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host family bidding a farewell to volunteers

Do I get airport drop?

When finishing your volunteer abroad program, you may be wondering about your volunteer abroad departure arrangements. Most volunteering programs will include airport pick up and drop off as part of your program fee and provide you with the service promptly. However, some affordable volunteer abroad programs will charge you a separate fee for this service. In some cases, you may even be expected to figure out your own transportation to the airport by taking a cab or local bus! Please check with the volunteer organization about these arrangements prior to departure.

What I need to know once program is over?

After your volunteer abroad departure, do keep in touch with the volunteer organization! A lot of the projects will have long-term impacts that may not be visible when you are at the site. Stay updated with the progress of the program and learn how much of an impact you have made in the lives of those in need! If possible, you can also continue making donations to the program to sustain the program for many more months to come. Do not think of the end of your volunteering stint as the end of your passion towards that cause!

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