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Volunteering Abroad for Older People


Are you a senior citizen? Do you want to experience the joy of volunteering? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ then volunteering opportunities abroad for older people might be your calling!

Age is just a number when you have the burning passion to serve people. Volunteering adds a new level of positivity to your life and impacts the overall health of a person both mentally and physically. You need to volunteer to experience its joy!

IFRE is helping senior citizens like you to connect with volunteering programs. IFRE features hundreds of programs in 18 different counties across the globe. You can choose for your desired program in the county of your choice, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ghana, and Uganda.

Regardless of the program or destination you choose, you will be making a difference to the lives of deprived people.

Your small contribution will make a big difference to the lives of underprivileged people! Ask for more info now!

Benefits of Volunteering abroad for older people:

Adds a sense of fulfillment:

Senior volunteers have many years of experience and knowledge from their career, parenthood and other life events. Volunteers who are seniors by age but young at heart will make a positive impact . Giving back to society and helping those in need will give you a sense of fulfillment.

Gives you health benefits:

The different activities during your volunteering abroad for seniors program will keep you physically active. Volunteering has a positive effect on your psychology and helps you  combat stress, anger and anxiety. Meeting with different people and remaining in contact develops a strong support system which helps to fight against depression.

You will be travelling to new places:

Travelling is the best way to explore and experience new things in life. When you join the volunteering abroad program for retirees. You will be meeting people from different walks of life, which will broaden your horizon. While basking in the natural beauty of the place you will get closer to the local tradition, culture and food. You will become culturally aware which is important in today’s time.

Aids in your Personal Growth:

Volunteering activities will introduce you to different situations and take you out of your comfort zone. It gives you a chance to try something new and adds a sense of achievement, which increases your confidence. You will be learning new rewarding skills and experiences. Volunteering will help you practice your old skills and even discover  hidden talents.

Improves your social and relationships skills:

People have different personalities, some are outgoing some are shy. The volunteering abroad experience for seniors will introduce you to different people, which will help you  practice and develop your social skills. Being in regular contact with the people who have  common interests, will help you broaden your social contacts. You will  make  lifelong associations.

Popular Projects of IFRE under Volunteering Abroad for Older People:

IFRE offers volunteering projects and programs in eighteen different countries around the world. You get to choose from 200 different volunteering opportunities. You can join any programs / projects ranging from the HIV/AIDS program to orphanage work and  conservation projects.

Teaching English to Monks in Nepal

Beautiful monasteries throughout the country boast the predominance of the Buddhism in Nepal. Learning English will aid the monks in spreading the teachings of Buddha, since it is the universal language. The teaching English to  monks volunteering program  for older people is perfect for you if you are curious  about the Buddhist religion and culture.

As a volunteer, of the project you will be working as an English instructor in the local monastery of Kathmandu, Nepal or schools in the Tibetan Children’s Village. You will be conducting English  classes for 3 to 4 hours a day. Apart from teaching you will be assisting in organizing extracurricular activities and administrative work. If you want to immerse yourself into the Buddhist culture, then you can join meditation classes and participate in different rituals and prayers.

Besides having proficiency in written and spoken English, there is no criteria or specific qualifications to join this volunteering program  in Nepal. Monks are highly respected figures who lead an exemplary life so volunteers who can maintain discipline can join this project.

Teaching English to Monks in Sri Lanka

Pirivena is a monastic college in Sri Lanka that has been an education center since the ancient times. There are around 700 Pirivena colleges maintained by the Ministry of Education. Year of 2009 was marked as the ‘Year of Information Communication Technology’ which increased the necessity of learning English for monks and nuns. The Piriven are understaffed with limited resources, so IFRE is coordinating with local grassroots-partners to organize support.

During the volunteering program overseas for seniors in Sri Lanka you will be teaching monks or nuns within the age group of 8 to 21 years old. Volunteers will also be assisting with various extra-curricular activities. You will  get a chance to get acquainted with Buddhist culture, teachings and philosophies.

No specific qualifications or skills are required to participate in this volunteering program. Male and female monks study in separate schools and temples and you will be teaching your respective gender only. Buddhist monks are known to lead an exemplary and disciplined life, so only those who can maintain discipline can participate in the teaching English to  monks in Sri Lanka program.

Teaching English in Thailand

Thousands of Buddhist temples are established in Thailand. This is where Buddhist monks live and  engage in rigorous religious studies. Most of the Buddhist temples in Thailand provide education to  local children in primary and secondary level school. The Buddhist temples and schools are in the same complex, so you will have a memorable experience unlike any.

