splendid vegetation and tranquil waves.

Other interesting places for your weekends visit are::

Visit the Poás Volcano to catch glimpses of an active 2,708-metre stratovolcano

Be at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve to watch varieties of flora and fauna

Spend time at the Playa Nancite to see the nesting sites of the olive ridley turtles.

Explore Rincón de la Vieja Volcano and experience amazing trails, waterfalls and natural hot springs

Visit Arenal Volcano National Park to observe hot springs, active Arenal Volcano and wildlife

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