Paid Teaching in China

Work as a paid English teacher in China

If you are interested in traveling abroad, but you can't pay the high fees for most volunteer abroad programs, consider joining IFRE's paid Teaching Program in China. This program offers you opportunities for exploration and cultural immersion while earning money and utilizing your skills. Besides a one-time program fee, there is no monthly fee or hidden charges. IFRE's partner schools offer decent salaries, free accommodation, prepared meals and even airfare reimbursement for long-term, contracted teachers.

Besides being a native English-speaking citizen of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland or other English speaking countries, there are no other qualifications or specific skills needed to teach in China. You can teach from 1 month to 1 year. With a Bachelor's Degree in any subject and/or at least one-year experience with TEFL or TOSEL training from an accredited organization, you may receive a monthly salary of up to US$ 800. IFRE paid English teaching in China is a great way to explore the intriguing land of China while teaching English to aspiring school and college age students. You will have the rare and worthwhile opportunity to be compensated for your teaching service as you immerse yourself in Chinese culture, travel the world and grow personally and professionally.

  • Teach for 6 month to 12 months (minimum 6 months)
  • Only native English speakers
  • Free accommodation/food
  • Salary per month ($200-$800 depending on length, qualification, and skills)
  • No monthly fee. Only a one-time fee of $789 (includes insurance coverage for your protection)

Minimum Qualification/Skills

This program is for native English speakers ONLY, citizens of US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and other English speaking countries with English as a mother language. Extra certification and TEFL training give more opportunities for earning higher salaries.


Benefits of Teaching in China: 6-12 months
  • For a native English speaker, a monthly salary up to 3,000 RMB
  • For a native English speaker with a degree in English and some experience in teaching, a monthly salary of 3,500-4,500 RMB
  • For a native English speaker with a degree in English, at least one year of teaching experience, and TEFL or TOSEL training, a monthly salary of 5000-5,500 RMB
  • Free food and accommodation. Some schools without a school cafeteria, provide food allowances and grocery coupons to teachers so they can prepare food by themselves
  • Free health clinic at school
  • Arrangement of host family upon the request of teachers and the availability. Free food and accommodations with host family
  • Assistance in obtaining visa to China
  • Services and support of field staff
  • Guaranteed placement
  • Reimbursement of round-trip airfare on a 10-month contract
  • Teachers will be responsible for utilities

China Paid Teaching Program Fee and Dates

China volunteer teaching program starts anytime upon your arrival in China.

IFRE is a 501 (C) 3 organization so your program fee will be tax deductible as provided by law.

IFRE application and placement fee: US $649 (include basic health insurance). The fee covers advertising, program promotion and office expenses (rent, utilities and staff salaries in our USA office). Fee also covers airport pick-up, drop-off, China office expenses (rent, utilities, salaries and vehicle), communication and project co-ordination.

There is no monthly or weekly fee in Paid Teaching English in China program and accommodation/food will be provided free by local schools.


  • Please provide a typical Day Schedule for this project.

    The Spring Semester starts around early/mid/late Feb. each year (based on lunar calendar) then finishes around early July. Autumn semester begins on Sept. 1st and concludes at the end of Dec. or mid-Jan.
    Each school may be slightly different on a daily basis, but teachers can expect a typical school schedule where there will be teaching and working with students 4-5 hours a day.

  • Where do I stay? How far is the project from the accommodation? How do I commute?

    Apartment accommodations will be arranged for you within walking distance to your assigned campus, there will also be transportation available via a school shuttle, pub bus or taxi cab.

  • What are some of the activities teachers may participate in during this project?

    Teachers will participate in normal day-to-day classes which may include physical education as well as assisting in English corner and with holiday related activities for the school.

  • Where are the projects located?

    Teachers placed though IFRE are generally in and around Qingdao or in nearby cities.

  • What are the requirements to join the program?

    The main requirement for teachers is that they are a native English speaker or very well educated in the English language and comfortable teaching various ages.

  • How much do we get per month? Do you require minimum length of stay for Paid teaching project?

    Salary depends on what area you work in and your experience / qualifications. We would ask you to commit to at least one semester.

  • What kind of support do we get during the project time?

    While working as a teacher in China our company will be of support to you 7 days a week the office staff are just a phone call away.

  • Do I need to pay anything to join the program?

    There is an initial application and placement fee, beyond that the Paid teaching position does not require a weekly/month fee.

  • Who does cover the flight fare? Do I need to pay my own flight?

    You are responsible for your air fare to China and may receive an international flight stipend following the completion of your contract.

  • How many hours a day do we need to work?

    The teaching hours are normally 4 to 5 hours per day.

  • Is Paid Teaching project available all-round the year?

    The school year in China runs approximately February-July and September - January
    Any important information you want to share about this project.
    While attempting to provide the most accurate information possible, shifting field conditions may cause alterations in placements.

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