As a member of the senior volunteering opportunities program abroad in Thailand you will be teaching from Monday to Friday for 4 to 5 hours a day. Volunteers will be organizing and leading various extra-curricular activities, like drawing, painting and sports. You will also be imparting knowledge about the importance of maintaining personal hygiene. Teaching skills essential to daily life, like cooking, cleaning, gardening and sewing will also be part of your volunteering responsibilities.

No prior teaching experience is required to enroll in the teaching English project in Sri Lanka. You do however need to have be a fluent English speaker. Your love, passion and compassion while teaching will play a significant role. Volunteers are required to be patient and flexible while dealing with the students.

Work in Orphanage in Costa Rica

The orphanages in Costa Rica provide shelter and education to children who are rescued by child services due to negligence or abuse. You will be assisting the staff of the orphanage by helping take care of the children.

Volunteers will be teaching English to the students and helping them with their homework. You will be organizing creative extra-curricular activities, like drawing, music and games. Volunteers may help the staff with daily tasks, like cleaning, laundry and maintaining the property. Your contribution to the orphanage will be appreciated.

A basic to intermediate knowledge of Spanish will help you converse with the staff and children but it is not a requirement. You can join our Spanish language class to make your stay more enjoyable and rewarding. There are no specific criteria or qualifications to join the orphanage volunteer work in Costa Rica.

Work in Orphanage in Guatemala

Years of civil war in Guatemala have increased the number of orphans. Children begin to work for a living at a tender age and many get exploited too. Our organization is working to give them a better future. You can contribute to his noble cause as well. You don’t need any specific education or qualifications to participate in the volunteering program abroad for retirees in Guatemala. You are expected to be loving, caring and compassionate to the children.

Volunteers will be teaching English to the students, either in day school attended by the children or at the orphanage. You will be organizing games, singing, dancing, art, and music lessons. Apart from teaching, you will be participating in kitchen work, garden maintenance and food distribution. Talking about the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and sanitation will also be part of your responsibility.

Work in Orphanage in Ghana

Many children are leading a difficult life in Ghana and they are in need of your help and support. IFRE’s partners launched a program in Ghana which aims at providing food, shelter, education and other facilities to the brighten the future of the children. The orphanage project in Ghana has financial shortages and understaffing problems, so your support will play a vital role in improving the lives of the children during your volunteering program for seniors.

Volunteers will be teaching English to the children. You are welcomed to teach any other subjects, including  math, science and others in your capacity. Organizing sports lessons, physical education classes and assisting the staff in counseling the children will be part of your volunteering activities. You will also be organizing fun games, creative tasks and extra-curricular activities.

The orphanage will require your support with day to day activities, like cooking food for children, serving them, cleaning and gardening.  You do not require any specific qualifications to join the orphanage volunteering program in Ghana. You will be expected to be flexible and patient with the children.

Teaching English in Peru

Schools in Peru are underfunded. English, art and physical education aren’t typically available due to lack of staff or funding; if these topics are taught, then the local teachers aren’t qualified to teach the course. The importance of learning English is on the rise as it opens the door for new job opportunities in tourism and the hospitality industry.

Volunteers with the knowledge of basic or intermediate Spanish are preferred, but it isn’t a requirement to participate in the volunteering abroad program for older people. To make your stay more rewarding you are recommended to join our Spanish language course in Peru. You do not need any specific qualifications  to join the project. Volunteers are expected to be patient, flexible and resourceful during the program.

You will be teaching 4 to 5 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Volunteers will be teaching English, but you can teach other subjects, like math, science and others in your capacity. Imparting  knowledge on the importance of maintaining good health and sanitation will also be part of your volunteering responsibility during your senior volunteering opportunities abroad for teaching English in Peru.

You will be planning and organizing extracurricular activities for the children as well as helping with administrative work, curriculum development and fundraising.

Work in Orphanage in Uganda

Many children in Uganda have become orphans due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic or they are abandoned by their parents due to extreme poverty and other unfortunate social circumstances. IFRE is working with many orphanages in Uganda to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged people.

You do not need any specific qualifications to join the volunteering opportunity for seniors abroad in Uganda. Your love and compassion for the children will make a big difference. Volunteers are expected to be patient and flexible.

You will be teaching mostly English to the homeschooled children of the orphanage. If you can, you may also help the children with math, science or any other subject in your knowledge capacity. Encouraging students to maintain personal hygiene and sanitation will also be part of your volunteering responsibility.

You will be organizing fun games and other extra-curricular activities, cooking, cleaning, gardening and helping  with administrative work during the volunteering abroad program for retirees.

Besides the volunteering abroad for older people programs, IFRE also offers volunteering opportunities, like volunteer to teach English program abroad, wildlife conservation volunteer abroad, volunteer work in poor countries, volunteering abroad for adults, and volunteer charity work abroad.

Contact us now to inquire about our life changing opportunities ! Lets grow together!

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