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Best Affordable One Month Volunteer Abroad Programs and Opportunities

one month volunteer abroad programs

Do you have an entire month to dedicate to improving the lives of those abroad? If you answered ‘yes’ to this question, IFRE Volunteers specializes in finding the perfect fit for you. While shorter-term volunteer abroad stints can be equally as rewarding, imagine the possibilities of what you can accomplish in an entire month.

Do you dream of working with orphaned children? Or perhaps you possess a deep love of animals and environmental conservation? Or, maybe you have a special skill to offer a community in need? Whatever your background, skill-set, or passion, IFRE can match you with a one month volunteer abroad project that will fulfill your dreams of overseas service work.

Benefits of IFRE’s One Month Volunteer Placements:

With an entire month at your fingertips, you will have the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in a culture, form lasting friendships with local people and fellow volunteers, and make real progress in whatever project you choose to work with. If you are considering joining us for even longer, check out our long term volunteer placements, as well.

Aside from an incredible opportunity to serve and make the world a better place by serving communities in need, IFRE’s one month volunteer abroad programs also provide culture and language orientation, and often include up to one week of trekking or touring around your destination of choice. This means that not only will you be doing meaningful and important work on your one month volunteer vacation , but you’ll also get some much needed rest and relaxation!

IFRE Volunteers Popular One Month Volunteer Abroad Programs:

Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica:

While Costa Rica is a mecca for wildlife conservation and environmental protection and education, turtles and their eggs are at great risk of extinction for poachers. If you have a passion for animals and conservation, this is the perfect one month volunteer abroad project for you. Help to collect eggs and patrol pristine beaches, and in your free time, explore the many wonders of this small but mighty Central American country.

Summer Program in India:

This amazing one month volunteer abroad adventure includes an immersive culture and language orientation in Delhi, 2 weeks of intensive service work in an orphanage, and 6 days exploring the golden triangle of North India. As a volunteer, you will taste and experience the unique smells, foods, sounds and sights of India, and make a huge impact in the lives of children.

Handicraft Project in Brazil:

Favelas in Brazil are shanty-towns, and women living within these areas are often hit the hardest by extreme poverty. IFRE has created handicraft opportunities for women living in these difficult conditions within the community of Complexo do Alemao, which are a group of favelas in northern Rio de Janeiro. As a one month volunteer , you will work closely with these women, teaching them how to sew, design sandals, paint, make candles, and more.

Cultural Conservation in Kenya:

The Maasai people of Kenya are a semi-nomadic group living primarily in southern Kenya. They are known worldwide for their unique dress and cultural traditions. Upon embarking on your one month volunteer abroad placement in Kenya, you will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to live alongside the Maasai tribe, and help them conserve their land and traditions. Amongst many tasks, you can help with community building, infrastructure, and promoting tourism.

HIV/AIDS Project in Cambodia:

Dedicate your one month volunteer project to the many affected children and adults in Cambodia by the AIDS epidemic. As a volunteer, you will provide comfort and care to those living with this deadly virus, assist with HIV/AIDS prevention education, and experience first hand the amazing and important work being done by local Cambodian NGO’s in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Peru Summer Volunteer Program:

peru summer volunteer

Turn your summer vacation into lasting memories while serving in the ancient and historic Peruvian City of Cusco. After an orientation day provided by a local IFRE representative, you will spent 3 weeks volunteering in orphanages and other projects around the Cusco area, particularly in the realms of personal hygiene and sanitation education. After your service, you will have 7 days to trek through the unforgettable Peruvian landscapes.

Nepal Orphanage Project:

While Nepal can easily be considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it is also a country hugely affected by political instability and poverty. Due to recent wars and violence, IFRE works with almost ten local orphanages throughout the country by sending volunteers and making donations. Choosing Nepal as your one month volunteer abroad project will better the lives of orphaned children by teaching them basic English, organizing creative activities, and giving them hope.

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